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  1. I simply think that the big picture is missed. What is Law (which Jesus came to fulfill)? The analogy is that you built a large mansion then invite all your friends and relatives to live with you. It is thus your duty to set up the rules for them to follow, say they shouldn't shout at night and should train your kids to be criminals and etc. That's how the Law originated in defining who (both angels and humans) can live in such an eternal "mansion" with God who is completely sin-incompatible. Thus angels are allowed to divide into those who can live with God inside His "mansion", and those who cannot live inside God's "mansion". This division will have to happen in the current dwelling place of God as angels are created to be the servants of God. The Final Judgment will thus decide who among the angels can set foot in the final version of God's "mansion". By the Bible, when Law applies it's around 2/3 of angels can pass the final judgment to enter Heaven (i.e., God's "mansion"). The other 1/3 becomes captive to Satan. Now how about humans? As a result of Adam's deed in Eden, unlike the angels human are not living inside the current dwelling place of God. We are living outside God's realm where Satan's influence is dominant to the extent that he's called the god of this world. By the Bible, and openly witnessed (by angels and chosen saints?) through the period from Adam till Noah that no humans can be saved by Law. That is to say by the same Law which identified the 2/3 savable angels, no humans can be saved. As a result, God has to destroy earth as a whole with water as the very purpose of earth's existence (which is to allow the division of humans) is defeated. Under this Law no humans will divide they are all as dead as the 1/3 angels captive by Satan. To put it another way, when Law is used in the Final Judgment, 1/3 angels and all mankind will be denied from setting foot in Heaven (God's "mansion"). At the same time, it also means Satan won because he screwed up God's plan only building a "mansion" for both angels and humans to live in, but now only 1/3 angels can set foot in. However God already had a "plan B" for all this, which is Jesus Christ. In order to save humans under the circumstance, humans must be saved in an alternative way. They are not judged the same way as how the angels are judged. If you are allowed to be judged in a different way than all other criminals, then what is its meaning behind? It's like you killed an an innocent, your friends also killed other innocent humans they are all sentenced to death by laws but not you. You are not judged the same way, if laws allow so then laws lost their basis of fairness. Something must be add in as a justification in order for you to be judged all differently to be saved. Unlike the angels, with the justification from the crucifixion (which would occur at a point after Noah) of Jesus Christ, humans can thus be judged differently. They are judged by covenants instead of Law (which applies to angels). Different covenants have different scope of coverage over different group of humans. The first covenant, Noah's covenant has a scope of coverage on all mankind. A set of Law is buried inside humans serving as our conscience and basic moral code guiding our acts in a world where Satan's influence dominates. In terms of judgment, this covenant will identify the righteous from the wicked starting with Noah's family as the righteous. As time goes by, humans are expected to walk away (and Satan will continue to exploit to lead away humans) further and further from God till a covenant can no longer identify the righteous from the wicked. So when Noah's covenant applies to today's humans in our modern world, it's expected all are dead. God has to do something again, or else humans at a certain point of humanity will thus be considered all dead even under Noah's covenant. God can update His covenant such that the righteous can be told apart from the wicked again. In order for the final and permanent New Covenant (which is applicable to both Jews and gentiles) to work, a serious of covenants are granted to the Jews started with Abraham. The Jews as God's chosen people brought forward God's message of salvation till it is time for Jesus to come to bring us the final covenant, that is as everyone knows it's our today's New Covenant. In terms of effect, a covenant doesn't forfeit itself. "Forfeit" however can be in a sense that the Mosaic covenant doesn't have the scope of coverage over the gentiles especially to the point where converting from gentiles to Judaism is not allowed (as this no longer saves). This point is defined as, the proclaiming of Law and Prophets is until John the Baptist. However the Jews can still choose to observe the Jewish Law as the scope of coverage of the Mosaic covenant is till over the Jews. It doesn't go away. Similarly to the gentiles, the Noah covenant doesn't simply go away (it doesn't save at the same time). We gentiles still need to act in accordance to our conscience and moral code. As a result, Noah's covenant: Applicable to all mankind, we need to act with our self-conscience to the best extent. Mosaic covenant added upon Noah's covenant with a scope