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  1. According to the Word, when we get to heaven, we'll be like Jesus. Think about what that means. We'll be like Jesus. What He does, we'll do. Really think about it.
  2. We are taught that the anti-christ wii come on the scene at the time of the Rapture and that he will bring about world peace and prosperity for three and a half years. Yet, almost immediately following the Rapture, according to Rev. 6, peace will be taken from the earth and there will be wars, famine, and death. How can anyone institute world peace in such a time? Certainly, after the Rapture, anti-christ will be revealed in that the whole world will recognize him and worship him for who he is. The world peace and prosperity wii have to be instituted before the Rapture (probably several years before) because it can't happen afterwards. Will Christians be here and will they recognize him? They will if they know the prophetic Scriptures.
  3. First time poster and it appears that I might have accidently stolen someone elses post. I'm sorry. Question, please. Where, in Scripture, does it say, or indicate, that demons are fallen angels? I hear it often but is it Scriptural or is it an assumption that has been passed down from "prophetic" teachers?
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