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  1. To believe in the truths it declares, involves a reception of them into the heart to the extent that they influence/change our conduct. Now that word is priceless imo. Thank You God for speaking through our brother.
  2. In my opinion only the person who is doing the looking and God can know if there is lust involved.... and Jesus said But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. First He said whosever..period....... so that covers all....... I once heard and old evangelist say....... lust is when you are looking and willing to commit the act if the opportunity happens. Realize God knows when you have crossed the line and I suspect so do we. I doubt Steve if your lusting, and I do think there is a difference between lusting and appreciating beauty.
  3. I think I pretty much trust God for everything.... but mostly because I have not faith in my own flesh, nor do I trust man very much either. I love God, but sometimes I wonder if I trust Him so much because I have eliminated everything else. Only He is faithful...period
  4. Barracuda, brother I have been divorced and remarried and although I can find churches that would let me ministry in leadership I chose not to because I feel it is not in line with the scripture. Am I still saved, yes and God can and has provided ways to ministry. I would rather wait tables in service to the King than any thing else that anyone else has to offer. God it the one you must find a way to please, not the "church". He seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Be one of them, as I am sure you are. I understand the question (which I have asked many times) of why are divorced people are disqualified and adulters and druggies, prostitutes, drunks, etc. are not disqualified. I mean I, in theory could of had an affair on my wife, repented and been forgiven and re-instated pretty simple..... get a divorce and it is a forever stigma...... the real question isn't whether we should be allowed to ministry in leadership roles as much as.......... why would the others be allowed to ministry in leadership roles. Now having said that, I am tempted to be hurt by how I am treated, and indeed give up. But let me ask this, how would that bring Glory to God. And isn't that what each child of His is to be about. Doesn't matter what they do to us..... what matters is what we do for Him.... He is King eternal. So I praise God that He has justified me and give Him glory. And if I am disqualified as a leader in the church so be it, the word is pretty clear. What I really grieve about is the people who may lose out because I have been divorced....you see, it isn't about me....... it is about others. Praise God for His mercy and Grace........amen
  5. rafter


    "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11
  6. wow, whether you call it a divorce or an annullment, what is the difference. And just because one got married because of a pregancy is not really grounds for a divorce or anullment......... Don't really care so much what the "church" teaches....what does the word say...... Can a man hold coals of fire to his chest without burning his clothes....... Sin is sin, whether it is divorce, which many times, but not always is sin. Having sex out of wedlock is also sin. I think the point we miss is this. God knows that sin damages us. And when a couple seperate, it does damage. It takes an act of God to fix that damage and we need to be honest with ourselves to recieve this healing........ Like I said, I have been divorced and remarried. I say, very humbly, in most cases, and because of what the word says maybe all, divorced people are not to be in position of leadership. Sorry if this offends people, but the truth is still the truth no matter how you or me feel about it. God is not mocked
  7. I agree with the scripture and I really don't think someone who has been divorced should be in leadership...... I am one of those..... I have been divorced... I can serve the Lord in any capacity, have no need to be in leadership as it is not a power trip anyhow but a responsiblity. However I do feel bad that divorced people, no matter how much they repent or serve God will always be made to feel like second class citizens or their sin will be ignored and be put into leadership without hesitation. Quite a delimia...... Guess I will go off quietly and seek God. I am sure as much as He hates divorce, I will find mercy and forgiveness at His feet.
  8. smiling, it obviously matters or the question would not have been asked. As someone who has been divorced and remarried I would say yes it matters a great deal on many different levels. First one's own guilt to deal with, two all the baggage one brings with them from the divorce that has to be dealt with. Does feel bad to feel like a second class citizen in the body of Christ, but that is all part and parcel of divorcing. Time and the grace of the Lord can make one able to minister, but it is more time perhaps than we honestly want to acknowledge. I am not saying those of us who have went through a divorce are not forgiven, nor am I saying we could never preach or teach..... just that yes it matters. If one really repents and seeks God with all their heart, they may even have a lot to preach and teach. But how are we to know if someone has dealt with their baggage. It first takes a grieving process to recover from the divorce, and then if one is to remarry, that in itself will take a while to work out. So how long is long enough........... not sure, but I know it is not an overnight fix. Forgiven yes, walking it out takes time....... maybe even a miracle. Having said that, one who has an affair is, imho, equally as wrecked as the one who goes through a divorce, but the damage isn't as readily apparent...... Bottom line is, imo, Sin matters.............. no matter what the sin and it affects ones ability to preach or teach. Or to even worship God in spirit and in truth. Yes it matters...........
  9. Thanks Kittyjo, much needed help... may God bless you for it........
  10. I just recently led a person to the Lord. I mean they really are hungry and searching for answers and most I can answer with scripture. But they honestly asked a question that I need help on. The question is, What is heaven like. They did not want the pat answers that are usually given and I think they are sincere. They want to know if we will have relationships with people. Kind of like married people do here on earth. I know that Jesus said there will be neither marrying or giving in marriage, but how about the intimacy we will share with each other, and no I don't mean sexual, at least I don't maybe they do. Do we have close relationships, where two people are kind of bonded together. And do things together as one. Not unlike married people do here. I have not found any clear stuff in the bible about this. I too am curious about what we may do, as in do we have work to do, do we play, do we build new kingdoms, etc. Now if anyone can come up with scripture it would be wonderful. But I also would like to know what other people expect to see and do in heaven. I know we will be worshiping God and praising Him and it will obvious to me we will love doing that. I also am sure we will be loving God and will be loved by God. I just think it is an interesting question about what God has in store for us..... Thanks ahead of time for peoples imput......
  11. Well said Jamie, it brings tears to my eyes........ I simply can't add anything... Oh My God in Heaven, have mercy on us..............
  12. If one expects to have friends like that, then I think they should show theirselves to be that kind of friend themselves. In other words if you want friends then show yourselve friendly........... Be the kind of person you would like to be friends with...........
  13. I do not "know" much about this as my eyes have only recently begun to be opened to the Hebrew roots of the Gospel. I have always believed God would fulfill what he promised to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I believe I am grafted into the vine, and therefore, by faith seed of Abraham, but that does not make me jewish by lineage. What I am saying is this, I am not covetous for what God has promised the Jew. And I deeply want them to turn to Jesus and for God to give them the promised land. And He will. If they have Jesus in their hearts then we gentiles who believe can only profit, it is a good thing. I am anxious for the jewish people to come to know Jesus deeply. I am actually excited and don't care what the leaders of the world or anyone else, including satan, has planned for Israel. It will happen the way God said it would. No doubt about it.............
  14. There is one other thing to consider, at least it came to my mind while reading this post. Could it be possible that there is something unclean in the house that should not be there? I am not talking about dirt, more like something of darkness. I remember reading in the bible, can't remember where, that if we bring something into our dwelling that is not clean, or an idol or something, that God would hold us accountable even if we did it without knowing we did it. I paraphrased and would have to look it up. I did this once that I know of and things were just not happening like I am used to them happening in the Lord, so I prayed and asked God to show me if there was anything unclean in my home that I was unaware of. He showed me immediately and I repented and the peace came back. I think we christians don't always realize what we are bringing into our houses. I have know missionaries who brought artifacts and stuff back with them and placed them in there house, that I would not have dared bring home. I am not sure what is an innocent thing and what has demonic conotations about it but I am careful about it to the best of my ability...... I am not saying this is what it is, just that maybe you should look around the house, when these things happen. It may be opening a door to satan that you need to close...........
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