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  1. No we should not support the building of a new temple on a temple mount. However according to scripture a new temple on the temple mount must be built before Christ returns. 2 Thess. 2:1-4 "Now brethren, concerning the coming of our LORD Jesus Christ and OUR GATHERING TOGATHER UNTO HIM, we ask you not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as from us as though the day of Christ had come. Let no man deceive you by any means; For that day shall not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or worshipped, SO THAT HE SITS IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD SHOWING HIMSELF THAT HE IS GOD". By these scriptures we know that before the return of Christ to resurrect us from the grave there will be a falling away which is speaking of a large number Christians who will "suddenly be departing from the faith", the antichrist will be here on the earth and revealed for who and what he is to us. In order for the antichrist to sit in the temple of God there must be a temple of God for him to sit in. So because of these scriptures we know that Jesus will not be returning until after there is a new temple on the temple mount and not until AFTER the antichrist come to earth. WHICH PUTS THE WHOLE IDEA OF A PRE TRIBULATION, PRE ANTICHRIST RESSURECTION IN THE PLACE WHERE IS BELONGS. Which is in the garbage can where false, man made, doctrinal beliefs belong, God does support such things because He prophesied to us that it was going to happen and he will be working behind the scenes to bring this about because He is in control and a new temple on the temple mount is part of His plan for men.
  2. Massorite

    Does Purgatory exist or not?

    Thank you Judas. The once saved always saved doctrinal belief is a man made belief, because many have been taught to believe in that doctrine in spite of what scripture says. Lets say that I was a drunkard (which I was) and got saved and was badly church hurt not long after I was saved and turned my back on Christ. I said "Self if that is what Christianity is all about I want no part of it" even though when I came up out of the water I loved everybody and my life was changed. So I back slid and I actually had to work at backsliding after being delivered from bondage and I stayed in a backslidden state for more then twenty years living the life of a drunkard. Now scripture says that "There will no drunkards in heaven". So if I had died a drunkard in a backslidden state, would I have still been accepted into heaven because I had been saved? Or would I have turned away because I was a drunkard when I died? Because if I had been accepted into heaven then that would be a biblical contradiction would it not? No way. I know that if I had died before I repented of my willful bondage to getting high, I would have gone straight to hell if I had died.
  3. Massorite

    Does Purgatory exist or not?

    In the Catholic church "Purgatory" is the same as the place we call "Paradise" and "Paradise" is the place where the thief and Christ went when they died. In the Catholic Church Purgatory is like a holding cell and the Catholics believe that one can be prayed out of Purgatory and into heaven, even after death. However Christians believe that Paradise was emptied out when Christ was raised to heaven. But that is not proved by scripture. Most Christians quote "Captivity was taken captive" and they claim that when Christ was raised he took those that were in Paradise with him to heaven. But careful study will reveal the words "Christ took captivity captive" is speaking of a state of mind and not a physical or spiritual rising to heaven. I know what I am saying now will raise some eye brows and get some quick and maybe some negative responses but I abide with scripture and scripture alone. So here we go. There is not one single place in all of the bible where it is written "When you/we die we will go straight to heaven". Christ is suppose to return for us and raise us from the grave. But if we are already in heaven then our graves will be empty and Christ will return to a world full of empty graves. One response to my statement is to quote "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" BUT that is only half of the verse and when the whole verse is taken into account it speaks of how we would RATHER be absent from the body. 2 Co. 5:8 "We are confident I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord". Another response is to quote Ecc. 12:7 "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it". But if we were to research the word "SPIRIT" in this verse we would find that the word "spirit" is speaking about the breath of life and not the soul. When we die we do not go to heaven. We go to the place of departed souls until Christ comes to raise us from the grave and until then, we will rest/sleep as Christ called it. I know that this is most likely a curve ball for you but do not take my word for it. Do the research and see if I am right or wrong, and if you can show me some scripture that says that we will go straight to heaven as soon as we die. Please show me. As for others who would want to argue my points, I say to you "Show me some scripture". I hope this helps you.
  4. We need to understand that Armaggedon there will still be people here on earth who were never saved and people will still be living as we are living today. But with one great difference. During the 1000 years there will be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and Christ will be the only ruler in the world. The idea that the sacrifices mentioned in the book of Ezekiel will be done to remind us of what Christ did for us is not written anywhere in the bible. Which makes that belief a false, man made excuse for that which is written in scripture that men refuse to believe In Ezekiel the "Prince" IE Christ will be preparing and doing the sacrifices "FOR THE PEOPLE". Which tells us that those folks who are in need of the sacrifices for the purposes of "Atonement" and other reasons stated in Ezekiel chapter 40, 41, 44, 45 etc will be receiving sacrifices via Christ because they will be in need of such. There will not be another chance of forgiveness like the one we have received through Christ and we will not be in human form during the 1000 years. We will be in our glorified bodies and we will be ministering to Christ and to the people at that time. Yes there will still be people and they will still be imperfect and in need of Atonement. I hope this will help you better understand why there will be sacrifices during the 1000 years.
  5. I used to be able to copy and paste but now I can,t. However I have gone to a page which listed all of the things that I can do here at Worthy and the copy and paste feature had an X to the right of the feature. I have not been able to get back onto that page since that first time. I most likely got to that page by accident. Could you please help me? Or at the very least find out why I can,t copy and paste a new topic. Thanks.
  6. Massorite

