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  1. But that's my point, David. I don't want to see everybody being given an equal voice. Just the other day it was reported that muslims will be allowed to broadcast the call to prayer from mosques all over the city of (Birmingham, I think). I don't want to see muslims or atheists or witches being given equal status and equal rights to promote their views in my country. I would ideally like to see them driven out, and their mosques and temples razed to the ground. But that's just me. While I agree that they are teaching the wrong faith, I don't think Jesus wanted us to treat anyone like that.
  2. I would like a strong Christian that is also a strong political leader to be President, but I have not seen that combination in a candidate. We will have to pick from those that are in a position to become President. Trust God, he will lead us and remember which nation we truly belong to.
  3. Yeah, I have been studying Quantum Physics for some time. I am referencing the M-Theory as it relates to frequencies and dimensions. What does coveting have to do with this? I was compairing my understanding of God's commands. I was not trying to connect coveting and necromancy. When I was younger I did not see anything wrong with coveting. God told me not to do it, but I did not understand why. Now I see that coveting is a display of the negative emotions in my heart and encourages further negative emotions in my heart. That is the danger of coveting. I was just comparing my understanding of God's command not to covet (which I did not always understand, but now I do) and my understanding of God's command to stay away form necromancy (which I still don't understand, but I have learned to trust God.) I don't know why I should stay away from that kind of infromation, but I now know my mind, heart, and soul is on the line when I choose between following what God tells me to do and doing what I or anyone else wants to do.
  4. I have had some run ins with ghost in my past, my sister dealt with them more than I did. Knowing that God doesn't want his people to delve into necromancy, I wish I had not learned what I did about ghost. I too believe that ghost are demons. God's command not to deal with the dead is higher than my understanding goes. God said not to covet, but when I was young I did not see the harm in coveting. Now that I am older I see what coveting does to my heart, and my attitude towards others. God knows what is best for me, he is just trying to spare me heartache. Ladyolight, as far as ghost residing on different frequencies you are getting into the mix of where science and the supernatural overlap. I do believe they do overlap. Quantum Physics seems to be closer to joining the spiritual and the physical than any science has before. God made the world, everything that is in it. We don't understand it all, but it all works together. The devil, fallen angles, demons, and people have used God's creation in ways God never wanted it to be used. His love for people is the only thing that stopped him from ending all of creation.
  5. Your sister is not the enemy. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly relams." Eph. 6:12 More than likely your sister does not wish ill will towards you. But that does not mean the spiritual forces of evil don't wish you to suffer. They are the enemy. I agree with patricia1. Know the Word of God, the enemy is disarmed. We have the weapons, the enemy is a liar and a thief but he can not stand against Jesus. Know that the Word of God is truth and what you learn at the pagan conference will have some truth mixed with a lot of lies. This is were the enemy gets us, if he can blind us from the whole truth we won't be able to use the full armor of God effectively. The belt of Truth is the lynch pin to the armor of God. (I am about to speak metaphorically) If you are not sure of the Word of God then your belt is not on tight, your armor is on loose and your sword may fall to the ground before you can use it. If you go ask Jesus what his opinion is about every topic. If you get anger towards any person it may be the enemy speaking to you and not Jesus. Remember God hates sin but he loves the sinner. The question is, does the sinner love God (of the bible). Every christian is a sinner; we have faith in the word of God and Jesus as our Lord. A lot of people there are seeking, they are use to being hated and pushed away by christians. What if one of them could start to know Christ through one of us. But instead we turn away from them, we may be sending them to hell. Do we want to be responsable for that? (edited to change the word "there" to "the pagan conference")
  6. Pray for guidence, pray to God for your husband to receive right desires. God I pray for HangingByaFaith's husband, infuse in him your love and your desires. Guide him in living your word. God Bless you and welcome to Worthy.
  7. God appoints every preacher? Every pastor claims to be called by God into their profession. I believe that the majority truly were, but not all were. One can be truly called, one can delude themselves into thinking they were called, and one can just out and out lie about being called as well. Just because someone is a church leader does not mean that they were anointed by God to their position. After all, was Fred Phelps anointed by God to his position? The bible does tell us their will be many false teachers, and not to be lead astray. I will accept that. The bible also teaches that all rulers hold the position and power only because God allowed it. We are to honer their roles as leaders, if they have done something that was a poor choice on their part we may approach them to talk about it. We are not to gossip about them. We can talk about false teaching, and help others to identify it. Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. (James 3:9-10)
  8. http://www.roeiqtest.com/ui/ This is a link to an I.Q. Test about the two cases that changed how abortion is handled in the U.S. It is very educational. They ask if you what to receive more information on the topic but give you the ability to say no if you want to.
  9. God has appointed leaders in the church. Pat Robertson has a large group of people that look to him as Timithy and Titus looked to Paul. Pat has been anointed by God for the position he is in. Pray for him, Pat effects a lot of people unbelievers and believers. Plus if you speak out against someone that God has choosen, how do you think that will effect your anointing? God, thank you for your grace.
  10. I just opened this topic so I don't know what everyone else has said but I want to say I agree with Vickilynn. Love, prayer, and following Jesus should always be our response. Some that Jesus healed were in need of healing because of sins they had done, others were suffering through no fault of their own. (Note: Everyone is in need of Jesus' forgivness, but I am talking about physical and mental problems.) The blind man that the disciples asked, is this man blind from birth because of his own sin or the sin of his parents? Jesus said the man was not blinded from his own sin or his parent's sin. He then healed the man to show the power and glory of the kingdom of heaven. In this world, in its fallen state, some suffer because that is the side effects of a fallen world. If only we could bring the power of the kingdom of heaven to them they would be healed. Love should be our response.
  11. Staying pure is never a bad idea. It is not easy, but it can be done. If both of you are centered on Christ and then on each other. Spend the time between now and marriage getting to know each other better. Plan ativities together. If it gets tough to stay pure, do the activities with other friends that support what you are doing.
  12. does a person need to be baptized the second time ? No. When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, Peter did not want Jesus to do it and Jesus response made Peter ask for Jesus to wash his whole body. Jesus then told Peter that he did not need to be wash all over. Jesus said one who has bathed does not need to bath again, only the dust of the road to be washed from his feet. Thus believers need to make sure the sin of the world is washed off us as we go out into the world, but we only require the baptism once. in your churches do your pastors or leaders or your elders do a course before some one asks about baptism ? Yes, the church I go to does. At the very least, it makes sure the people know that baptism is not what save a person. That is the work of the Holy Spirit on a persons heart. do those that do baptize people with in their churches go by these principals in acts 19? Yes, though they go by the whole NT says about baptism. It is not good pratice to go off of just one verus. Need at least two wittnesses for a statement to be valid. Not all display signs and wonders the moment the receive the Holy Spirit. The disicples did not. Read John 20:22 (Then he breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit." Jesus gave them the Holy Spirit but it was not until Pentecost we see them display the power of the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost we see people receive and we see the power of the Holy Spirit at the same time. It does not happen that way every time though. For me there was a year between my baptism and speaking in tounges. I saw people heal by the Holy Spirit through me before I spoke in tounges. Nothing on the outside showed up the day I was baptized. I have been told that I have the gift of teaching by many, the leaders of my church have prayed for me and gotten that I have the gift of prophesy. I have received words of wisdom and words of knowledge, but I am still learning about the gifts. I was not raised in a church that believed in gifts in operation. Clearly the gifts are in operation. Hope this helps.
  13. Sad, but Jesus did not promise us anything less. He told us we would face this. I pray for all the people of Bethlehem, protection for believers and new hearts for those outside the faith.
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