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  1. For me I see repentance in the word teshuvah, to return to God and learn to walk after Yeshua. Just turning doesnt always get us to see Him as He wants us to be but returning puts the emphasis on making an about face looking straight towards that kingdom door in which He is lighting the path towards.
  2. mizzdy

    Hey all

    Been a lot going on around these parts. I got to put together the prek and toddler cirr. started teaching at my church and my husband and I have been made elders, lots of changes. I have missed this place, I had been thinking about coming back and then George's email showed up in my inbox and I just knew it was time to come back.
  3. mizzdy

    Hey all

    Well ya could pray for a relief from this heat!!! lol Vegas is just a big city with a lot of pretty lights.
  4. mizzdy

    Hey all

    Howdy all, not sure how many might remember me its been a few years but thought I would come back and say howdy. The forum looks great, lots of changes, I am look forward to checking it all out and reconnecting to those that might remember me. shalom, Mizz
  5. People are just idiots! We get walkins all the time, we get homeless, all kinds of people, we welcome them all. One of the homeless guys came once and had a huge coat on, it was warm! he said he wanted to meet God with his best suit. Made many tear up because this man had the right mind for Him. We come to Him in the best we have, that can be shorts, dresses, suits and ties, pants or whatever we have. If we have the heart of Him He accepts us how we are, if we are able to wear 'better clothes' we should, we are meeting our King our God each week. I think what bothers me so much are the ones who think its ok to come to worship, who know better anyhow, in short shorts, tank tops, tatts and piercing all over and tell everyone God made them that way and they are showing it off as some sort of glory to Him. So many dont have much modesty and think modestly went away on the cross also. I have heard some of the 20 somethings say, 'God is my covering I can dress how I want' and one of my favs 'God is helping me to show men I am godly and available', no kidding on that one either. Modestly goes along way to show the condition of our hearts but that may just be me. shalom, Mizz
  6. Yeap~! Wear Bib Overalls And Carry A Big Bat And Maybe That Good Old Boy Will Get The Meaning Of "No", Bless His Wee Heart Reminds me of my pappydad! lol As the story goes he got stuck pulling a stump out before church one morning and found he didnt have time to clean up and change into his suit. So he went in his bib overalls covered in dirt but he did clean his hands and face and put on good shoes! Guess the pastor had a good go at ribbing him for years. lol The way I look at dressing accordingly is this, How would you dress to meet your King and Savior? Most would dress to meet the prez or some important person but many see going to church as a social thing and not really what it is we are really there for, Him, it is the day we all stand before Him as a congregation, as a family and present our sacrifice of praise to Him. Doesnt mean we have to go and buy suits, ties and expensive dresses or whatnot but that we should meet with Him in the manner He expects, with respect and a humbled heart. shalom, Mizz
  7. It is true that dress distinguished tribes, and it did distinguish the Jews over the thousands of years, it was only when they assimilated within the nations around them that they failed to be distinct. Honestly I do think we need to see how our dress shows our lifestyles and hearts. For instance if a woman is coming to church in shorts, speg. strapped t's, with or without a ton of makeup or earrings or piercing yet stands up on how unmoral the church is I would think twice about listening to her. Its kinda like going to a dr who is obese and that dr tells you your fat. Theres are universal 'type' of dress, I live in the desert also and know I am not going to go around in winter clothing as some in Norway would but I can dress modestly. God wants a set apart people, how do we achieve this when most of the church looks like the world? In the fellowship I go to woman wear pants most are dressed very nicely, modestly, rarely does anyone ever come in anything unmodest. I went to a memorial at a pretty big mainstream church a few weeks back and most of the woman who were members and not staff were all dressed in summer clothing, one woman was actually gossiping about our head coverings yet her body was full of tatts, pretty short shorts and a speghetti strapped piece of cloth that covered her upper parts and not much more. Yet she had the gall to say that God was frowning on us poor legalistic people while He rejoiced in her walk because she was free from any laws and that included modest dressing. I so agree with you we can and should dress modestly, and the older woman in our congregations need to take these young woman and sometimes older woman under their wing and teach them godly ways, which is what we are told in scriptures to do. I dont like being told what and how to do things either brings back memories! lol but I know that when I meet with my King and Savior every week and as I walk with Him daily I want to represent Him in the best ways I can. shalom, Mizz
  8. This is not intended to start a huge debate on clothing, etc. I did think it was a good article and it should make us think about what He really expects from His called out people. link
  9. mizzdy

