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  1. Out on your own with your own self reliance You've got no one to watch your back You find yourself caught with no strong alliance You've been left open for attack Over your heard the condition is graver You've given ground you can't retrieve The cards are stacked and they're not in your favor But you've got an ace up your sleeve Get on your knees and fight like a man You'll pull down strongholds if you just believe you can Your enemy will tuck his tail and flee Get on your knees and fight like a man Under the gun, you've got no place to hide out Backed in the corner on your own This is one storm you are destined to ride out One way to leave the danger zone Find more similar lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.com/DrCk Get on your knees and fight like a man You'll pull down strongholds if you just believe you can Your enemy will tuck his tail and flee Get on your knees and fight like a man You've got the backbone to fight this tide You've got the will to survive You've got the weapon, it's at your side You've got to learn to confide Get on your knees Fight like a man Get on your knees and fight like a man You'll pull down strongholds if you just believe you can Your enemy will tuck his tail and flee Get on your knees and fight like a man
  2. I am closing this thread as it appears that the atheists can not seem to answer the question it asks, and yet continues to judge god from there own morality, which came from??...
  3. Wow yet again this thread is hijacked by atheist telling us how evil God is and yet they miss the question. Where does the atheist (Tishtaler) (Valorian) Get there morals to Judge God by? They are sitting on a high horse judging what they think is the god we server, (it is not) and yet refuse to state where they came up with there moral code to stand from. That is the question of this thread, where do you get the moral code to try to judge God by?
  4. Didnt he say something about not killing..... Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT) You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB) "If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives." (Leviticus 20:13 NAB) A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB) Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT) If a man commits adultery with another man's wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death. (Leviticus 20:10 NLT) A priest's daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB) Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed. (Exodus 22:19 NAB) They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB) If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, "You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord." When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through. (Zechariah 13:3 NAB) Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. "The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him." (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT) The glory of Israel will fly away like a bird, for your children will die at birth or perish in the womb or never even be conceived. Even if your children do survive to grow up, I will take them from you. It will be a terrible day when I turn away and leave you alone. I have watched Israel become as beautiful and pleasant as Tyre. But now Israel will bring out her children to be slaughtered." O LORD, what should I request for your people? I will ask for wombs that don't give birth and breasts that give no milk. The LORD says, "All their wickedness began at Gilgal; there I began to hate them. I will drive them from my land because of their evil actions. I will love them no more because all their leaders are rebels. The people of Israel are stricken. Their roots are dried up; they will bear no more fruit. And if they give birth, I will slaughter their beloved children." (Hosea 9:11-16 NLT) "Then I heard the LORD say to the other men, "Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children. But do not touch anyone with the mark. Begin your task right here at the Temple." So they began by killing the seventy leaders. "Defile the Temple!" the LORD commanded. "Fill its courtyards with the bodies of those you kill! Go!" So they went throughout the city and did as they were told." (Ezekiel 9:5-7 NLT) And at midnight the LORD killed all the firstborn sons in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn son of the captive in the dungeon. Even the firstborn of their livestock were killed. Pharaoh and his officials and all the people of Egypt woke up during the night, and loud wailing was heard throughout the land of Egypt. There was not a single house where someone had not died. (Exodus 12:29-30 NLT) "You are my battle-ax and sword," says the LORD. "With you I will shatter nations and destroy many kingdoms. With you I will shatter armies, destroying the horse and rider, the chariot and charioteer. With you I will shatter men and women, old people and children, young men and maidens. With you I will shatter shepherds and flocks, farmers and oxen, captains and rulers. "As you watch, I will repay Babylon and the people of Babylonia for all the wrong they have done to my people in Jerusalem," says the LORD. "Look, O mighty mountain, destroyer of the earth! I am your enemy," says the LORD. "I will raise my fist against you, to roll you down from the heights. When I am finished, you will be nothing but a heap of rubble. You will be desolate forever. Even your stones will never again be used for building. You will be completely wiped out," says the LORD. (Jeremiah 51:20-26) (Note that after God promises the Israelites a victory against Babylon, the Israelites actually get their butts kicked by them in the next chapter. So much for an all-knowing and all-powerful God.) If even then you remain hostile toward me and refuse to obey, I will inflict you with seven more disasters for your sins. I will release wild animals that will kill your children and destroy your cattle, so your numbers will dwindle and your roads will be deserted. (Leviticus 26:21-22 NLT) Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes. For I will stir up the Medes against Babylon, and no amount of silver or gold will buy them off. The attacking armies will shoot down the young people with arrows. They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children. (Isaiah 13:15-18 NLT) And thats not all of them, hes a lunatic!!!! and yet you do not answer the OP. where `i aske where do you get your morals or vantange point to call god a lunitic or evil as you have. `you seem to admit his existnce but you think he is crazy.\
  5. I think the point is this... Spending time with God is a good thing, however you need to do more then say a prayer and think your good. Yes there are times to sit at his feet but we also need to obey as it says in Zechariah... The people were fasting but not obeying, and they were cursed not blessed! So you need to work on your heart on all aspects, not just fasting and praying etc..
  6. Moved to Absolutely Positive! per request.
  7. Just a reminder folks, from the TOS. Personal attacks are not allowed, if they continue I shall shut the thread down.
  8. Isaiah 6:8

