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  1. Prager U: WHERE Are the Moderate Muslims?

    Say it as much as you like... We don't go one such statements.. We go on what you are actually doing with your posts on worthy forums.. As the old saying goes:: " The proof of the pudding is in the eating not the recipee " So to put it bluntly ... We don't believe you..
  2. String Angel's

    I will try it again.. What does the word LORD mean ? define it?
  3. String Angel's

    What is your interpretation of what the word LORD means ? When you say Jesus is LORD what do you mean by that?
  4. Video forum ?

    So it is any section within the Fellowship Centre i assume? Oh and thanks for your reply
  5. Video forum ?

    Thank you wingnut.. I will have a look now..
  6. Video forum ?

    Hello Peoples Looking down the list of sections of the forum but i cannot seem to find the part where video's are allowed to be posted.. Can someone show me the way ? Thank you ..
  7. Prager U: WHERE Are the Moderate Muslims?

    Yes this is your tactic.. All your replies to my posts have been in opposition to my points against islam.. You have repeatedly sought to undermine mine and many other peoples genuine attempts to show the evil of islam, We even use quran scriptures but you have towed the taqyyia islamic deception line by repeating islamic lies used to defend islam.. You have been trained in defending islam.. People like you are a curse to Christians trying to save muslims from deception.. Your respect for islam is plain to see..
  8. 2018 Japanese Disasters and a Worldwide Stock Market Crash

    When the Holy Spirit is guiding ones words they will not fail.. You are ignoring the OT guidance that declares without uncertainty that a prophet if he is from God must be perfect in his prophecies with No Error.. That is how you can tell a false prophet.. When they make a failed prophecy.. We are told by scripture to ignore them..
  9. Prager U: WHERE Are the Moderate Muslims?

    You don't work with a group by defending the evil religion that group is deceived by.. Stop defending islam.. Stop standing up for the evil deception of muhammad.. Work with muslims by informing them of the evil deception they are currently ensnared in..
  10. Forgiveness???

    It is easier when we know that we are handing that person over to God for judgement.. If we have faith in God then we can be assured that God will deal with the issue justly.. So we can take the weight off our own shoulders and forgive the other person.. The ball then is in their court as to if they repent of their wrong doing towards us.. Forgiving does not mean that we should remain open to any future wrong doing by the other person.. Just because we have forgiven a person does not mean that person will suddenly become a nice person and never do the wrong doing again.. So forgive and then be wary and try to remove yourself from being vulnerable to that person.. Now if you believe the person has made a genuine apology to you and is trying their best to be a better person then you can bring down your defenses somewhat.. Ultimately eternal forgiveness is granted by God if one believes Jesus and trusts in the atonement He secured on the cross for our forgiveness and justification.. So in the end the offender must accept Jesus to have their transgression forgiven in Eternity..
  11. 1.The Rapture Theory

    I have attempted to reveal the truth to you.. But you will not receive it.. You stand on your interpretation of one verse. But i give many verses that show that your interpretation of that verse is wrong.. But you are more loyal to your doctrines then the Word of God.. I cannot see what profit can come from any further exchange with you on this topic.. May the LORD help you to come to wisdom in this matter..
  12. Prager U: WHERE Are the Moderate Muslims?

    There is no such thing as a moderate muslim.. They are either devout muslims or fake / false muslims.. If a muslim is devout then they will be the type of people the world calls fanatics and terrorists because the quran calls upon them to fight the infidel untill they submit to islam and there is no other religion other then islam.. If a muslim does not have the stomach to commit the bloody violence the quran calls upon them to do then they are false muslims called hypocrites in the quran but the world calls them moderate muslims.. And yes muslims engage in lying to unbelievers to further the interests of islam it is called Taqiyya... the basic Taqiyya statement from a muslim is that islam is the religion of peace.. This is what they will say to a community of unbelievers when muslims in that community are a minority and they do not have the strength to become ""upper most"" ( in a position to persecute and slaughter and force people to convert to islam and impose islamic law and rule) Taqiyya is used a lot in the first stage of Jihad.. But as the population of muslims grow and they reach a percentage of the population where they feel they can obtain a victory over the unbelievers then they will start to engage in more aggressive Jihad..
  13. Jesus saved me!

    If you read the Word of God .. the Gospel.. The Way of salvation.. The Words of Jesus,, And you love them.. The Holy Spirit will move you to the point where the Holy Spirit will move into you.. John 6: KJV 63 "It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."
  14. 1.The Rapture Theory

    I could answer it in two ways.. One way is the World population as it existed at the time Jesus said it would not see Jesus anymore.... Jesus did not return and no one that existed on earth on the day Jesus said that saw Him again.. The second way is that Jesus upon being resurrected was transformed into His glorious eternal state which John and recounted in The book of Revealtion.. Now Jesus as He was seen by the apostles and the world population during His time on earth was in a different human flesh form.. As so the world would not see Jesus ( as He was at the time of speaking) anymore. Because He was transformed into His glorious appearance.. See your belief hangs on a few words in scripture while you have discounted the many scriptures i have given.. Jesus said the whole world would see Him upon the day of His return.. This following verses completely blows your "" Jesus will never be seen again belief out the window"" Revelation 1: KJV {7} Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. {8} I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Shall is future tense here and this scripture was revealed After Jesus has ascended into heaven.. So if your belief was correct and Jesus would never be seen again then you will have to declare this scripture to be false.. Because clearly it reveals that all Kindred's of the earth see him again.. It astounds me that a Christian would hold the position you hold... It amazes me that i even have to try and show through scripture the reality of the second physical coming of the LORD Jesus Christ.... But i guess in these end times i sould not be surprised at all..
  15. A religion of peace?

    disregard .. edit mistake