    Fez and South

    Wow two years already!!! He is pretty awesome isnt He! Happy day to you both!
  10. This is by a 'Messianic/hebrew roots' teacher explaining Israel, Judah, gentiles, grafting in. link I cant figure out how to embed this so if anyone knows how please embed it and let me know how you did it! shalom, Mizz
  11. Germany in charge of the money, hmm Germany in charge of the union hmm sounds like Germany again is rising to power. Its just going to get more interesting to see what else is going to happen with the union.
  12. Imagine Judas Iscariot coming back from the dead... and being able to scientifically prove it is him. DNA / blood content analysis whatever. The death wound to the head healed Revelation 13:3 Judas based on "son of perdition" John 17:12 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3 as well as "his own place" Acts 1:25 and the fact that the only recorded possession of Satan himself was of Yehudah Ben Shimon Esh Kyrioth Luke 22:3 / John 13:27 Able to do lying wonders and signs... fooling the whole world... and affirming the Mosaic covenant... and claiming to be the true messiah and blaspheming Yeshua as a false messiah... This would upset the world as we know it. Don't we read that Judas hanged himself then piecing it together, we might even see that he stayed on the rope till he started to rot. Where do you read that Judas had a head wound? And frankly thats like my mother in law telling me she has proven that her family comes directly from the line of David. There is no way anyone can prove DNA from Judas nor even Yeshua and give postitive evidence for the world to believe. Now false hope and security may come from science, giving others hope of no more disease and living forever through genetic manipulation now that would be something many will flock to and embrace. Affirming the covenant for Judah/Jews would be the bringing back of the temple and sacrifices since the covenant never went anywhere. Yes theres an anti-messiah coming and will fool so many it will just boggle the mind, people who think they understand the mark and would never take it, those who think they understand prophecy gets bogged down with details never even entertained because they didnt fit their paradigm. But Judas with a head wound you will have to tell me where you find this in scriptures. shalom, Mizz
  13. What is he translation for "Christ?" Christ = anointed. Many have and do claim to be anointed/Christ....throughout history in fact. Just throwing that out there. Hi, Katy Ann, I don't know who the author of this repeated argument that "Christ = anointed" is, but it actually betrays a low view of Christ. Christ = Messiah Messiah = ruler (king) who is to come (Da 9:25-26), the Promise (of Ge 3:15), found only in Daniel Christ is not just anointed, he is the promised ruler/king of the Kingdom of God. That kind of loose interpretation is common in these circles, and is why the video is weak. It handles the Scriptures loosely, and I don't think the adherents even realize that they do so, nor do they even know what it means, and I suspect if they did, they would see nothing inadequate about it. Such loose handling is the trademark of false teachers and false teaching. Christ means annointed whether you want to see that or not, Yeshua is the annointed one of Yahweh and that in no way protrays a weak imagine of Yeshua. Messiah means annointed also, again He is the annointed one of Messiah. When Mary annointed Yeshua with oil it was more than a good will gesture she was performing a very real thing in terms of putting out who He was and is.
  14. From what I have searched out the Judaizers were those who kept trying to force the new converts into the Messainic way to conform to rabbinical ways, ie, that you must be circumcised, etc. Zionism in its truest form only upholds the right of the Jewish people to have a land of their own, Jerusalem and the land of their ancestors. There certainly are in any org those who subvert and want to take things to other levels but as a whole Zionist only want what was promised to them. I dont see the Judaizers as trying to kick anyone out, but to make them convert to ways not given in by Yeshua. Yeshua didnt say you must be circumcised to be a set apart person etc. thats what Judaizers were doing going against what was taught by the apostles. I have also read that these Judaizers were crafty magicians, fortune tellers and the like. shalom, Mizz
  15. We are tpo worship with our whole being sadly from what I hear most denominational churches dont like it when people stand, sway, clap, raise their hands and all that during worship. Nor do, I hear, that anything beyond the occasional amen, people are to sit and be silent in their congregations. I am so very blessed to be apart of a congregation that encourages us to worship Him with all that we are, we even say amen and halleluyah during our talks but questions are saved for after its over. Its seems many churches discourage the faithful from truly worshipping and praising Him. I am sorry to hear that she is being discouraged from worshipping Him in the manner she wants, perhaps another church might be a better fit or she could talk to the pastor and or elders about the matter. shalom, Mizz
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