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  1. My daughter was denied her protection order. The Commissioner found me not credible and therefore is choosing to not protect her. I am not- nor is my daughter falsely accusing her stepdad on being sexual frisky and inappropriate with her. He was in bed with her. He wrapped his legs around her and went under her bra and down the front of her pants. She is 13. Please continue praying for us. God is truth and God is good!
  2. The Commissioners decision and ruling for a protection order will be given tomorrow morning. Please stand with us in prayer for the order to be granted. God Bless you all and thank you very much! Praise God!
  3. Thank you for praying! Today we have one more witness to speak-the children's mother. She is a witness for her husband who has sexually assaulted our daughter. I may also have to take the stand again. But this should be the last of the hearings and the Commissioner will have a ruling. Please pray for the protection order. God Bless!
  4. The court date has been continued many times over 6 months and hearings have taken place. Tomorrow will be the last of the hearings and possibly a determination will be given. Hopefully, a permanent protection order against the stepdad will be ordered for my daughter and 2 boys as well. I also have a custody trial coming up December 10th for all 3 children. I have had them full custody for almost 2 full years. This process has been wearisome. I am faint but God gives grace and is good! Please pray the Lord keeps His firewall of protection around us-the Kirkwood's. Thank you and God bless you!
  5. My daughter's protection order has been continued over and over and over. The stepdad took a polygraph and passed. They are not bringing charges against him as of yet. My daughter is not a liar. She says he touched her breasts, rubbed her bottom and went in the front of her pants under covers. Tomorrow is the end of the trial. Please pray the Commissioner sees the truth and protects my daughter and children from being around him. Thank you and God bless!
  6. Thank you very much for your prayers! Thursday morning we go in to hopefully get the Guardian ad litem Report recommendations adopted by the court. It took 6 months for the GAL to write it and cost almost $5000. The GAL was late with her report but I hope it gets adopted. Especially because the GAL recommends the children remain with me in full custody. We also go to court Friday to extend the court ordered 1 year no-contact order until the children's mom enters domestic violence treatment that was ordered by the court 1 year ago. Please and thank you for continuing to pray and intercede for our family.
  7. Thank you very much for praying. The case was continued for 2 weeks until June 28th. This is because it was hard to find and serve him. He was just served 2 days ago and law requires 5 days notice. Hopefully charges will be brought forth by then.
  8. Thank you very much for your prayers. My goodness, going through a divorce-a fight for your children-and a fight to protect your children are trials and battles I never thought I would be engaged in. We are certainly in a spiritual war! A sexual assault report has been obtained. The sexual assault center and CPS both recommend the stepdad has no contact with the children for the foreseeable future. We are awaiting the police investigation and charges to be brought forward. The police have obtained the motel video of the pool and hot tub area that confirm his behavior and demeanor towards my daughter that is consistent with her testimony. I received a temporary DVPO against the stepdad to not be near the children. We go to trial tomorrow morning to receive a permanent one. Thank you for standing with our family in prayer!!!
  9. Thank you very much for your prayers. We have a Protection order on the stepdad. Today we received the sexual assault report and the findings are affirmative for grooming and sexual misconduct. Tomorrow I go to court against the my ex-wife. She has lied throughout and is in denial of what her husband has done to our daughter. We are seeking a neglect finding. Her attorney is a bully. Please stand with us in faith and prayer. God bless and thank you!
