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  1. I don't know how it works but anyone certainly has my permission to send it to their local paper - I did a while ago. One of the papers I sent it to refused to publish it because there were to many Bile quotes and the Editor thought that the Bible was a controversial book????!!! You have may permission to send it with my name or yours... Let's be light and salt! Nuf Sed Politics, is what it boils down to. I recently received a pamphlet on how much the casino's give back to the community (which is hogwash). I think they should send out a graph stating the statistics on how many lives/family's they have ruined. I know 2 family's personally. These were/are good people, they had difficulty in there lives and were desperate. With all the creative marketing out there...they got pulled in for a short time. That short time created a very tragic future. we'll have to be creative as well, and find another way!!
  2. PBOB I couldn't agree more. If only we could take your post and have it submitted to our local newspapers. I believe it would make the "gambler" think about what he/she is doing, not only to him/herself but to their loved ones. I believe gambling is an illness and these poor souls and their families need our prayers. May Our Lord help them and send more people like you with this urgent message, so they can turn their lives around. God Bless.