covering only the Jews (males need to circumcise in order to be considered a Jew, in terms of Mosaic covenant). The Jews need to act by conscience and to observe Jewish Laws. If they don't they are not Jews by definition. To the Jews, the New Covenant was added upon the Mosaic covenant (and Noah's covenant). If you are circumcised and declare yourself a Jew, you need to act by conscience, observe the Jewish laws and believe in Jesus Christ. God however won't accept any form sacrifice demanded in Jewish laws as even by Jewish laws sacrifice should be done inside the temple (which is gone in the year of AD 70). Jews can abide by all other laws besides atonement and such which must be done inside the tabernacle which has already gone. To gentiles, the New Covenant is an added-upon over Noah's covenant. That's why the New Covenant is not born with. Noah's covenant is granted and is born with each and every gentile but not the New Covenant which is chosen as an adult. Comparing God with Law, which/who is better? Law cannot be more fair as it's usually a clear cut without taking everything into consideration. Say, a widow killed a murderer who murdered her sons and husband. Law may sentence them both to death, even under the circumstance that they are not the same case and situation. Sometimes Law is helpless as so. God however can judge more fairly by taking everything into consideration. However for God to take over, a justification is needed such that Law is not used but the judgment will be in God's hands. This is done for humans by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is lawful for God to take over by such a justification, that's how Jesus came to fulfill the Law. At last but not least, this is to say that unlike humans Satan and his angels don't stand a chance to repent to be saved. Only humans are given the chance to repent and to be saved under the covenants.
  2. An easier way to understand is that ToE doesn't have any mechanism in distinguishing breeding from evolution. ToE is more like a theory assuming the absence of interbreeding. This will inevitably lead to the liger scenario I illustrated, and thus will falsify the theory itself logically (as the theory doesn't have the ability to take interbreeding into account). In a nutshell, the change from tiger to liger is a change subject to interbreeding. It's not a change caused by natural selection which the ToE can only come up with!
  3. This is not even an argument. It's a known fact that humans contain genes of Neanderthal. Liger is used just to trigger a thought experiment.
  4. https://phys.org/news/2018-05-gene-survey-reveals-facets-evolution.html https://phys.org/news/2018-05-special-humanity-tiny-dna-differences.html Evolution is a strong implication on how species today can be evolved from simple or single cell organisms, by a long time process of natural selection. Today's DNA analysis doesn't seem to support this advocate, in a general sense anyway. Evolution can actually be falsified logically applying a scientific sense. We humans contain Neanderthal genes, we interbred at some point of history. Let's take another example for the sake of argument. Lion and tiger gives liger. After a billion years and tons of micro-evolution in order to survive the changing environment plus many times of back and forth interbreeding with other possible species, now a billion years after when applying our evolution theory what conclusion can we get to. The only conclusion our ToE can get to is "it's evolved from a single cell" (it's at least a strong implication by the theory). This is however a wrong conclusion, the liger itself never evolves, it's just a ton of interbreeding and micro-scale changes in order to adapt the changing environment. So if a scientific theory can be demonstrated consistently to get to a wrong conclusion, it is thus falsified!
  5. It's never about luck. It's all about resistance. The gospel shall have reached every corner of this world if not because of human/satan resistance. You need to take side sometimes. A truth can stand out of a million falsehood, as someone named satan can have the freewill to create millions of religions. However if you are willing to follow logic, you can see the truth. I can present you logically about what it is and how Christianity can be differentiated from any other religions.
  6. In Christianity, that's reasonable. Because by a covenant between God and men, humans will have to rely on faith (thus no evidence) to be saved. That is, if you already know his existence, it could simultaneously mean that you are no longer savable. He will have to hide Himself across the timeline of humanity (as mentioned in the Book of Revelation).
  7. Religion is more about an advocate stating what could possibly happen after our physical death. No humans can present evidence beyond that point, as evidence is all about how humans capable of physically entering the area to gather it. So your question here is literally a paradox.
  8. If God is evil while he's God, it all relies on whether he would give you the chance to find out. More likely he won't give you the truth, as this is part of why he's evil. In front of a god who is evil, you can't even confirm what you got is a "find out" or not!
