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  1. Last is mine. All mine... Snot yours....
  2. last last last last last last...
  3. Me last. You snot.
  4. The tuna fish (AKA - Dolphins) will be luck to break even this year. Brett Farve will come back from retirement to take over for a team that is overly desperate for a QB. Dallas will embarrass themselves again. Peyton Manning will be a no show for most, if not the entire season (neck surgeries are nothing to play with). The Steelers and Jets will be in the AFC Championship game. Michael Vick will take the Eagles to the Superbowl. This and invest in my company, IDONTHAVEACLUE Inc.
  5. I have a dog His name if Rover He's soft and sweet And cute all over He's just as sweet as suger babies But it's to bad that he has rabies... My poem for the evening and LAST!
  6. Hey, happy birthday man...24, right? :D How come you haven't made ME a friend??? :D

  7. hi hmh.... ok read ur profile lol.. little strange lol ur humor there lol... but made me laugh ..take care.. gbu

  8. Well in that case I will simply plant the roses in black ink and let them grow...
  9. Oh, I can clear out last. Give me a few bowls of beans...
  10. where can I find some black roses?
  11. Bozo was a popular clown on TV for about 50 or so years who passed away within the last week. Lass is looking for a new style of wall paper The elephant forgot
  12. you need fire, that hot air is more like stench...
  13. More like a lot of hot wind coming around the bend...
  14. I'm a mog. Half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend.