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    Is Married, has some crazy notion that I will go to Sudan on a Missions trip. Is a bit nuts, got married in Norway, in a 400 year old Church that is older then my country... hmm...

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  1. Hmm well these balloon flowers will not pop! They will LAST
  2. I think I'll drive last away ;)Yabba Dabba Doooo!
  3. You held it for 4 hours... long enough.. Mine! Mine... PRECIOUS!
  4. It is it is.. but slowly Pray it speeds up, we need it up asap!
  5. LOL That's one of the easier ones LOL! Well my wife asked me not to go crazy with my baby's first birthday... I said I would only do one thing... did not mention it was about 2 meters in height...
  6. She is well known here ave was kind enough to hold my sign what about this ome?
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