  9. Covenant and Law (I wrote these a while ago somewhere else) Christians are saints when measured against a covenant we are subject to. Christians can be sinners when measured against the law in an older covenant. In an absolute sense when measured against God's absolute set of law, no humans can stand righteous. They are all sinners in this case. The concepts here are, Covenants only apply to humans but not angels. A covenant serves the purpose of identifying the righteous from the wicked. So under each and every covenant, there will be the righteous and wicked. A new covenant is needed at the point that the older covenant can no longer serve its purpose of identifying the righteous as we all sin, righteous and wicked alike, under the older covenant. Christians are new persons under the New Covenant. We are the saints being purified by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are however sinners under the older covenant of which we subjected to after our birth but before we chose the New Covenant. God's absolute set of Law applies to both humans and angels. Total depravity is not necessarily a Calvinist concept. It is a truth in terms of God's absolute set of Law. No humans not even one can be deemed righteous under this set of Law. That's actually why Jesus is a must for the salvation of humans. Whenever you talk about covenants, they are all about humans. However whenever you talk about Law, it may be something confusing if you failed to grasp the big picture. =============== Righteousness of a human is always measured against a covenant in effect. Covenants on the other hand never obsolete legally speaking (it obsoletes only from a judgment perspective). They "overlap" instead. Covenants are only applicable to humans but not angels. When measured by the New Covenant, Christians can be saints. When measured by an older covenant before we chose the New Covenant, that is the covenant still applies to the unsaved, we are thus sinners. God also has a set of Law applicable to both angels and humans (the one both Satan and Adam broke in Eden). Speaking from this set of Law, then no humans can stand righteous, not even one. That's actually why humans need Jesus in the first place. That said. God is holy. We thus need to be holy. Holiness is how much we can be like God. It's speaking in a rather absolute sense, without being measured against any Law or covenant. To humans, it's an on-going process to be like God as much as possible. It's not about human effort to achieve, it's all about faith and how much you can rely on God to be like God. This process never ends till the end of our life.
  10. If God is evil, there's not much humans can do. We do only what we can, under our capabilities. So you don't even need to consider that God is evil.
  11. Defending the gospel is a way of fighting the wolves. Taking care of His sheep is a command from Jesus Christ. Introducing false doctrines is the way how Satan tries to lead God's sheep astray.
  12. We don't know that. It's an assumption instead! In secular terms, this assumption makes sense until it's refutable. However, this is not a proof but an assumption.
  13. Can science demonstrate that our universe was stable all the times from the very beginning till now? We don't even know what gravity is in its nature. What we can speculate is universe is stable NOW, and gravity follows law NOW. Projecting this to the long past or to the long future is outside the scope of science! Science is almost exclusively about how things repeat themselves RIGHT NOW!
  14. New earth can exist in another location of this universe. Our universe is a vast one that you can create as many earths as you wish, with each isolated by a space that any civilization won't be able to reach another within the life-span of our universe. This shouldn't be difficult for an almighty God. However, in the book of Revelation the future Heaven is called "new earth and new heaven". It is thus possible that the next earth we are going to live may exist in another space or another universe.
  15. It boils down to the question that can the almighty God not using evolution at all in creating humans? If not then He's not almighty. If He can then why bother evolution, as the most important part of creation is about a soul, instead of a body! That being said. God created an environment facilitating adaptation such that species can continue by adapting into changing environments. There's no evidence (if you like it this way) or whatsoever showing that organic materials were (past tense, which supposed to happen billions of years ago) formed from inorganic materials. No evidence showing that critical organs such as human brain, human heart and etc. were (past tense, which is supposed to happen long ago). To make more clearly; If you said that inorganic materials were turned to organic materials 10 billion years ago, please submit your evidence that it was so. You evidence thus should be present all the times from 10 billion years ago till now. You discovered a piece of evidence lasting for 10 billion years. The same, if you claim that a human brain was formed 20 million years ago, just present your evidence which should have present 20 million years ago till now. You discovered a piece of evidence which last for 20 million years.
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