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  1. A big AMEN to this... Yes indeed satan does his best to be as close as he can to the truth of God while being just far enough away from the truth to kill any human being who is standing under his false doctrines.. The closer a deception is to the truth, without being the truth, makes it a more powerful deception..
  2. I have no trouble with accepting the OT and the NT.. I see the entire Bible as a slowly revealed revelation of God's will over a number of thousand years 4 maybe 5 .. God first revealed His creative Power.. God then revealed His long suffering.. God then revealed His perfect Standards.. God then revealed His perfect uncompromising justice.. God then revealed His loving mercy the gift of the Atonement Of Jesus.. The price of unforgiving sin in the OT was death.. The price of unforgiving sin in the NT was death.. In the OT the transgressor was made an example of by being executed.. This happened to individuels and to whole nations.. God cannot be corrupt and compromise His perfect standard and because of that we faulty human beings are all subject to a death sentence.. The strange thing when i read your statement above is that i do not understand how people who have read the New Testament did not read about Jesus welding a whip and driving out the traders in the Temple or the very same Jesus calling groups of rabbis, snakes and vipers and sons of satan.. I can only conclude that people simply have not read the NT in it's entirety.. The NT book of Revelation where the return of Jesus is shown where He will slaughter the army of the Beast on the plains of meggedo and pour out great wrath upon the earth, upon all those who have rejected His teachings and have rejected His Atonement for their sins.. Or again in the NT Jesus judging the people and dividing them and granting some eternal life with Him and others into everlasting punishment.. Read Matthew chapter 25 verses 31 to 46.. I could quote it all here but it is a bit long.. So the cruel God of the OT and the hippie Jesus view of the NT is just not reality.. The God revealed in the Holy Bible is the full package.. In Power in Wisdom in Judgement in Mercy in Love and none of it is contradictory because we are talking about a Perfect God that must be perfect and uncompromising in all areas.. The Law is kept because the Law reveals to people that us faulty humans cannot succeed in doing the Law without failure.. The message we get from the Law is that we have an inbuilt problem of being hopeless sinners heading for certain judgement where we will be declared guilty and face everlasting punishment.. The Bible reveals the Problem and then Reveals the Solution to our problem, That being the loving gift of the Atonement of the LORD Jesus Christ.. That can be had by believing Jesus and trusting that the Atonement He secured for us by His sacrificial death on the cross attains for us total forgiveness for all our transgressions of the Law.. See how the Bible is a complete revelation.. It just took a few thousand years to get it all completely out there.. But as the Bible declares that to God a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years.. Yes Jesus was very wrathful over the corruption in the temple and in the priesthood.. Jesus wasn't the laid back hippie in response to this situation and it played a part in Him being hated by the elites of Israel.. But to limit the mission of Jesus Just to these issues is just not correct.. Jesus main mission was to reveal the Gospel and to give up His life as a atoning sacrifice for the sins of all whom would believe and trust Him.. Jesus two commands where to Love the LORD thy God and to love thy Neighbour as thy self.... So Love is the foundation of His Law.. God loves a joyful giver and Love is the greatest of all the gifts of God.. The Bible declares that If a person has no love they have nothing.. And that is truth.. She may well have been the one who made the biggest Show of being charitable and giving love.. But i have heard reports and believe it that she received many millions of dollars in donations and little to none of it was ever used to help those under her ""care"" many still died unnecessarily in her care and she made a big show of being compassionate to them while they died before her.. But this is a side topic not central to the actual Holy Bible and it's revelation.. I think it is best if we stick to the scriptures and not get caught up with the performance of Christians in living up to the standards of God, which indeed they cannot because Christians are faulty human beings just like anyone else on planet earth.. What makes us separate is that we are being and shall be forgiven our faults because we have accepted the loving gift of the Atonement of Jesus..
  3. Welcome aboard Worthy disqusnutchat ( i had to look at that name a few times before getting it right) Worthy mods react to each Seeker on merit.. Some stay here and interact until they are satisfied.. Others are shown the door sooner.. So as long as you remain polite then all should go well for you.. As for me i became a Christian in my early to Mid 20's ... As for miracles i have no difficulty believing in them because i believe in God.. If the all powerful, all knowing, eternal God Creator of the Universe exists.. Things like Him causing a Virgin birth would be child's play, so easy.. Thus believing in the Virgin birth of Jesus and all the other miraculous happenings in the Bible is very easy for me.. But as i say if a person does not believe a God that i have described exists then even the most trivial of miracles is unbelievable... As for spiritual experiences, Yes i have had them.. They did not cause me to believe the teachings of Jesus.. But they did reinforce my absolute confidence in the God of Abraham and in the LORD Jesus Christ.. Anyway hope to hear from your soon and i hope your questions are meaty ones.. May you be blessed during your times on this forum..
  4. Yes there is a division within the Body of Christ over the OSAS doctrine.. But is the OSAS doctrine a core doctrine of salvational importance equal to the doctrine of the Atonement of the LORD Jesus or the doctrine of the bodily raising from the dead of our LORD Jesus? I don't think Christians should have their faith in Jesus shaken because one of their brothers believes in OSAS and another of their bothers does not.. I believe some people take these doctrines and raise them to a level of importance where they are willing to break fellowship with others over it..
  5. Light Chocolate.. Holiday in Hell or holiday in Detroit ?
  6. Ha ha ha... Crunchy peanut butter.. Surfing in Australia, or Skiing in Switzerland ?
  7. I scored 95% But i am not an american so some of those US centric questions where hard..
  8. Salad.. Travel to the deepest point in the ocean, Or travel to the top of mount everest. ?
  9. I scored 86% But seeing that there was so many US presidents and politicians in the list and me no being an American i think i did pretty good..
  10. I never had any trouble when i read the accounts of these actions carried out by the Hebrew people under the orders of Yaveh.. Having read the entire Bible and reading the accounts of the brutal actions of these peoples including sacrificing children by fire ( can you imagine the suffering of little babies being burnt to death as a sacrifice to the idol molech? And also some of these peoples attacked the Hebrew people in times past,, violently.. Note also that God had communications with these people .. If you read about the prophet Balaam who lived in those lands and was consulted by a king of those peoples in the OT.. So God chose to use the Hebrew people as an implement of His wrath upon the peoples of Canaan so be it.. It was justified.. Later God chose to use the Media/Persians as an implement of His wrath upon the Hebrews.. and again later He used the Romans as an implement of his wrath upon the Jews, So be it, God was justified.. Maybe in the near future the wrath of God will be poured out upon this world again as predicted in the Book of Revelation and again when it happens it will be justified..
  11. Do you spend all your days repenting of all the sins you did that day and all the good things you have failed to do? What happens when you miss out on repenting on some sin? Your doomed with this kind of preaching you are putting forward.. If being perfectly sinless is a ''must" then woe is upon everyone.. Make sure you investigate fully the grace of our LORD Jesus because what you believe about it is critical to it's eternal effect upon your salvation..
  12. tangerines.. A submarine or an aeroplane..
  13. I embraced the Gospel the first time i read about it when i was in my early 20's ...
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