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  1. @Omegaman 3.0 I remember this one!! It spoke to my heart 5 years ago as you see from my reply back then. (I was the first comment.) It has the same convicting and motivating effect when I re-read it today. One of your best. Thanks, brother. It expresses a heart for the lost and our responsibility to share the gospel. To which I say Amen and amen. After all, is that not why the Lord has us here? 

  2. Huge amen! Thanks for this. It was thought-provoking and eye-opening. It showed me my need to change and do what I can, while I can. ( I am in the category of aging & seriously ill.)


    We who are Christians were not put on this earth for nothing. I think of the parable of the talents and how we must wisely invest them before the Master returns.( In some cases, we may die prior. None of us knowing. )


    My prayer and goal is for there to be no more indifference to the lost by blocking them out, doing nothing to share the Gospel, and wasting our precious time... through laziness and treating our daily God-given-breaths with ungratitude...by living carelessly and selfishly. 


    The burden for those without Jesus Christ...who are on their way to an eternal Hell is far too important to give so little thought to. We must beware of letting the glamorous things of the world turn our heads. 


    If we are honest, we can see that we are each guilty of the deceptive sin of self absorption. God bless you for this needed message! I found it to be both timely and convicting.

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