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  1. I don't see nothing wrong with video games. I play them a lot. It also depends on the maturity of the child's mind to where a video game with violence may affect one child differently then the other. I don't think video games, television, or anything else in that nature causes children to be bad. It is simply, it is because of the parents today are not discipling there children like they use to. Besides in the last days father's and son's, daughter's and mothers will be against each other so video games is not the root of the problem. God is saying that it starts at home. Also, parents are seem to be getting younger and younger so children aren't having the proper training. Somethings we have to just give it over to God and like the prodigal son that child will come back home.
  2. I believe Salvation is Personal. It is a marriage between you and God. For If you confess with your mouth and believe in the Lord Jesus you shall be saved. It's just like saying "I do" Do you take Jesus to be the only one true and loving God to have and to hold for the rest of your life? "I Do"
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