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  1. My insurance costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare. I want it gone yesterday. They promised premiums would go down and they lied. Why should I believe anyone that says they will go higher under the GOP plan? I don't believe that for a second. I don't believe anything anyone that wants to keep Obamacare in tact is saying. They lied to pass it, and they will lie to keep it.
  2. But is it a step in the right direction? I want something done. Obamacare with it's mandate has to go, and I expect action from my GOP representatives. Work with those who don't like it, but get rid of that mandate.
  3. Getting rid of the mandate will make it better. That is one of my biggest objections. I don't believe the government has any right to make me purchase anything. How will it make things worse? I would get rid of it entirely, but the votes aren't there. Too many moderates. Get rid of the mandate today, and hopefully, we can increase our majority in 2 years and make it better.
  4. Getting rid of the mandate makes it superior to Obamacare, but there is nothing wrong with them trying to make the replacement bill better before voting on it. I do expect them to get it worked out. I don't expect them to keep every promise to the letter before they pass something.
  5. The best thing to do would be simply repeal Obamacare and let us go back to the way things were. My health insurance was much cheaper back then. If that is not possible politically, I would rather see the cost of healthcare go up than put up with an unconstitutional mandate. It was never a tax. It is forcing people to purchase a product with the threat of being penalized if they don't.
  6. They claim there is no mandate requiring everyone purchase insurance. That is a major improvement.
  7. I think that Roberts wasn't as conservative as we were led to believe. I don't know if President Bush secretly knew that. I believe that had Justice Kennedy decided to uphold the bill, Roberts probably would have voted to overturn it because he could have appeared more conservative, but when Kennedy was strongly in favor of overturning it, he jumped in to save a clearly unconstitutional bill. In that way, I think the fix was in. It is like when Senators or Congressmen vote for a bill that they don't like because they know it won't pass in order to garner favor in their district. They play all kinds of games in Washington, and the courts are no different.
  8. It will, because we know what the alternative would have been had Hillary made the appointment. There is no way to know with absolute certainty how a judge will rule on all cases, so Trump went with someone who had a good conservative record. That is all he could do. As bad as Roberts has been on some issues, he is far better than any judge appointed by a Democrat.
  9. Maybe it is small for everyone to read it before passing it, unlike Obamacare.
  10. I am a truck driver, so much of the time, I listen to the games going down the road. You can mute the sound on television if that is what you want to do and still know what is happening. I am not as big on the current guys calling the games, but I used to love to listen to Skip Carey and Pete Van Wieren. Skip had a sarcastic sense of humor that would make even boring games fun to listen to. Back in the 80s, when they were always bad, Skip once said, "Like lambs to the slaughter, the Braves take the field." He was one of a kind.
  11. Saddam violated the cease fire agreement that was in place from the first Gulf War. I feel we had to do something about that. Perhaps the first President Bush should have finished the job when he had the chance. Maybe we should have occupied the country and completely taken it over. I think what I would have done in Bush's position was just drive Saddam out of Kuwait and left it at that, but once a cease fire agreement was in place, it has to have meaning. Clinton let Saddam run all over him. We looked weak. He should have forced Iraq to comply or pay the price. Maybe we could have set up our own puppet leader after forcing Hussein out. A lot of mistakes were made, but actions have consequences.
  12. You are right. There is no comparison. What I find on Fox is the people are more on my side and you can tell that by the way they phrase questions to their guests. They aren't telling lies or editing stories like CNN. They even give both sides, but I can tell how they feel, and they are on the same side I am most of the time, where CNN is not. I have caught CNN in flat out lies, and we all know about CBS and the national guard story. I just feel like I am getting my news from friends on Fox and enemies from the rest. It is almost like when I listen to a ball game. I can listen to the Braves games on their network or the network of their opponent, but I would rather hear the Braves play by play because we are on the same side. I get the play by play either way and know who wins or loses, but I want to hear it from friends, not enemies.
  13. The facts are the same. The spin is the difference. I will never agree with the liberal point of view, even if I heard it 24/7. I just find myself yelling at the tv or radio about how stupid and wrong the person is when I listen to liberals. I choose conservative news sources for the sake of my blood pressure. I would rather get the news from Fox and opinions from Rush than news from CNN and opinions of Rachel Maddow. CNN and Maddow could be my source all the time and I would never be persuaded. I simply don't agree with their point of view.
  14. That is something we can agree on.
  15. The military is all volunteer. Nobody was forced to go over there. When Iraq violated the cease fire agreement from the first Gulf War, we should have immediately taken Saddam out. Intelligence from all over the world thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but that was neither here nor there to me. I wanted Clinton to take them out when they shot at our planes and threw out the inspectors.