  10. Hello Annette! I lost my DV protection order last month to the stepdad. This is even though the GAL reported the abuse and there were findings of abuse by CPS with the stepdad and neglect by their mom. What makes this particularly bad is my daughter was put in a very bad situation just a month after he was not held accountable. Her mom still has not been recommended treatment or held accountable for her assault on my daughter even though the court ruled against her. She knew someone who "knew" someone for her evaluation. She went on vacation with her mom and stepdad. earlier this month. At 9:46 Sunday morning May 6th I received a call from my daughter from her moms phone. She borrowed her mother's phone to tell me that her stepfather would not keep his hands off her. She explained that he kept telling her how beautiful and gorgeous she is. She said that she just received a note from a mother she just met at the motel. The woman said to read it in the bathroom. Afterward she immediately called me. She explained that so much has happened that she needed to tell me. She explained this woman that gave her the note only saw what was happening in the hot tub and didn't even see what was happening in the hotel room or in bed regarding the stepdad. When she explained more about the note she said, “this lady does not even know about the real inappropriate stuff.” She told me that when they were in the motel room, that he slept in her bed all night while the mom slept with the younger boys! He wrapped his legs around her and pulled her in. She doesn't want to talk about anything more if there is something. She said about him, “I think he is obsessed with me.” She said he kept telling her “how much he loves my hair, how gorgeous I am and how I’m so much prettier I am than other girls.” She said he would massage her back every night and “he went all the way down here." She had told me he went all the way to the bottom of her bone. When he did this he asked her if she liked that. At other times she also said that he was always asking her to sit right here pointing at the private parts. Also, that he would pull her there. She said she felt “sexually harassed!” Another time they were at an orchard and she went over by a tree because she did not want to see the chickens anymore and he came over to her and she yelled for her mom to come because she was nervous to be alone with him. She said that she is, “shook!” When asked where her mother was and why she did not tell her, she said it was because she was afraid. She said she was very scared that her mom would “get mad at her if she found out.” She did not want to get her mom defensive like she did when Jade told the police about her mother choking her and scratching her. Her mother claims she never did this- even though she did. She did not feel safe or comfortable telling her mom about the behavior, occurrences and molesting behavior by her husband her mom. She also feared that her mother would just be dismissive, in denial and defend her mom. She also claimed she did not want to "ruin" her mom's vacation. Right now CPS has an open investigation and so do the police. Wednesday she meets with the sexual assault center. Please pray over this and pray we get a protection order tomorrow. And the investigations and future interviews go well and right. Thank you so much! God bless!
  11. Thank you! GAL means the Guardian ad Litem who is assigned to the case by the court to protect the well-being of the children.
  12. Thank you very much for all of the prayers! Tomorrow our attorneys give their closing statements and we will have a verdict on her husband for abuse on the children. They are in denial but the GAL testified that the children stated they were hurt, afraid and harmed by him repeatedly. Their attorney is very manipulative and likes to distort situations. Please pray that the Commissioner is just and is able to see and discern clearly. I must admit this is tiring but God is alive, just, merciful, good and our provider and protector!
  13. Hello everyone, Everything is going well. My children live with me and are seeing their mom every other weekend. We will likely end up going to trial for custody rights. However, today I am going to trial for a domestic violence protection order against the stepdad who was found to have abused all 3 children. This is a continuation from a month ago. We left off with me on stand with their attorney questioning me. Their lawyer is a real bully. Also the GAL will testify today as well. Please pray for us this day. Thank you very much!!! God bless you
  14. Thank you very much for all of your prayers. I am doing well but quite frankly I am a bit tired from the constant grind. My ex intended to take the kids from me and could just live with it. She never expected to have to give them to me. I believe God has seen and blessed me with being able to care for them. However she is fighting for them as well and needs a defense. She is playing the role of the victim. She has told many lies and it complicates matters because it is a lot of he said/she said which makes it difficult to know who is telling the truth. She has exaggerated many things and has told many lies. She still only has supervised visitation with our daughter whom she assaulted. However she is able to have our 2 boys (9,6) every other weekend. We have a guardian ad litem and she has recommended that the children remain with me. My ex's husband has been found by CPS to have assaulted our 3 children as well. I have received a temporary domestic violence protection order for 2 weeks. However, tomorrow we have trial for a permanent one. This would keep the children safe from him until he is evaluated and treated for DV. Please pray for the trial tomorrow, my attorney, the witnesses, the GAL, the commissioner and my children. Thank very, very much! God bless you all!
  15. Hello everyone, my computer broke and it's been getting fixed and I should finally beginning it back soon. My ex is claiming she isn't working now and has had child support reduced and wants me to pay most of the Guardian ad litem fees which total around 5 grand. She is working on her husbands and her business still but is skirting the system. My attorney is arguing against this today. We are also still awaiting a DV evaluation of me from the counselors. I have had the children in full custody for 10 months now. Please pray the Lord keeps His firewall of protection around our home and family. Thank you very much!
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