    My Lake....

    Did you make this? My Lake, good work! I had some of Angel Falls but lost them in a flood of my home in 2007. Dennis I wish I had those skills but alas I do not. I found this on Facebook! However I did grow up there!
  9. hmm... going to hide last yet again... maybe this time it'll work....
  10. Driving through the tiny rural town of Athens, Texas, and you’d be hard pressed to find something that might catch national attention -- or so it was until about a week ago. An hour and a half outside of Dallas, the Athens town square is dominated by the county courthouse, and this time of year, Christmas decorations are on each corner. But it is the nativity scene across the street from the Taco Bell that has caused controversy. It started with a simple letter. As Jefferson County commissioner Joe Hall tells it, he received the shock of his life when he found out a Wisconsin group was demanding that the nativity scene be taken down. “We get a letter saying you better do this or we're going to do that," Hall said. A letter from Wisconsin telling Texans what they ought to do? “You come to my house looking for a fight, you're gonna get one," he said. Since then, many folks in the county have come out in support of the nativity scene, which has been on the square in some form or another for three decades. But the group asking for it to be removed says it has legitimate concerns. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is an atheist group based out of Madison. Co-founder Annie Laurie Gaylor says the group received a complaint from one of its members in Athens. She says since the display is right in front of the courthouse, the nativity scene makes it look like county government is endorsing Christianity. “This excludes non-Christians and non-believers who are 17 percent of the U.S. population," Gaylor said. "So it's necessary there should be changes.” The Freedom From Religion Foundation is not just asking that the nativity scene come down. It’s now also asking that a banner go up. “One of the commissioners said to the effect that other people could put up their views,” Gaylor said. So one group member thought, why not put up a banner? If you thought the nativity was controversial, wait until you see the banner. It reads: “At this season of the Winter Solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth & superstition that hardens hearts & enslaves minds.” There’s no word on when the banner might go up. If Hall has his way, it will be never. In the meantime, one or two women standing stand each day in front of the nativity scene with a petition urging others to sign in support of keeping the nativity where it is. A group of pastors is also planning a rally this weekend. A pastor who’s planning it says he expects a couple thousand people to pack the square. What happens next? Gaylor said the Freedom From Religion Foundation will wait and see what county government does, but the group’s next move could include legal action. Hall has said if it comes to that, the county has already received offers of legal help. He also says the nativity scene will come down “after Christmas, or when hell freezes over.” Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/12/14/texas-town-braces-for-battle-with-atheists-over-nativity-scene/#ixzz1gYBivVGS
  11. Isaiah 6:8

    My Lake....

    http://player.vimeo.com/video/33332693 Video will not embed!
  12. Praying for you brother, I suggest this book http://www.amazon.com/If-Only-He-Knew-Resist/dp/0310214785 By gary Smally, It has been changing my marriage in good ways, its worth a look!
  13. Scary thing is this, change a few names and its perfectly fitting for today!
  14. There is a difference between blocking loopholes, and raising taxes. Two different animals, and Reagan was not out like Obama to tax the rich.
  15. I moved this to the Video forum and embedded the video.
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