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  1. NorthwestKat

    Possible Essential Tremor Diagnosis...Some other stuff...

    Thanks everyone! I'm trying b12 as I've had issues with it in the past. I took a blood test but won't find the answer until later this week. I just pray the weakness gets better! Thanks so much! Kat
  2. NorthwestKat

    Neither one of my kids

    Turtle you sound just like my Mom about my sister and I Praying for your kids, it's been a year!
  3. NorthwestKat

    For Carmen who's husband pass

  4. NorthwestKat

    Cancer has returned

  5. NorthwestKat

    Mom to safely transport in ambulance

  6. Hello all! sorry for not being on more, time just slips away and I have a bad memory :). I have been having panic attacks. Hubby is STILL trying to get his seizures under control, if y'all could pray we find the right combination of medication that'd be great. My hands have been shaking more. Not at rest but when I am on the laptop or doing something. It got bad enough today we cancelled date day and went to the doctor. TO boot my blood pressure was 160/100...not awesome. I'm on pills but my pressure shot up to due anxiety. I have a doc appointment in February to talk about the arm problem. I read the doctor's write up and he thinks it's stress and tense causing the tremors. Also possibly mild Essential Tremor which scares me a bit...or something worse. Please pray for my anxiety to be alleviated, that it's just this year, and we find some good news. Also please pray for my Dad and Mom, they're burying Grandma today. On top of it all I had to text them I might have this bad condition...it's been a day. Also that an unsaid situation has calmness and God's lead in all ways. Thanks God bless you all! Katrina
  7. NorthwestKat

    a wound that won't close

    Praying! if she has access to bag balm, that stuff works wonders. you can find it in wal mart. Kat
  8. NorthwestKat

    My son is coughing badly

  9. NorthwestKat

    Prayers requested about complicated situation

    Thanks y'all for the prayers. It's still hard to process here and there but more better days. Prayers for clarity would be great, and I trust in God's lead, not leaning on my own understanding. Thanks!💖 Kat
  10. NorthwestKat

    Prayers requested about complicated situation

    Hubby won't let me do any of those. 😕
  11. NorthwestKat

    Rough Financial Times (for me)

  12. NorthwestKat

    depression worsening

    Sorry to hear it. Praying! Kat
  13. NorthwestKat

    Prayer for my brother-in-law