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  1. You must be Da Bears Necessities. Second place in the standings and the highest overall points scored is not bad. You obviously keep up with what is going on. It has been a challenge having 14 teams. Most teams we only see one time during the regular season. The majority have been good about setting their lineups each week. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I am glad you joined the league, even if your team did blow mine out the one time we went head to head. You have a good line-up. Whoever faces you in the playoffs will have a difficult time of it. I am looking forward to seeing how things go when you and George go head to head, since you have been battling back and forth for first place all season.
  2. What should someone who remarried do?

    Your scriptures that supposedly show emotional and physical neglect as grounds for divorce are completely out of context. In the one case, it is dealing with a maidservant who was engaged to the son of her master. If this man takes another wife, in other words, as a polygamist, he is still to continue to make sure the woman is cared for in the way of food, clothing and marital relations. If this isn't done for this maidservant he took for a wife, she can go free without money. That is because she was a bondservant to begin with, and it would be like a slave being freed. It has absolutely nothing to do with a typical marriage. The scripture you referred to in 1 Corinthians is dealing specifically with a situation where two unbelievers are married, one gets saved, and the unbeliever decides to leave the believer because they no longer have anything in common. If the unbeliever departs, the believer is free in such cases. There is no Biblical grounds for divorce based on emotional and physical neglect, though it is wrong to emotionally or physically abuse your spouse. That should go without being said. The only Biblical grounds for divorce are fornication and abandonment in the kind of situation laid out in 1 Corinthians 7. Of course, if you did have a case where a maidservant was given to the son of her owner to be his wife, and those circumstances existed, of course she would be free and no longer a bondservant.
  3. What should someone who remarried do?

    A couple of things to consider. First of all, if the person was unsaved at the time of the divorce and re-marriage. The person that got the divorce died and was born again, so in my opinion, the Christian person did not commit adultery. The old sinner may have, but the born again Christian did not, so there is no reason to do anything but be committed to the woman he is now married to. Lets suppose that a Christian committed this sin. Clearly they were wrong to do so, but what to do now. Some would say they must separate, but I can pretty much predict what will happen if they do that. They will get lonely, and one will re-marry, and make matters worse. Divorce, though clearly wrong, is not an unpardonable sin, so what I would suggest in that case is that both the man and woman repent for adultery, commit their marriage to the Lord, and move forward and remain married till death do they part. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. You can't do anything about mistakes of the past, but you can do something about the present. That is my advise, based on my understanding of scripture. Nobody should take this as me saying divorce and re-marriage is ok in the sight of God, except for the case of fornication. I am just saying that to separate in order to get rid of the sin will almost certainly lead to another re-marriage and the sin of adultery repeated. God knows your heart, if you are sorry for wrong doing. If you are sincerely sorry for committing adultery, and you both commit yourselves and your marriage to God, I believe he will forgive you.
  4. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    Given the way things are going now, I see only one solution, and Moore and his supporters better get started right away. They need to investigate Jones for anything they can use against him. There needs to be people accusing him of misdeeds to even the playing field. My feeling is that if they dig deep enough, they will find something. Then what you will wind up with is something similar to the Trump vs Clinton race. You will have voters faced with having two candidates they don't like and having to return to issues to decide how to vote.
  5. I Thes 5:22

    There you are. That is translation shopping without having to exert a lot of energy.
  6. I Thes 5:22

    I never made the claim it was the only definition for that word. I said it was a definition of the word, meaning that the translators didn't make an error. If they used the correct word in the definition, they got it right. You are claiming they made a mistake. The KJV translators got it right in each instance. They used the best corresponding English word in each and every situation. Can I prove that to your satisfaction? Of course not, but neither can you prove I am wrong. It is in the definition, so you are only giving an opinion, certainly no more valid than mine. Not only that, but I am the one who has faith to trust the Bible to be 100 percent reliable, while you are over there admitting by your defense of modern English translations all contain some degree of error. That means your ESV must contain some error by your own admission because all translations have some mistakes because man was involved in them. If that is true, your ESV could well be the one that is wrong.
  7. I Thes 5:22