    Where is it in bible

    I would not get all caught up in this blood moon stuff because there is no such a thing in the Word of God. At the coming of Jesus the sun will go dark and the moon will turn to the color of blood BUT ONLY ONCE. John Hagee has a lot of bills to pay every month and every year and he needs to keep folks buying his books, his messages, his tapes or CD's and to keep sending him the money God has given you to be a good steward of. The whole blood moon thing is garbage and is not scripturally sound nor can it be scripturally sanctioned unless the Word of God is manipulated. If is not written in the Word of God, it is Not.
  7. Massorite

    End times, preparing

    What is the point of preparing for that which only God can help us endure? Many folks are buying guns and stock piling food. If you have guns other folks will kill you or die trying to take those guns from you. If you have food, other folks will come and kill you taking that food from you or die trying. If we haven't got God on our side all the guns in the world will not save or help. I will be depending on God for all of my needs and if I am killed, fine. If I live I will be living for God.
  8. I agree. According to the Quran and if every Muslim obeyed the Quran. Not one single Muslim can be trusted not suddenly turn and start killing as many of us as it is possible. Not because they are all blood thirsty killers. But because of what they believe in which is the Quran, which instructs all Muslims to kill all non-believers at all times. It is the duty of all Muslims to emulate Muhammad. What ISIS is exactly what Muhammad in the early stages of Islam.
  9. Massorite

    Dan 9:27 Peace policy or War Pact?

    I don't see any mention of the Romans (NKJ) in Dan 9:26 so where does that come from?
  10. Massorite

    Dan 9:27 Peace policy or War Pact?

    I have seen on this topic that you have already received the scripture needed to prove that the antichrist will make a peace treaty with Israel. So here is some food for thought. The Jews are waiting for a Jewish Jesus to come to rescue them for the first time, the Muslims are waiting for a Jewish Jesus who is supposed to be a prophet and when he returns he will break the cross and kill the swine, the cross being Christianity and the swine are the Jews and we Christians are waiting on a Jewish Jesus to return and raise us from the dead. The antichrist will be from Hebrew roots.
  11. Massorite

    God bless America? Why?

    And an ungodly view at that. I guess you didn't take my entire post into account. According to scripture God gave each and everyone of those babies a name BEFORE they were in their mothers womb and God had a plan and a God job for them to do during their life time here on the earth. I agree that those babies did go to a better place, but being aborted in no way shape or form was the plan of God for those babies included killing them before the plan of God was implemented. Going to heaven before they were even fully formed is not in any way a good reason to abort them. So can you tell me what they look like now? Do they still look like a lump of flesh with nubs for arms and legs and a head. Or maybe they were developed far enough along to have fingers and toes before they were killed. When Jesus was raised from the grave except for the holes in his hand, feet and the hole in his side he looked just like he did the day he died before he was disfigured by men . Do you think those babies look now the way they did the day they died? You have 24,000+ posts which tells me that you have been a Christian for a long time. But you still from time to time wish that your mother had aborted you, which also tells me that sometimes you get upset with your mother because she didn't abort you. I would rather be with Jesus now instead of being in this earth but I have never regretted the day I was born like you have. Even when I was a stone cold sinner. Brother you have some concerns that you need to take to Christ because you should be embracing life each and every day for Christ because of His sacrifice. Even when you wake up and are depressed or unhappy or angry or hurt or sick you should work to over come these things spiritually and never wish death upon yourself.
  12. Massorite

    God bless America? Why?

    For someone who is still sorting things out you sure no how to preach condemnation. There is always HOPE FOR REPENTANCE AND A RETURN TO GOD. Even up to the last minute.
  13. Massorite

    God bless America? Why?

    I use the word Church because that is the word unsaved or unrepentant Christians recognize. I don't use the word Body which are few in number compared to the number in the Church because the Body of Christ are true lovers of Christ and obey him. My eyes are wide open and my focus is on America. Judgment is coming to the rest of the world for rejecting God but Judgment is coming to America sooner then every other country and the message God has given to me is for America. However my message can be directed at the whole church world wide. The Catholic Church for example boasts of 2,000,000,000+ members and we know that they are spread all over the world. Here in America I can go into any grocery store and in the international food section there will be glass tubes as big around as a tennis ball and about 10 or 12 inches tall, that are filled with wax with a wick inside of them. On the outside of these candles are pictures of a saint such as Saint Joseph that the Catholic Church has deemed worthy of praying too and is the Patron Saint and protector of Carpenters and Fathers or Pope John Paul or Mary the mother of Jesus or a picture of Our Lady of Quadalupe and many more. Each Saint has their own prayer function. What they do is buy one of these candle that represents what ever need they have, Take the Candle home, light it and pray to that particular Saint instead of praying to the only one who can intercede for us. All of these saints are supposed to be intercessors along with Christ. This means that 1/3+ of the worlds population are practicing paganism and they don't even know it. Thanks to the teachings of the Catholic Church. THANYOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS