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  1. Butero

    You should strive to speak in tongues.

    "He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church. I WOULD THAT YE ALL SPAKE WITH TONGUES, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying." Clearly it is not true that we are NEVER to seek to edify ourselves when the Bible says that is what tongues does and Paul would that we all spake with tongues. He says prophesying is better, but never comes against self edification that comes through speaking in tongues.
  2. Butero

    You should strive to speak in tongues.

    What you posted does not in any way show tongues and interpretation doesn't take place. Just because you don't believe it is needed, doesn't make it so, nor does it show it doesn't happen. So a short answer to your question, YES.
  3. Butero

    You should strive to speak in tongues.

    Paul says to pray in the Spirit and with the understanding. We don't pray in tongues for the benefit of the church. We pray in tongues so the Spirit can pray through us for what we really need. That is quite different from speaking in tongues in church, where an interpreter is required. The gift of tongues can benefit the church. God will give a message through someone in tongues, and another person will interpret, or perhaps the person that gave out the message will interpret.
  4. Butero

    Aluminum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

    It does seem to make a difference in deodorant. If you just purchase deodorant, it doesn't normally have aluminum, but if you buy anti-perspirant, you will find it as one of the ingredients.
  5. I am looking forward to it. I didn't want to go the entire summer without fantasy sports, so I have been playing fantasy baseball. That is something you could consider having here is a Worthy Fantasy Baseball League next year. I watch baseball a lot, but almost exclusively Atlanta Braves games, so I am not that up on all the players, but by going largely chalk during the draft, my team has done well, currently first place in the east with an 8 and 2 record. In fantasy baseball, each single game is comprised of a week's worth of games. It should be a lot of fun. Da Bears Necessities beat me in last year's Super Bowl, and as they say, nobody remembers the team that lost the championship game.
  6. I have approximately 180 Facebook friends. Some are family and friends that I know personally, and some are people I came to know online. Some are from WCF. Some are people I met in political discussion forums. Some are people I met in Christian forums. There are about half a dozen that simply sent me a friend request, and because there was a connection based on politics or religion or a mutual friend, I accepted it. I don't spend much time at FB anymore, but I still have an open account to keep up with people I know that live in different parts of the country.
  7. Generational curses have always been of interest to me because I don't see any clear teachings about how or if you can break them, yet we have Bible teachers giving us formulas to do so. Lets suppose God proclaims a curse of sorts on someone and those in their blood line because of a sin they committed. For instance, you have a direct curse placed on Eli and his blood line because he did not restraining his sons. Could someone in his blood line have renounced the curse, say Ichabod for instance, and not suffered from the curse? Is there anything in the Bible to show how to do that?
  8. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    In all fairness, I wasn't coming against something you said, but I was dealing with a post that was full of false comments about things I said and made no logical sense. At least I can understand what you said. One thing that needs to be considered is that just because different people believe in OSAS, that doesn't mean they agree on all things, anymore than those who do not believe in OSAS would agree on all things.
  9. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    By saying that they are not really saved, you have made your doctrine of little more value than just a hypothetical theological discussion. I would say that the professing Christian that does such things either wasn't saved or fell from grace and is lost and you would say they were never saved. Either way, same result. Not only that, but it shows that a person can genuinely believe they are saved and be lost, so where is the assurance in that kind of salvation?
  10. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    Then why didn't anyone but you come in here and affirm that? Are you saying that a woman that parties all the time is not saved, even if she accepted Christ in a Baptist Church? Are you saying a woman that tried to kill her husband is not saved, even if she accepted Christ in a Baptist Church? Are you saying a man that died in the act of fornication, who was in the habit of committing this sin on a regular basis, but accepted Christ in a Baptist Church is not saved? I know three people that fit that description. All 3 are regular church goers. One is dead, but all three were regular church goers.
  11. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    What in the world are you talking about? Did you go back and read 4000 of my posts? If you read my last 4000 posts, it would show what you said is a lie. I have most certainly mentioned the blood of Jesus. You continue to make the same error others like you have done. You pit one book of the Bible against another, and choose which ones to hold to. You accuse me of ignoring the writings of Paul, but you will ignore Matthew, James and Hebrews. That is a bazaar thing to say, because Hebrews was written by Paul. You are also having to ignore Peter and the writings of John, especially the book of 1 John, chapter 3. Your post is full of errors, so there really isn't much more to say about it. You most certainly are working your way to heaven. Your faith is in the god OSAS, your doctrine. That is what you are believing and trusting in to save you. So long as you believe in OSAS, you remain saved. You may as well set up a graven image to OSAS.
  12. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    That is the question. Are you willing to say that a true believer would never do such a thing, and anyone that claims to be saved and does those kind of things absolutely are not saved and never were saved?
  13. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    Shiloh, we will just go around in circles over most of your response, and I think we have wasted enough time already, but you did miss the point I was making over OSAS believers that sin. You claimed that OSAS believers who are really saved do not want to sin, and I was giving examples of OSAS believers that I know personally that commit serious sins. In your doctrinal belief, they will still make it to heaven no matter what they do, even if they get drunk, try to kill their spouse, or die in the act of fornication. You do teach that. Would you say right now that these three people are not saved because of the way they behave and no real Christian would do such things? Would you say that if a professing Christian fornicates, commits adultery, gets drunk every week, tries to kill their spouse, etc., that is proof they were never saved? If so, I will acknowledge you have a point, but if you can't do that, and would say Christians may do those things and remain saved, you are saying a person can sin all they want and never lose salvation, and admitting some do live seriously sinful lives. I wasn't claiming that people that reject OSAS live better than those who believe it. That was never my point.
  14. Butero

    Seemingly Anti-OSAS Scriptures

    You are teaching salvation by works, no matter how desperately you try to deny it. That is why Calvinists openly say that anyone outside their group is believing in a works based salvation. You earned it by accepting Christ and making confession. Not sinning is not a meritorious work either. It doesn't save us. If it did, we would never have to accept Christ, but would simply choose not to sin. If what I am teaching is works based, what you are teaching is works based, no matter how desperately you try to make a distinction. You do teach that someone can fornicate, steal, murder, commit adultery, and remain saved. That is the whole point of unconditional security. I know Christians that hold to that doctrine that do those things. I worked with one guy that was an OSAS believer that died in the act of fornication. There is a woman I know casually that is an OSAS believer that tried to kill her husband. I worked with a guy whose wife believes in OSAS and is a good member of a Baptist Church that parties all the time and gets drunk. Yes, human beings are qualified to get saved because God made them qualified after his Son died on the cross to pay the penalty for their sins. Fallen angels are not qualified for this salvation. Those who are in the grave are not qualified, but any living person is qualified. If they were not qualified, they couldn't be saved. That is an absurd argument you are making.