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  1. I think that is very interesting when you think about it.
  2. I would turn it down and say that I am not religious either as well. But if the nieghbor or someone is playing something with horrible lyrics and the music it's self is annoying then I would play mine loud or close the window.
  3. I don't know what to think of tatoos. I go to a church where the pastor says we shouldn't have them and then some of the youth have them and got them while attending the church. Plus there are scriptures in the Bible that they refer to tatooing. I personally kind of don't really think it's wrong but then they look a bit worldly.
  4. That is an awesome verse and so true. Thanks for sharing that with us Winniesue!
  5. I have a question do all Methodists believe that homosexuality is a sin or it that part of that denomination? I thought some Methodists were Bible based so this is why I asked this question. Satan is on the loose that's just wrong.
  6. oooh I know I wasn't the one who asked the question but thanks for the info.
  7. Thanks for the clarifications on the adultery issue because I wondered about the single person having an affair with the married person. The only thing is for me it looks the unmarried person is only committing fornication because they are not married and no spouse that they claim to but if the unmarried person knows that the other person is married and still wants to go ahead with the affair is commiting adultery. Either way they are still are commiting sexual immorality no matter how you put it.
  8. If I were asking Jesus a question I would ask him how am I doing as his servant.
  9. Daly1981


    Welcome to the forum rotting teeth. I loved your message.
  10. I must be living under a rock I just found out now. That's some sad news!
  11. We need to pray and that is sad. The parents should have been more caeful where they have sent their child.
  12. Umm I not sure what to say but apart of me thinks they should of held the funeral because he was a person but another part is like they shouldn't of the lifestyle that he led because he was gay. I think those kinds of situations are tricky.
  13. I have these cd's on my player. 1. Worship-Michael W. Smith 2. Worship Platinum (various artists)2 disc set. 3. A live cd from Jeff Deyo 4. and a mixed cd I got at a Jesus Fest here.
  14. I wear different necklaces around my neck somedays but I don't wear anything everyday around my neck.
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