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  1. Parents from all cultures can say and do things that are hurtful. Often, in an effort to make the child more aware and to be a 'better' student or to be more competitive - they use comparison. There are billions of people on our planet and not a single one of them is exactly like another - we are all different. I long ago made a decision to walk in the Light of God and turn my back on those who would seek to make me feel inferior or to conform to what their ideas of perfection might be.. HE made me different ... for a reason. I chose to celebrate those differences and trust that there is a plan for my being made in His image - yet different from all other humans. You can allow past hurts to keep you in pain and from growing in the future - or you can choose to realize parents can be wrong and that you need grow in the Grace of God and move on so you can be the person He would have you be. Blessings.
  2. I've been fortunate to have been a member for several years. I have gotten a lot of good from some wonderful, uplifting posts.... I've also seen some nit-picking and harshness... it's a virtual world here - just like the one we walk in - you will find scripture, words and people that are uplifting and are encouraging and you will find words and people here who can be harsh in their words and criticism ... the choice I made is to leave when I am not comfortable, come back only occasionally and look for the good - not the negative. As to the large membership - I'm sure that there are thousands who created an account or 2 or 3 and never came back. I think it is a management decision not to purge accounts that have not been used in years. Man, I don't know where the membership map is... blessings to you!
  3. I'd save the shock and outrage for something that you actually see (and there are plenty of things that would warrant shock and outrage). In the 40's, even here in the South - I would have had to see this situation to have believed it. It simply seems like some distant urban legend...
  4. I love architecture .... the ancient, the new... I would go and look at the temple - as I have many others. I have been fortunate enough to see some of the most beautiful buildings in the world - I would not be there to worship - I can sit in the woods near my home and praise and worship God.... I don't have to be in a cathedral - crystal or Notre Dame... I think people put way too much importance on buildings, and for that matter ceremony. Nothing can turn me from Jesus.
  5. Along this train of thought - There was a song that came out back in the 70's: "And they'll know we are Christians by our love." I've often marveled, though, at how this principle never seemed to manifest itself in the Body of Christ. Rather, it has seemed: "And they'll know we are Christians by our obsession with sin." It's like a problem I have. For some reason, I got into the habit of pinching the zits on my face. It turned into an addiction where I feel better from squeezing oil out of my face. So I look for zits and blackheads and any potential pocket of oil to squeeze out. So what that it damages my face, I'm getting the nasty oil out! This seems to be what we are like as the body of Christ. We don't see the beauty of the face, we see the nasty zits and we look close up for the nasty oil because it feels so good to eliminate it. And then we believe that eliminating the oil is love, even though it leaves behind wounds and swollen tissue, rather than believing love is covering over the zit or treat it in a way that brings healing in its own time and way.
  6. For clarification I'm not trying to point fingers or anything. When we had our first child my wife wasn't treated properly I thought by those around her. Breastfeeding especially amongst more conservative people or older generations is seen as an inconvenience. Perhaps because in the 1950's to the 1980's there was such a big push for the whole bottle/formula thing? In any case at least in part due to her not feeling comfortable with breastfeeding, our son being super squirmy, etc. she stopped nursing him around 8 months old. She would've liked to go longer but the baby was too squirmy and people IMO were too insensitive to her as a nursing mother. We're pregnant with our second child now and I'm going to encourage her to put the needs of our child before the discomfort in particular of total strangers. Perhaps this sheds some light on my frustration? Sorry if I hurt your feelings it wasn't my intention sister. Please forgive me? God bless, GE You have not hurt my feelings... No need for an apology. I'm surrounded on a daily basis by women nursing children and have never seen anything I found shocking or inappropriate. I nursed my children and my daughter nursed our grandchild for almost a year - she worked a full-time job and had privacy to pump her breasts and freeze the milk... I think women who wish to do so, should be given the opportunity, education (it is somewhat of an art) and support to provide this nourishment for their babies. I was more comfortable in a more private setting and any woman who nurses will tell you that if you aren't comfortable, the baby will not be either. I'm impressed with some of the airports in the world that have rooms for the privacy of travelers with babies - complete with subdued lighting and rocking chairs! Love that!
