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  1. Hello brothers and sisters: I had a bike accident a while back, and I didn't think anything about it at the time, but my right knee has been bothering me ever since. I'm not sure if I tore the MCL on it, or the doctor suggested possiblythe meniscus pad on it, but I will be going to the orthopedic doctor nextr week to find out what is the problem. My job requires that I constantly stand up for the entire shift, so please pray for me that I do not aggravate the injury, and please pray for my healing. Thank you.
  2. It was a little bit strained, several of the girls friends would not speak to me, what ever she says must be true in their eyes I guess. Time will work out this situation, and I keep on reading Romans 8:28-39.
  3. Today was a much better day at work- so I just wanted to thank you guys for lifting me up. Still in the fiery furnace, but will just have to go day by day and step out in faith.
  4. Today was not a good day. The lady I work with in the morning does not get along with me, and tries to quarrel with me at every opportunity. So today, I go in the walkin and pick up a pan to use for my prep work, and when I turn around she was right behind me and I did not see her, and she is claiming that I intentionally hit her with the pan. May God strike me dead if I intentionally did that. It would never even cross my mind to think that way. I simply did not see her, and she took it that I intentionally struck her with the pan. About 20 minutes later, she went to the manager literally crying that I had hit her with the pan. Then she left early and went to the doctor and really blew the whole incident out of proportion. So the district manager is called in, and we spend an hour after work with he said she said and did not accomplish anything. I am truly sorry that she was struck by the pan when I turned around. As God is my witness I did not see her. So the work situation right now is as strained as it possibly could be. Please pray that the truth is revealed to her here, and my God take me out if I am not telling the truth. I know the 2 of us do not always get along, but if we make it through this, I will do whatever is in my power to work with her as a team, and whatever I can for the better good of our working together. The DM suggested one of us transfer; that would not be easy for me to do with my schedule; I am wondering if I need to do that or put in my notice, or what is it the Lord would have me to do. Running away from the problem is not the answer I don't think, and whatever I can do to get along with this girl, I am willing to do my part to do it. God help the truth come out here.
  5. praying- I know these trips can be rough(and painful). On a side note, I am fortunate to have my dentist, who is a missionary, as our bible study leader on Wednesdays.
  6. Hello Everyone: I know I don't have the right to only come in here when I am in the middle of a storm; but I desperately need your effective prayers and intercessions once again. About a week ago, I foolishly opened up a questionable email which "advised" that I click on a link. Since then, my Norton and several other programs have died, and the feeling that my computer had been taken over by someone with ill intentions started growing when I got the message that someone else was sharing my hotspot, and also that I had a non-Microsoft windows firewall recently installed that kept me from going on the internet. So! I freaked out (lost faith?- God forgive me, and went out and shelled out $325 on a new computer and $80 for a new router. And yesterday, I received a phone call asking me about a pre-paid debit card I knew nothing about, so I am in the furnace, and need you guys in here praying for me. Thank you, Jesus.
  7. My uncle and I went to see the movie "Noah" yesterday. What happened??? Transformer monsters, stow-aways, top decks, separate boats? The producers obviously had enough money to make a good movie, and they fumbled the ball. A little less Hollywood, and closer to scripture would have been nice. Did they think they could improve on the bible?
  8. Thank you. I had forgotten that only Adam and Eve were the onlyy 2 that lived in the Garden of Eden. For some reason, I was thinking when I read that God banished Cain, he banished him from Eden, but Adam and Eve were the only 2 banished from there.
  9. My uncle posed this question to me, and I had not ever wondered about it before, but now that I think about it,it is a mystery. Genesis 4:15-16 (New International Version) 15 But the LORD said to him, "Not so; if anyone kills Cain, he will suffer vengeance seven times over." Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. 16 So Cain went out from the LORD's presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden. If the only people on earth were living in the Garden of Eden, were there people also living in the land of Nod, and if so, where did they come from?
  10. Thank you everyone for remembering me in your prayers. Swelling is going down today. I am taking 2 kinds of antibiotics and keeping the leg wrapped and dry. Thanks again. Shiloh62
  11. I know I haven't shown my face in here in a while, so forgive me for that. I will try to make time to come in here more often. Righgt now ,I'm working 11 shifts per week, 70 hours on my feet, so sleep and rest have taken the rest of my time. I first of all want to give honor to God and praise Him, and pray that His Will be done. The bible says if 2 or more agree on something it will come to pass, and by Jesus stripes we are healed. I am still having chronic infection problems with my leg, and today it is swollen up like a balloon, twice the size of my other leg. I scratched it about 3 weeks ago, and thats all it takes for my leg to develop full blown cellulitis infection. Your prayers have always helped me in the past, so I am asking in Jesus name, my bretheren, one more time, please pray for my leg to heal.
  12. This is a problem I have to deal with on a daily basis, only a barking dog might not be as bad as the sounds I have to contend with. Working 3rd shift, I sleep in the afternoon, and Sunday is especially the hardest with my inconsiderate neighbors playing mariachi music out of their pickups so loud it shakes the house, running their weedeater for hours on end, then following that up with vacuuming out their pickups for hours (that should take 20 minutes or so max?) then sending their screaming children to play in my front yard right outside my bedroom window. After they get done with that, they race their motorcycles up and down the street, and I don't mean Suzukis, I mean Harleys. Really mean people. Sometimes I wake up after only 15 minutes of sleep, and am so groggy from lack of sleep, I'm afraid I might wreck my bicycle on the way to the train station going to work.
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