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  1. Faithbuilders

    Would you visit a church you know has false teaching?

    I fully agree, the bible does say, "If it be possible..." indicating that it may not always be possible, (that was not even possible for Jesus) but we do try, and do what we can.
  2. If you have a desire to get married, then it IS Gods will for you to get married, but that does not mean you can't live a life of prayer while you wait on God.
  3. Faithbuilders

    Would you visit a church you know has false teaching?

    You went to the United Pentecostal Church (AKA Oneness) They believe in One God manifests Himself as three, but not that He is three separate persons and yet One God. I almost got caught up in that myself many years ago, I did a full study on the Trinity, and have not been back. To answer your question, if the church teaches stuff that is CLEARLY not in the Bible, or anti-Bible; then yes I would stay away. But make sure it is agansed what the bible says, and not againsed your own religieuse teachings.
  4. Faithbuilders

    Hello from Europe

  5. Faithbuilders

    Pray for Canada as it has truly gone off the deep end

    Canada will not, yet... but that is the bill they are working on passing. It already is that way in one Provence. And yes (i have a sister in-law living there) it is passed in Ontario, they are now working on Alberta, but that province is fighting it.
  6. Faithbuilders

    Pray for Canada as it has truly gone off the deep end

    It is, at least for now, in Manitoba. As for finding links, the full bill in not well known; The only reason I know about it, is my mom just came back from a meeting with spiritual leaders in Canada, some are in government, she called me yesterday to tell me this, and we prayed together. Canada has a habit of getting bills passed before the general public even knows about it.
  7. Canada is trying to pass Nation wide a new Act called the "Nanny Act" but I call it the "Hitler Act" It already is in Ontario, they are trying to bring it into Alberta (they are fighting it). They want to make it so the parents no longer have control of your own children, but your children belongs to the province. And it is your children that can dictate, and decide what gender that they want to be; And if a parent does not sign an agreement that states you agree with what the government and schools teach your children then they can, and will take your children away. A childs personal religion no longer matters....!
  8. Faithbuilders

    How long was this planet here before life?

    ANYthing that is different then what the Word of God says, is false. According to Mat chapter 1:17 there are 4200 years from Abraham to Jesus; Then using the other "begats" we can see that is between 1000 and 2000 years from Adam to Abraham - then you just add on about 2000 years from Jesus to now... It IS that simple! When I first did this math, I did the long way - then I found an even simpler way.
  9. Faithbuilders

    How long was this planet here before life?

    Exactly my point; I was saying a fact, nothing mocking in any way.
  10. Faithbuilders

    Albert Einsteins Fear

    Hmmmm so true.
  11. Faithbuilders

    How long was this planet here before life?

    It does not matter what the world says they are using, it has been proven time, and time again that they lie, and make stuff up (it sounds good, but can not be trusted) because they keep contradicting and proving there own theory wrong. First, I was a head of my time in grade 6, in strategy and math, I had been studying the bible since I could read... Second my point is, that bible math is so simple that a child could do it! Third, as I said before, it was about 4 years later that Christian scientist had proven that the earth is only 8 - 10 thousand years old! So my "grade 6" math had proven to be accurate (more accurate than ungodly scientific lies) ??? Not sure what you are talking about here? Nothing I said is snide, or condescending - it is truth.
  12. Faithbuilders

    Are You Ready?

    A number of years ago I had a word from the Lord for the church, He said, “tell my people, I am coming soon,” I told Him, “Lord, they know that, that there has been teaching, and books on that for years.” He responded to me, “No, they don’t’ know, for if they truly knew with there hearts how soon I am coming, they would not be doing half the things that they are doing today.” Church, it is time to clean up; clean up are homes and are lives. Time to repent, and go forth in power, and victory, declaring to the world, “be ready for Jesus IS coming soon.” Are You Ready People are in the street buying, and selling, What was once in the closet, is now open telling, In the world sin covers the earth like a blanket, In heaven, something is happening, for all is quite, One angle steps forth, something on his lips, The clouds are dark, through the sky lightning rips, There’s the hand of Glory raised to the sky, To the four corners, the angles will fly, The thunders will roll; the wind will blow, People all around, there is something you should know, Whether you believe it or not, the truth will be known, For the greatest sign ever, in the sky will be shown, The clock is ticking; there’s no time to rest, No time to play church, or to see who’s the best, What happens when the clock of judgment strikes midnight, When all seems well, everything seems all right? Then the hand of Glory comes down with a crash, The angle will blow. The trumpet will blast, The clouds will part, with a shout, and a yell, The lightning will flash; the earth will crash like a bell, In the sky we will see Him; He will take us home, We will be rewarded, and reap what we have sown, It’s time to tell the world; it’s time to tell them all, That every tongue will confess Jesus; every knee will fall, Either you do it now, and go with Jesus when He takes us home, Or you will do it later, and forever be alone, Your choice is agony and torment forever, Or eternity with Jesus, that is much better, My friends we don’t have time to fool around, For soon we will go up, and Jesus will come down.
  13. Faithbuilders

    How long was this planet here before life?

    That is the way it always seemed to me, see lightning cases ozone, so there most likely was a lot of lightning during the flood created the ozone layer we have today. Ozone also causes aging, that would also explain why people were not living as long after the flood.
  14. Faithbuilders

    God is Love vs Pharaoh ???

    1John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. God IS love! the so called love that you are talking about from hippies, is not love at all, but lust, and infatuation. You need to find out what real love is. God does not owe anything, but He gives just because he loves (John 3:16) So I bring it back, God loves us, and He IS love.
  15. Faithbuilders

    satan's destiny

    Not on earth, cause there would still be a fire in there old location.... No the ONLY eternal fire is in the lake of fire, and hell will be cast in for eternal torment.