  7. I think whether it was 20 years ago or 10 months ago... usually, a mom can plan around outings or work... breast pumps, etc. I am glad you are not offended by women breastfeeding babies. I'm not offended either. I try not to deliberately make other people feel uncomfortable and that said, I never had an issue going to a private area when necessary out in public or when out visiting to nurse the kids. Sorry for any confusion or distress - I haven't been on the forum for a long, long time. I forgot how controversial everything becomes here. Have a blessed day.
  8. I breastfed my children. I was always able to have privacy and planned my public outings around regular feedings. In the odd instance that I needed to feed my baby outside my home, I always covered. I think this very natural function, makes many people uncomfortable and while it does not make me uncomfortable - I think it's just as easy to cover and doesn't create an issue where there should not be one. I'm far more annoyed by people who choose to draw attention to themselves by dressing or barely dressing than I am by a baby being breastfed.
  9. I don't think this issue is about air conditioners, scents, perfumes, etc. This is about some kind of control and drama. This man appears to be socially dysfunctional...and I would simply leave them alone - be polite, but keep on walking. It sounds like he enjoys being manipulative.
  10. Surviving the end of the world? I won't survive it ... I don't think anyone will; there would be so many horrific obstacles - probable radioactivity for about 2500 - 3500 years.... I will be saved, but not to survive a planet which will probably be un-inhabitable for anything but roaches. I will be with Jesus in Heaven... the paradise promised by God. Blessings!
  11. Pr 13:24 24 He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly. NKJV Pr 3:12 12 For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights. NKJV Heb 12:6 6 For whom the Lord loves He chastens, And scourges every son whom He receives." NKJV Love, Steven Yes, Steven - I have read these passages as well - a number of times. That said, we were not beaten, spanked, whipped, etc. and grew up to be loving Christians. So are you saying they should have spanked us instead of the methods they used? I'm not quite understanding why you are posting these passages that most of us have read. My grandmother had a wonderful Jewish friend who used to repeat the Yiddish adage "If you must beat a child, use a piece of string".
  12. No. My parents were very smart and resourceful people, who were able to convey their rules and the consequences of breaking them without the need of any form of corporal punishment. They were also very attentive - my mother was a homemaker and our father worked at least 2 jobs most times. He used example to teach us the right and wrong way to do things. We used to get 'looks'. Nobody wanted to get 'the look'. We had chores, curfews and were expected to work as hard as possible in school and with extracurricular activities like music and sports. We watched very little t.v. and when we did - it was a family show that was watched by the entire family who wished - from grandparents to the the youngest child (me). They did not disdain how others raised their children - they simply found it more effective to talk with us; explain why things were the way they were and what the consequences would be for infraction. There were 5 of us - we received college educations; and when the oldest was out of college and had a job - they helped (along with my folks) the next kid in line. My parents raised a registered nurse, an architect, a minister, a soldier and a systems analyst with government. I don't think any of us spanked, hit or yelled at our children... it would have been bizarre behavior compared to how we were treated.
  13. You seem confused and impulsive at the moment. Is there someone with whom you could get pastoral counseling?? I think you need to get quiet and reflective - you seem like you are in panic and not at peace. Please - talk to a counselor.
  14. I agree with your analysis Shiloh357. We are to give up our lives and un-Christian ways of life to follow Christ and devote ALL to Him. Sometimes I think there are some men (and women) who choose to use the words of Scripture to defend their carefree lifestyles. Perhaps they have forsaken work or jobs and a traditional life of work, taking care of family responsibilities and the day to day obligations we all make to support our Christian obligation, our family obligations and the obligation we all have to be contributing members of our community. I do not think it makes us any closer to God to disavow all responsibility and promises we've made to wives and families so that one may live without the encumbrances of jobs, supporting children, etc. In fact, I believe God expects and wants us to live a Godly life and support our obligations - to Him and others. There are many ways to serve God and to spread the Gospel - while meeting moral responsibilities. Blessings!
  15. Hey B!! Just pushed your button I can always count on you, my friend!!! Love you so much!!!!!
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