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    My interests are ... Painting, sketching, murals,photography, listening to christian worship music, creative arts, interpretive worship, fellowship with friends, reading the Word, and spending time with my family.
  1. Shew!!! If you eat this..."Sugar Sandwich" ..ur a brave soul....lol Plain ol' sour Cream and sugar on Bread???? EWWWWW But here is something I have tried........a Bannana Sour Cream Cake!!!! Now that is Amazing! (recipe at Kraft online) *****Plain ol' Sour Cream is best for Baked Taters' and Tacos!!! Although I did see a fella recently smother sour cream all over the top of a Great Ribeye...gross!!! ~~~> gritty grainy sweet Sour Cream on bread??? Nope still cant do it! sorry!
  2. Yes I agree we should be Praying!!! There is much political unrest...and likely more to come. My husband spent time in Nairobi and ministered there. Please pray for a friend of ours and his family --Who is a kikuyu bishop/pastor. "Ino"
  3. InoHIM2


    Howdy.... well I'm one of the fellow Fried pickle lovers.....I LOVE 'EM. Do you use Dill pickles or Sweet pickles??? I have had both. A local restaurant serves the Dill ones. They are good But NOTHING tastes BETTER than Fried ~~>Sweet pickles!!!! I had them this fall at the "Fall for Greenville" festival...they were Addicting!!! So, for all you "EWWWWW -ers" out there..... don't knock it till ya "fried it" LOL "Ino"
  4. Yummy ~~~>Carrot Cake!!! One thing...wheres the BUTTER? LOL guess I'll have to really grease that pan..... thanks for sharing the recipe...... "Ino"
  5. Howdy My personal favorites are as follows:::Im an adventurer ...I enjoy diffrent kinds of Christian Music that has a Good message and Glorifys God. Pocket Full of Rocks--manifesto Eoghan Heaslip--->He is Awesome! Chris Tomlin Jeff Deyo At A Downfall--seen these guys in person Brandon Heath Anthony Johnson--nothing like the rain Jacob's Well Israel Houghton Dedrick Haddon Andrew Peters Jamie Jamgochian-(Hear my worship..is and incredible song.) The Mckameys..Yep them too!
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