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  1. Tony Trout

    Is it just me...

    I'm last!!!
  2. Tony Trout

    Is it just me...

    I'll say this again: I'M LAST!!!!
  3. Tony Trout

    Is it just me...

    Nope!! Ya'll got it SO wrong! I'M LAST!!!!
  4. Tony Trout

    Needing Prayer....Sad Situation Regarding Church.....

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm trying to talk my parents into letting me drive their car and them use Dad's truck - but, we'll see what happens.
  5. Tony Trout

    Needing Prayer....Sad Situation Regarding Church.....

    I finally got to go back to church about three weeks ago - but haven't been back since because since I only have my permit, I can't drive myself to church until I get my license and my own car. Plus, my parents are very overprotective and they're scared (well, my overprotective Mother is) that I would get in an accident. While I understand that, I cannot let that fear overcome me or rule my thoughts. It would really help if I could find an affordable car that's got good gas mileage....
  6. Tony Trout

    Needing Prayer....Sad Situation Regarding Church.....

    Littlelambseativy, I actually was the pianist at my former church since I had been 15 years old along with also being the pianist for the small P&W team we had the last few years I was there - and I just simply got very tired of my former Pastor also calling me every time when there was something going on at the church because a lot of nights, I didn't feel like going due to severe back problems and leg problems (I'm constantly in pain from both). I feel like he wanted me to quit because he wanted me @ church every chance he could get. He came by the house a few months ago to ask if I would come back and I politely told him, "No." Plus, his doctrinal beliefs did not sit well with me - for one, he doesn't believe in the Rapture! He's one of the ones who think we'll go through the entire tribulation. Myself? I believe that God is gonna get us out of here before that takes place. (Sorry, I know this wasn't a doctrinal issue but...I had to mention that because I felt like it was important). I was worried about the headaches because they have been sometimes centered either in or around the shunt I have in my head - but, thank God, the x-ray came back just fine! I was just being cautious because shunts normally (at least in my case) last seventeen years such as this one has. My driving is actually coming along very well and I'm getting a LOT better at keeping the car in between the lines than from when I first began driving back in January. So, I'm thankful for that, definitely. I just hope and pray that no restrictions are placed on me when I try to obtain my license in July, 2014. Take Care/God Bless/Your Brother-In-Christ, Tony Trout
  7. Tony Trout

    Needing Prayer....Sad Situation Regarding Church.....

    This is the only church that I've found who fully accept me as I am and they don't "hound" me for what I used to do (play secular music - my former pastor for 13 years would get on my back every week because of said music career and he even took me outside the church once and actually TOLD me to stop playing, period, or God wouldn't bless me....and I've been blessed MAJORLY since I left my old church because for one thing, after years of seeking for it, I was finally filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues - and I've been a majorly changed man ever since! That night when the Lord filled me with the baptism, I spoke in tongues from the time I left the church until I got home - which amounted to about forty-five minutes!). I don't believe (God forgive me!) that this would have happened at my former church because I always felt such a bondage when I would try to worship and I felt like I couldn't worship freely like the Lord wants us to. Also, ever since I've gotten my driving permit, my own Mother is trying to stop me from going where I'm desiring to go because of the distance (thirty-five miles) that the church is from where I live and she even had the gall to go to the driver's license place and ask about whether a "distance limitation" could be placed on me since I'm disabled - and I got angry at her VERY quickly after I found that out! She's been doing her best to try to (at least, I feel she is) sabotage my wanting/yearning to be at the church I now attend! (Sorry I haven't responded sooner, I've had some health issues - swollen legs and most recently, headaches close to where the shunt is in my head - rear their ugly heads).
  8. Tony Trout

    Needing Prayer....Sad Situation Regarding Church.....

    Thanks, I really need it and I appreciate it. *sigh*
  9. Hey, everyone..... I haven't been here in a while...and I apologize. My health hasn't been good. Anyway, I have a prayer request.....: I attend a church that is thirty-five miles from home - and I absolutely LOVE the worship atmosphere and the freedom I feel there and I love the people. However, I haven't been there in four months due to the following: I had been riding the church van to attend services because, even though I have my permit, my very overprotective mother will NOT let me drive to church because the van stopped running after one of the riders was caught with a young girl (this kid is also young - only a teenager) and he was doing things he shouldn't be doing with this girl. However, instead of taking him off of the van permanently, the church completely took the DRIVER'S priveledges away because of the incident - and it's made me very, very angry and upset because it has left me without a way to get to church (other than hitch-hiking - and I'm not that stupid to do something like that). I asked for the leadership of the church to keep me informed of the van running again and I didn't hear a single word until this past month when I found out that the van was going to be used to take the church choir down to the Atlanta Braves baseball game (the church has an AWESOME choir and P&W team!) and sing the National Anthem this past July!!! I started questioning things like: "How can they use the van to take the choir down to the ballgame BUT they can't find someone to drive it to pick people/members up for services???" The fact is that not a single soul will step up and realize the need of other people (not just myself) that are wanting to be in service but can't because nobody will step out and take on the role of driving the van - and that's a pitiful shame, IMO. They're more concerned about getting a new sanctuary built than getting people in church - to me, they have their priorities BACKWARDS!!!! Due to all of this, I've become very depressed - sometimes severely - and there have been times when I've thought of just "throwing in the towel", period, and quitting church altogether because THAT'S not what a church is supposed to be about YET, I still long to attend there again. I just don't know what to do...my Mom is angry because I haven't been to church in months because of this - yet, if she would let me drive (she would have to be with me, anyway!) the problem would be solved. I would ask the ex (she only lives about ten minutes away and attends there regularly as a member) but I know that she would flat out say, "NO!" to me (which, in my mind, is not being Christ-like towards a fellow believer no matter what the status of things between her and I). This situation really makes me question "church" - period. And that's sad..... I just feel so lost and alone and un-loved and un-wanted....I lay in bed some nights crying because I can't be there.....I get angry.....depressed.....you name it..... Just please pray.....I'm so very hurt over this.....it seems like I get the raw end of the deal when something like this happens and it winds up in-directly affecting me.....:'(
  10. Dawn, My "bucket list" (as they call it) would be the same as yours so, I hope you don't mind but, I just copied and pasted your response: Get Married Have at least one Child See my family members become Christians God Bless, Tony Trout
  11. Tony Trout

    Say What?

    I ran across those a few months ago when just searching for "Names Of God/G-d" on Google and bookmarked all of them. I still have NOT gotten through them all.
  12. Tony Trout

    Seeking God

    Quasar, I was going to ask those very same questions that you did. Thank you for answering them for me.
  13. I will disagree with the "Once saved, always saved" argument. I fully believe that when Christ saves you, that your soul is permanently "sealed" by the Holy Spirit and, unless you willingly choose to absolutely and totally walk away from God and not have anything else to do with Him, then you ARE saved until you take your last breath. Now, I believe that, if a person "backslides" then that's another story altogether.....
  14. Tony Trout

    do you speak in tongues

    Tongues are un-Biblical? You have GOT to be *edited* me! As a person who recently re-dedicated himself to Christ and received the gift of tongues on the night of February 3, 2012, I (for one) believe that it IS Biblical. I wish (now) that I had never, ever opened and read this thread because it's very discouraging......
  15. Tony Trout

    Awesome evidence of Mt. Sinai and the Exodus