    In the OP, you didn't state that the ESV differed from the KJV. You stated that the KJV was at odds with most translations. How would you know that if you didn't translation shop? I don't care if you believe the T.R. is perfect. I don't feel any need to prove to you something I know you don't believe. My position is that the scriptures are inerrant. The T.R. was the known manuscripts in use and regarded as scripture, therefore they were perfect. I hold to this by faith. I know that you don't. You hold to the idea that the scriptures are not perfect, and all have some degree of errors. That is the point I have been making. Those of us who stand on the KJV Bible as the perfect Word of God believe the original manuscripts the KJV Bible was translated from were perfect. Even if you were to claim a belief in inerrancy, it is of no value, because nobody can come up with the manuscripts that you believe are precise copies of the originals. The Roman Catholic Church did do one thing I am thankful for. They did preserve the Word of God. I will give them credit for that. The translators of the KJV Bible were not given instructions by King James that the translation must conform to the view of the Church of England. You like to demand proof of things. How about you proving that claim is true. I know for a fact the KJV Bible didn't conform to the views of the RCC, because they felt the need to come up with a modern English Bible that does reflect their biases. It is the Bible they use today. The RCC has abandoned the KJV Bible.
  8. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    I don't want it to go to trial. I just want the lawsuit. He can drop it after the election. Friends thinking he did it doesn't prove his guilt.
  9. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    I don't think he should step aside at all. I think he should double down on denying the charges and he should sue the Washington Post. I don't know how successful the lawsuit would be, because it is hard for a politician to ever win in court in cases like this, but he should still go forward with it. This should get us past the election, and once it is over with, they will have to wait 6 years to try to unseat him. By then, I don't think they will have a chance unless they find actual proof the original charges were true.
  10. That does make a good point. I really have no reason to believe any of these allegations are true. There is no proof, and it is something that supposedly happened decades ago. I am willing to give Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt and would vote for him without giving it a second thought if I lived in Alabama. If I was Roy Moore, I would continue to insist the charges are false, and it is a smear campaign by the left. I would point out how leftists have used this tactic before, like in the case of Clarence Thomas. When they are desperate, they just make things up. His campaign should fire up the evangelicals in Alabama and make Roy Moore the victim of anti-Christian hate groups, and work to turn out the Christian vote. If this is done right, he could win in a landslide.
  11. The issue is not about modern English. That is what defenders of the new translations want us to believe, but the issue is about changes to the original meaning, and even leaving some established verses out of the text. It is also about the foundation they began with. The modern translations rely on the Alexandrian and Egyptian text, rather than the text that was trusted by the early church. Bad foundation leads to a bad translation.
  12. I listed many reasons for that in my initial response to the OP.
  13. I was responding to a comment you made. You said, "Those who think they are saved by grace but kept by works clearly demonstrate that they don't understand Romans, a book that is understandable in a modern English translation." I know full well what James says. You are the one that seems to be confused. First you make this comment, and then you turn around and reference James that says that faith without works is dead. Does Romans support works to remain saved or doesn't it?
  14. I am cautious about everything, but in all fairness to Trump, he has become less tolerant, not more. He put in place a ban against transgender people serving in the military. He has been strongly pro-life, much more so than I expected. He has moved further right. Of course, I look at actions, so if he were to turn and go in the opposite direction, he would lose my support. I was nervous about him going into the election, but I was a never Hillary voter. He has been a pleasant surprise. We should never have blind trust. I agree with you about that.
  15. I have known a person accused of being a simpleton that could understand the Authorized KJV Bible while still in High School with no problem. That same person was able to pick up a 1611 KJV Bible and read it cover to cover with no problem. I wonder why seemingly intelligent people have so much trouble reading and comprehending something so easy to understand.