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  1. I feel like it is critical to make sure that only eligible voters can cast a ballot, and since federal judges have been preventing states from common sense solutions like requiring voter I.D., it is necessary to do something like President Trump is suggesting. It is because of abuse already taking place I support this. We had passed a voter I.D. law, and it was to go into effect before the last election, but a federal judge blocked it. I blame voter fraud for the outcome of the Governor's race. While we are at it, I also have a problem with the feds continually interfering with how we draw Congressional districts. I support state's rights, but if we can't be left alone in the instances I mentioned, why get upset over this?
  2. Very few people take Infowars serious, but I give them as much attention as I would something I see on MSNBC or CNN.
  3. I am all for that. The government has no role in stopping discrimination. I am for a complete repeal of all anti-discrimination laws, even if that comes back to hurt me down the road. Private businesses alone should decide who they hire, serve, rent to, etc. They risk their own money and spend their time building their business. The government should keep it's nose out of it.
  4. In some places, that is taking place, but not all. It is very common practice for Democratically controlled precincts to leave dead people on the rolls and then have live people show up and vote under their name. Funny thing is, you will have life long Republicans start voting for Democrats after death. Go figure!
  5. There is nothing stopping anyone from looking at voter rolls now. The local party officials do it all the time when they are contacting people for get out the vote efforts. I have been part of such efforts, so it is not like this is privileged information.
  6. That is all well and good if you stop the federal government from interfering in state's efforts to clean their own roles, as they did when Florida and other states tried that. That is ok if the federal government stays out of the way and lets states require voter I.D. laws to go into effect that the states passed. Take all those federal judges out of the way that meddle in the rights of states all the time, and I might see your point. The problem is, there is this selective approach to the 10Th Amendment. Where was the outcry defending Alabama when they wanted to keep the 10 Commandments in the court house? After all, their own state Constitution required it. Where was the outrage when the federal government stepped in and forced my state to allow gay marriage when we voted with a 60 percent majority to ban it? Until interference from federal judges is taken out of my state, I don't buy into that phony 10Th Amendment argument. The 10Th Amendment is never even considered anymore by federal judges. I totally support what President Trump is doing. I gleefully hand over this power to the federal government since they stuck their nose in everything else, including our voter I.D. law.
  7. A large part of the Democratic voter base is dead people and illegal aliens. Of course they will be opposed to this kind of effort to uncover fraud.
  8. I don't see this as a witch hunt at all. I know voter fraud takes place all the time, and if it takes this kind of measure to find it, then I am all for it. I want the voter roles cleared of every illegal and dead person from coast to coast before the next election. I support Donald Trump's efforts. I do think it is very likely the voter fraud in California was wide spread enough to cause Trump to lose the popular vote, but there is only one way of finding out. Do a full blown investigation and see if those on voter roles are all eligible.
  9. It was clearly a threat. He insinuated he might be the next actor to kill a President. He should be locked up.
  10. I am proud to say that the great state of North Carolina made the list! We are doing something right.
  11. I don't care about the premiums going down. I just want Obamacare gone. I am willing to roll the dice with regard to premiums under the GOP plan. That is how awful Obamacare has been to me.
  12. I agree. Just repeal Obamacare now and deal with issues like pre-existing conditions in a separate bill.
  13. That is not the point. I am saying I have no reason to believe anyone when they say premiums will go up under the GOP plan. The same people lied and claimed premiums would go down under Obamacare. I just want Obamacare repealed. I don't care if it is ever replaced.
  14. My insurance costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare. I want it gone yesterday. They promised premiums would go down and they lied. Why should I believe anyone that says they will go higher under the GOP plan? I don't believe that for a second. I don't believe anything anyone that wants to keep Obamacare in tact is saying. They lied to pass it, and they will lie to keep it.
  15. But is it a step in the right direction? I want something done. Obamacare with it's mandate has to go, and I expect action from my GOP representatives. Work with those who don't like it, but get rid of that mandate.