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    I have to take issue with the entire OP. Paul didn't author the epistles, God did. Paul was used of God to write down the Lord's instructions to the church. To claim otherwise is to claim the Holy Bible is nothing more than a collection of letters written by early members of the Christian Church. In reality, based on what this culture calls a misogynist, God himself would receive that title. I have gone through the entire Bible and looked at all of the scriptures dealing with the role of men and women, and based on that, God would be called a misogynist and a chauvinist. Of course, God doesn't have to answer to his creation, and I believe God knows what he is doing. When our society moves away from God, the problem is with us, not God. What we should be doing is taking a serious look at God's order, and trying to bring the church in line with it. In the case of Corinthians, the scriptures about a woman keeping silent have to do with not being disruptive, as has already been pointed out. Everyone in the church is supposed to do things in an orderly manner, and that does include the men. By the way, Andronicus was a man, and most likely so was Junias. There has been speculation about Junias, but nobody can be certain. It is thought this person was a man because women wouldn't have been kept in ward with men. Either way, there is no proof of gender.
  2. I feel like we need to be open minded to possible conspiracies, but we should also be very skeptical. We need to see them validated before we accept them. I will be open to any conspiracy theory, but I expect to see serious evidence to back it up.
  3. President Trump continues to stand up for what is right since he took office. That is why that in spite of his rough edges, I support him and strongly approve of his job performance. Thank you President Trump for standing up for those who can't defend themselves.
  4. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    I am happy to hear you are admitting that these attempts to remove President Trump amount to a coup. That is what they are. He is the Constitutionally elected President. A lot of people are wealthy. Many of the great servants of God in the Bible were wealthy. Amoral? If you were really so concerned about that, you would have been constantly posting attacks on Obama, the man who supports abortion through the 9th month of pregnancy, and fought to make it impossible to give medical attention to babies that survived later term abortions. As for your scripture, do you consider yourself blind? If not, you should take heed to it. Remember what happened the last time you started quoting scriptures about sounding a trumpet? Within no time, you were you bragging on yourself and good deeds you had done. Do you claim you can see, or do you consider yourself blind?
  5. Legalism

    That way my point. The word legalism isn't in the Bible, so why do we care about the definition of something that doesn't exist?
  6. Legalism

    Who made the comparison? I don't see any connection either. By the way, now that we have been given the definition of legalism, we will know what it means each time we see it in the Bible.
  7. Supernatural & Lucifer: TV Shows

    I have seen "One Step Beyond." They claim it is based on true events, but I find many of the shows far fetched. "Twilight Zone" was a much better program, the original series. I have also seen "Sea Hunt," but I never cared for it. I enjoy science-fiction, so I like "Supernatural." I also enjoy "The X Files" and "Fringe." Of course, I don't believe in extra terrestrials or any of that nonsense anymore than I believe in Santa Claus. It is just a work of fiction.
  8. anyone watch this?

    In the case of this person, the conversion seemed genuine. He became very active in church, and I saw no evidence of him falling away or faking anything. In other similar situations, I don't doubt some just pretend.
  9. That was God's purpose for Job when he created him. His life is an example to all that read his story of different things. We see a man of great faith, that no matter what comes his way, he never turns away from his allegiance to God. We see that when we go through bad things in life, it is not always because we have sinned. We see that when we make idol chit chat about God, and think we have all the answers, we are often wrong, and can be guilty of sin for misrepresenting him. God used his life for the benefit of everyone that would ever read his story. It wasn't really much of a bet, seeing that God is all knowing, and knew how Job would react. You do ask a few questions that I find interesting. I don't know that God thinks replacing all Job lost with something else, including a new family, will replace the children he lost. The Bible never says that. I know for a fact you couldn't replace your children. You would still grieve for them, but he was given back something in exchange for what he lost. Better? Of course not. God can do anything he desires with his creation. That is the point. He most certainly can choose to do something like this over a bet in heaven. It is not really my place to question God. I am not saying I am so righteous, I wouldn't ever question something in prayer, but it doesn't do any good. He is sovereign and can do anything he wishes. God's ways are not our ways. God knows what each individual will become before he creates them in the womb, and that includes those who will die and go to hell for eternity, yet he still creates them. He created Judas Iscariot knowing what he would do and how he would die. He created Pharaoh to show his power. I can go through a whole lot of things in the Bible that you or I could question, but ultimately, God is God. He doesn't answer to us. I try to look at it like Job did. Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. Job 1:21 If we desire to, we could find all kinds of things to be unhappy about, like why put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden, knowing what would happen? Why allow the serpent to tempt Eve, knowing she would fall? Why give people life, when they will one day have to die? Why create Lucifer knowing what he would become, and why allow him to cause problems for those on earth? Why not destroy him? You can go on and on and on, but ultimately, he is God, we are but his creation, and all such complaints do no good. I choose to accept the things I cannot change, and that God is in control, and he can do whatever he wants with us.
  10. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Nobody has succeeded in removing President Trump, so I suppose I will use the same argument to show he is fit to serve.
  11. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    And yet Donald Trump is still President, in spite of the on-going assault.
  12. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    That verse doesn't apply at all. It doesn't mean they are birds of a feather or ever were. I have been in a room having a friendly conversation with people I had nothing in common with.
  13. marriage advice from the 50s

    The wife's husband is not her god. We agree on that. It does just mean she is acknowledging his headship.
  14. marriage advice from the 50s

    I kind of get what you and Simple Jeff are saying. So if there is an article in a men's magazine, giving men advise like saying, that their wife works hard all week. You should take her out on a date night, or perhaps doing the dishes every so often, or any other such thing, that is not Biblical, so it is anti-Christ, and of the carnal flesh. When it comes down to it, I am with you in that I teach the Bible. I don't go for a bunch of articles for men or women telling them things to do for their marriage. I have always felt like the Bible is our source, and I would never argue against doing that, so I am content to leave this matter alone. Your point is well taken. We don't need extra-Biblical anything. All advise should be based on God's Word alone.
  15. anyone watch this?

    I wouldn't advise dating an unbeliever either. In the movie, was there any fornication involving the church girl and the unbeliever? That is one concern I would have. I actually know a couple where the man was unsaved and the woman was saved, and she won him over. She flat out refused to marry him until he gave his life to Christ, and he did, but that doesn't always happen. If things get too serious, it is possible the believer could fall in love with the unbeliever, get married, and have a lot of trouble in the flesh.