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    Autism and elective mutism specifically: but special needs/high risk kids in general. <br /> Nature (hiking , camping , rafting especially ). Most of all seeing and knowing G-d thru nature.<br /> Study of Torah ( in broad sense ) and recently in how our teachings fit with christian teachings...... how the Tanach and christian Bible fit together.

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  1. There IS evidence showing that prior to "the final solution" Hitler had announced his plans to exterminate the Jewish people quite publicly....and that before this ever began Hitler offered to any country that wanted to offer refuge to the jews the right to do so. Not to mention that our country was offered 50,000 jewish children but refused to take them. When a boatload escaped...no country would have them (The boat tried America but was kept from entering our waters by the coast gaurd.) and they finally had to return...only to die in the camps. Hitler had PERMISSION in essence to do what he did. Every country that refused jewish intrance to thier land and who did not come to our defense gave that permission. Don't try to say we Americans were innocent.....only that we saw our error and in the end tried to do what is right. Even the Pope knew it was happening but choose not to intervene on thier behalf. (It was not till lator that the Pope spoke out against such crimes.) And in each country involved the church had a strong role in turning the jewish people over to Hitler's army. We can blame it all on Hitler but in reality he could not have done what he did without the support of those who had the most reason to be against it. On the flip side. The stories of jewish people saved by individuals who cared enough to risk thier own lives on our behalf are numerous. These people, most who loved G-d and were willing to risk thier own lives to intervene for His people are a great testament to what individuals who are willing can accomplish in combating evil and predudices. They also give reason to pause before lumping all goyim together and reason to look again at the differences in thier relationship with G-d compared to those who turned thier backs. I would say that as always there was a remnant representing G-d to the people...in this case christians who acted on G-ds behalf for our people. The importance of the Land of Israel as a refuge for the worlds Jewish people cannot be stressed enough. NEVER AGAIN will there be no land that wants our people - we now have a haven. NEVER AGAIN will we be at the mercy of others for our sole protection - we have a great army. NEVER AGAIN can others expect to determine whether we will survive or not - we have our own government. But most important of all.....we are now in a position,in our own land, for G-d to show to all HIS support of our people for all to see. LOL just realized how long this is becoming so i will shut up. Before i do tho let me say that I in no way mean this as a slam to any here...few here value the freedom, acceptance and kindness found here as much as i do. This place has become a safe place of haven for me in which I have learned much about Yeshua and what his true followers are really like. Stay as you are!!!
  2. Imagine with me that objects from our day and age were put in a time capsule....amoung them a box of matches. Two Thousand years later the capsule is found and opened and from that box of matches they try to get hints about our time and culture. (If possible get a box of matches to look at) By this point matches are long since an item obsolete so you wonder what you have. Read the box. Strike on box??--- Why should i hit the box? Keep away from children?--- Why stay away from children? I could go on but i hope you get what i am saying. It is not that the people from our time are better or smarter or those from the later time dumber....only that what is a normal household word to us, matches, would be an unknown to them. There are "buzzwords" in scripture....words that were not explained as those they were spoken to would know what they refered to....but someone outside thier culture would need explained to them. So I think the point they are trying to get accross is NOT any feeling of being better as a jewsih person but rather that scripture (as any writing) needs to be looked at in context of the culture it is written in. I am a jewish person who has several non-jewish friends....from time to time i will say or do something that they will have to ask me why as they are from a different culture even tho we live in the same time and city.....how much more in our lives would be different if we also lived during different times, in different lands. It is not a matter of being "better" but rather just having different starting points when looking at scripture. When as a child i talked with my great aunt about her life in Europe before and during the war i did not understand nearly as much as i did later after studying the culture she lived in, the holocaust and how she lived then as a jewish female. I understood alot of her stories...but not always the significance of them at the time, I am sure there is still much i dont really understand but i know thinking of her stories in context of the time and culture she lived in has helped alot. I think this is what they are trying to say...scripture is best understood when looked at from the standpoint of the culture it was written to. But regardless G-d will meet you where you are and use His words in your life if you let him. Knowledge isnt the most important part of studying--it is a heart to allow Hashem to conform your life to His standards. Shalom
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