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  1. Some people here do not submit to what other people think is a straight answer.. You only want black and white yes or no answers.. meaning you have come in here not looking for other people to give their considered thoughts.. You have come in here to try and force people into this box or that box.. Boxes of your own making.. Now you can decide to stipulate in your questioning post limitations to what answers you are willing to accept if you want.. So when you ask your next question please stipulate that you only want a yes or no answer if they are the only answers you want.. That way people can read your question and decide that they do not want to answer according to your restrictions and save their time and effort and move onto the next thread.. Having said that people can decide to ignore your restrictions and answer as they deem fit, not for your benefit but for the benefit of others who may be reading the thread and who also are interested in the question but do not have the restricting stipulation about what answers are confined too..
  2. I have strong convictions.. But sometimes both a yes and a no can be the wrong answer.. And in this case your question should not be answered with a Yes or a No..
  3. Well my reply included the words ""The Law is good"" therefore i answered your question.. I also included the qualifier because i always include the qualifier that law doing has no bearing on our salvation,, why? Because a lot of people WANT Law doing to be the key to obtaining their place with God in Eternity.. So often when i see people promoting Law doing they end up being the same people who push Works salvation.. So i add the qualification so as not to give the impression that i am a a supporter of the Law doing = salvation dogma.. So while you question was simple.. I chose to answer it and add my own proviso if not for your benifit or want but for my conseince and the benifit for others who may need the proviso.. Remember this is a forum and people can share what they like as long as it passes the moderators standards of acceptability.. So let people answer as they will.. If their answer does not move you then so be it.. Move on to the next reply..
  4. The Law is good.. If we use it as a guide to living life then our lives in this world will be better.. But our following of the law has no bearing on out eternal status with God.. Our eternal status with God is dependant on us believing Jesus and trusting in the Atonement Jesus secured on the cross for our sins.. Romans 7: KJV 14 "For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. {15} For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. {16} If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good."
  5. Read the New Testament and before you start every reading session ask God to cause you to understand. And realize that many things read today may take months or even years to be fully revealed.. Once you finish the New Testament go back and start reading the Old Testament.. And when you finish that read the New Testament again.. Then you can go and ask questions to other Christians and discuss the Word of God with them and you can decide if you are going to join this denomination or that denomination or remain outside the denomination structures.. Too many people just walk into thje first church they see and allow themselves to be bottle fed by religious people and assume they are being fed the right formula.. This is akin to playing Russian roulette with your salvation.. Yeah some saved people had to go through a few wacky cults and a few twisted preachers before God finally took pity on them and lead them to the truth.. But you will save yourself a lot of pain and suffering if you just take the time and go to God directly and get the Word from the WORD..
  6. These people who will cry LORD LORD revealed what they thought would justify their place in eternity with God... Their works.. The will of God is for us to believe Jesus and trust in the Atonement of the LORD Jesus Christ...
  7. No Compulsion in Islam?

    The quranic verse that states that verses have been abrogated by later verses.. The quranic verse that establishes the doctrine of abrogation is:: """ quran 2 : 102 Whatever communications we abrogate or cause to be forgotten, we bring one better then it of like it. Do you not know that allah has power over all things.. """ The peaceful verses of the quran where given by muhammad early on in his deception, This was when he was out numbered by pagans in mecca.. Later when he went to medina and gained a following he statted to give the latter violent verses of the quran that teach true muslims to engage in barbaric savagery against unbelievers and hipocrites ( muslims who ae not being true muslims ) ... """"quran 9: 73 O prophet strive hard against the unbelievers AND the HIPOCRITES, and be unyealding to them; and their abode is Hell and evil is the destination.""""" And """" quran 9: 111 Surely allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this that they shall have the garden, they FIGHT in allahs way, so they SLAY and are SLAIN.... So true devout muslims should be fighting and killing unbelievers,, The only legitimate excuse not to be killing unbelievers is that the muslim has been killed while being engaged in killing unbelievers.. So the muslims today who are the true devout muslims are people like ISIS .. They are slaughtering unbelievers and they are being slaughtered at the same time.. PS: And only Christians and Jews have the option to remain Christians and Jewish under islamic law but they must pay the Jizyah tax and be made to feel subduded,, which is another way of saying they are to be second class citizens.. """""quran 9: 29 Fight those who believe not in allah, nor hold that forbbiden that has been forbidden by allah nor acknowledge the religion of truth, from among the people of the book, until they pay the jizyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued """" """people of the book""" Is refering to the Bible. So OT Torah Jews and NT Christians
  8. If the tract is a product of the catholic religion it will be of no benifit to anyone..
  9. The Old Testament is the inspired word of God.. But it contains records of the sins and practices of Hebrew and other peoples of the time too.. Many of which where not endorsed by God.. Just because the jews did something does not mean they where doing the will of God.. The OT does not make gods out of the Jewish kings or people.. It shows them as being faulty human beings like all other people..
  10. Yes you are correct.. Some are so locked into that false bondage they are incapable and unwilling to even consider it to be false.. I come from a catholic family so i understand how it is.. My dad is like your mother in law.. But still there are always people in the catholic church questioning in their minds if what they are being told is the truth or not,, I was one of them,, And the more the catholic religion shows itself to be in rebellion against the Holy Bible the easier it is for those to make the break and liberate themselves from deception.. I have no doubt that the catholic church would be reduced by 1/3rd if catholics did the simple thing of reading the Gospels .. I never picked up a Bible until i was past 20 years of age.. I had not yet finished reading it and i had already renounced the catholic religion..
  11. It is a good thing he is being openly apostate..That means the catholic religion is now less able to deceive people into thinking it is Christian.. That will hopefully mean that a lot more catholics now trapped in that false religion will lose their trust in it and seek anew and find the love of the truth which is the true Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ....
  12. The pope is a liar pure and simple.. I am glad my Rock is the Word of God and not the word of that deceiver..
  13. The Most Convicting Passage?

    A lot of people will quote a verse that highlights a certain wrong doing that they may have done.. But the most convicting verse to me was this short one:: James 4: 17 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." So many people focus on their personal battles against wrong doing but how many people ever feel conviction for the good things they should have done but failed to do.. I think this world would be a far more enjoyable place to live in if Christians where more concerned about the good they failed to do rather then all the bad things they have done...
  14. Statue being removed

    There are two different issues that i can see here.. 1) Statues.. I do not support any statues, there is no need for them irrespective of whom they are depicting.. 2) Removing reminders of history is a recipe for causing history to be erased.. People who are removing these historical monuments ( no matter if they are statues plaques or images ) are doing it as a demonstration of their opposition to what they perceive as unacceptable historical actions by the figures depicted.. But these monuments can also be used as tools to show how real history is, wort's and all and can be used as a valuable aid in teaching people the past Both good and bad aspects of the past.. Once you remove these monuments and blot out the offending character from the history text books you end up hiding the reality of the past. You are actually covering up history and hiding past wrongs from being known and scrutinized..
  15. how would you interpret this?

    I believe from scriptures that:: We have the choice to either love what is evil or love what is good.. We have the choice to hate what is evil or hate what is good.. We have the choice to accept Gods will or reject Gods will.. The picture to me reveals the war within us all.. But which side to we love and which side do we hate? That's the critical question.. Romans chapter 7 gives light to this struggle.. But while we struggle if we love the truth of the LORD Jesus Christ He will have the victory with us..