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  1. Faith is the absolute trust in Divine authority. The authority that can say yes or can say no. It is surrendering to the sovereignty of God and not tapping the power for personal advantage. Humility is the mindset that I don't deserve God's blessings. Prayer is seeking revelation and instruction not a miracle. He is directing and I am following. My faith is complete reliance in the full knowledge that He has power over life and death. The mistake is often, I have faith in a certain outcome. Mature faith is I have faith in God and what He says. The deception comes that for so many their God is too small, He must be directed and advised. He is limited and not fully in control. He even seems to be constantly put to the test of proving Himself.
  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day Let me write that date down...............................................
  3. The whole thing is a construct of the master of deception...and there is a whole lot more coming...
  4. Its amazing the number of people that are discussing this online and at Walmart in line. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share some eschatology with the curious. But, one of the natural questions the Harold Camping blip on the radar creates....is....this guy....ignorant.....a heretic.....clumsy with hie exposition.....or a false prophet with greedy intent?
  5. I am so insulted by that statement. How very jerry fallwell. If that is true, then i have metastasized untreated cancer because i am a dirty sinner. Short statements unqualified will get you in trouble....its the limitations of this type of forum...Yes all sickness is caused by the presence of sin in the world. It might not be your sin specifically...but all all suffering is the result of a world that chose to serve the creature rather than the creator...But thank God for His mercy that promises us that even this suffering is serving a greater purpose Romans 8:28-29...No offense and certainly no judgment intended
  6. Obama is a very public leader and as a leader people follow him. When he proclaims I'm a Christian then says things like this : "So, I have a deep faith," Obama continues. "I'm rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people. " ( Obama flashback: There is no heaven or hell, all ways lead to the same path ) people will follow him as a leader and adopt that same line of thinking. If we as true Christians don't say "Hey wait a minute!! That's not True!!" then how can we say we're concerned about winning people for Christ? If a leader is professing to be Christian ie having a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ and does not bear the fruits in his life that entails then we need to be vigilant to let people know that what that leader is doing is not an example of Christ. And I say that concerning all leaders. The men you mentioned may be good men, Obama may be a good man, but does not give them passes to mock God. Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. The origin of this quote? If this is accurate that is where Graham should have sunk his teeth in...by clarifying the error of what defines a true Child of God....The question "..are you a Christian?" Is one I never ask....always ask a person to clarify for me what it takes to become a child of God?
  7. Back in the 1980's evangelicals took a lot of heat for suggesting that Aids was God's judgment on the culture's embracing the homosexual culture. I wonder how long people will deny that God is not mocked...what a man sows he will reap.
  8. I agree with you...I heard a preacher say that so many throw open the gates of heaven, but more accurately we should probably preach to disqualify...because the world's message of universalism is being preached hard and so many don't have what is real. But, I would suggest that taking pot shots at the Presidents unqualified statement of faith without being in his presence is just grandstanding. Ronald Reagan (who personally liked) shrugged his shoulders like Nicodemus at the term "Born Again". But nobody is questioning his placard that says he was a Christian. Why because the religious right like him... Jimmy Carter said I'm "Born Again" in his Playboy interview and teaches Sunday School every Sunday but can't understand why Evangelicals consider Mormons to be heretics....but no one questions his salvation. You get my point, whether Obama is a Muslim or not doesn't really seem to be a concern for winning him to Christ, but defeating him in the public arena of opinion.
  9. Jesus didn't come to reform democracy by organizing protest groups. He is not pro-democracy... He is pro=theocracy... He will not reform when He returns He will takeover... Our job as Christians is to be Salt & Light it stark contrast to the world's eartly wisdom, that we might save some from out of the culture. we are not here to save the culture. In the words of Dr Tony Evans, "Jesus is not coming back on AirForce One!"
  10. Satan's lie is disguised in tolerance....His version of holiness...and the church is buying it and setting the stage for the emergence of the false church
  11. There is probably nothing wrong when Graham responding to the question with a clarification of what being "Born Again" means. Then simply stating that he hasn't heard the President clarify his understanding or lack of understanding of what it means to be a "Born Again" believer as described to by Jesus to the religious Nicodemus in John 3. I think Jakes is right in saying that Graham seems to prefer having an answer to a tough political question with the cameras on, than staying in position Biblically or staying in a position of possibly being a positive influence on the President. Personally, I don't sense our Commander in Chief has a Biblical understanding of the narrow way into the Kingdom. I believe he like his predecessor he believes that Allah and Jehovah are one in the same. Because he doesn't know the Scripture. That ignorance suggests to me he has never seen Christ for who he is. By the way, Muslims have no problem recognizing the wisdom of the precepts of Christ that they carefully select tout. My conclusion, Graham is probably right.....but TD Jakes is probably right questioning his motivation and wisdom of expressing himself publicly.
  12. ...raised three kids in a Christian home and all were taken to church and expected to be there until they left home....none of the three are regular attenders today...All three now in their early to late 20s are being chastised by circumstances. I am believing that the Lord and the foundation we gave them will bring them back home. None of the three have rejected their faith outright, just living with their feet in the world system. Please pray with me. PKs are a target
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