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  1. Praise God. We found a very gentle eye doc. He examined her and suggested that she may have been bitten. He prescribed eye drops with steroids and this did the healing. Her eye feels much better now. Her follow up exam has worked out much better than expected. Nina and I thank you all for your prayers. And we thank God for opening the doors, and making our pathway smooth, and guiding the doc's hand. Yours in Faith, Joe
  2. Praying ...
  3. My wife has injured her left eye, somehow, while visiting our daughter's house yesterday afternoon. Please pray that our Lord heals her, and guides her to a good doc for care. Thank you. God bless
  4. Praying for God's amazing healing and comfort to be upon you.
  5. Can people please pray for my father John. he is having small strokes and going back to hospital now. he needs to be saved first and for most. thanks Dave Cronin My friend and brother in Christ has asked for prayer for his father John. Please join me in lifting up his request for salvation, and healing. Thank you for your prayers. Joe
  6. Thank you, everyone, for praying with me for my friend, Carmine. Status update ... Carmine writes: " If all goes right, I have 4 more weeks of radiation left - 20 treatments. I've had 25 already and the side effects are far from fun but I am thankful that I am getting through it and the treatments aren't more severe. Had to adjust my diet several times and, I'm thinking, by the middle of February, I can have pizza. Yes, I've been without pizza for several weeks. I'm planning a pizzapalooza for the middle of February ... " So half way through needs another round of prayers ... prayers of healing, encouragement and love. Look up child of God you are never left to battle on your own. In the name of my Lord and King, Son of God, I pray.
  7. "And today starts the 9 week journey of 43 radiation treatments that will put me on that road to recovery. Here's to good health!" from my friend, Carmine. My friend Carmine is in hopeful spirits. Please lift him up in prayer with me. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Thank you.
  8. Welcome back, Joe!


    God Bless you.


    Your brother in Christ,


    1. joemiller


      Thanks.  God Bless You, too.  Have a great day.   Enjoy your Christmas season.

    2. KPaulG


      Enjoy your Christmas season, Joe.


      God Bless you.


      Your brother in Christ,


  9. Praying for God's blessings for Melanie.
  10. Praying
  11. Praying
  12. Particles are not alive. To be life it needs to be cellular. Astrobiologists ... Members of a branch of science (so called) who spend their time studying nothing. :-\
  13. Thank you for your prayers. The surgery has gone we'll , Debbie will still be another day or so in recovery before she can go home with her family. Thanks and praise to God through Jesus Christ, our Lord and King. Amen.