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    I enjoy baking, cooking-sharing all I know and have with family and friends. I seek only enough out of life to make ends meet and help someone if they need. ---<br /> I have 4 wonderful children 26,23,20,and 16 ( only one is a girl)<br />2 beautiful grandchildren---7 , and 20 months

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  1. Hi Esther- My mom sent it to me---- pretty nifty!!
  2. http://web2.airmail.net/dpelc/yellow/ here is the addy for the above------------- I am sooooo illiterate!!!!
  3. This Really Took Some Doing to Set Up, It's a great reference don't you think? Just click here for: God's Yellow Pages I didn't set this up; but whoever did it did a fantastic job!
  4. What do you think about "aura photography". This is --from what I understand, photo taking of a person and when developed, "spirits/angels", whatever are evident around the persons "aura". I worked as a nurses aide for Hospice for over 3 years and have "seen and felt" many a thing---What do you all think??? cookielady4
  5. wonderful----------prayer works----------God knows-----------
  6. I am sending a warm prayer your way-----have you tried gentle massage or a warm soak with water? Take Care With Prayer Cookielady4
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