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Found 5 results

  1. MotherofOne

    What to do?

    I am not in an ideal situation. Currently, I live with my boyfriend and we have a baby together, he is three months old. Since having our son I have felt strong conviction to turn my life to Christ and be a Biblical example of a mother and raise my child to know and love Christ. Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn't see eye to eye. Because of my strong conviction that we should not live together unmarried and that I want to be more involved in a Christian community, and follow Christ completely, we have talked about splitting up. However, if we did I would have no where to go and I would have nothing. I am a stay at home mother, my bf does all of the working and so we only have one vehicle as we only saw the need for one because the plan was always for me to be a sahm. The vehicle is registered in his name. I also cannot get a job and save up to move out of the house because his work hours are crazy and change every week and I haven't been able to find a job that would work with his changing schedule so I could have the car when he wasn't etc. Also, around here there are no open spots for infant daycare until next year. So even if I could find that miracle job, I'd have no one to watch my child. I do have my step mother that has agreed in the past that she would watch the baby, but only 2-3 days out of the week. The only real option I have came up with is to stay with her, but she lives an hour a way and is pretty manipulative and has lied, lied, and lied again to my face and I don't think I could manage to do that. On top of that, she would not help with transportation so I still wouldn't have a viable way back and forth to work if I did stay with her. she also lives out in the middle of no where, so if I did stay there I would not even be able to walk back and forth to work. (I don't blame her for having boundaries with what she will and will not do for me, she's grown and done raising kids and shouldn't have to drive anyone around or help raise another one at this point) I don't have any other family that is capable of taking me in at this point. My dad lives states away, he has to live separate from my step mother for work. and my mother is not in the picture. My grandparents live somewhat further away, about an hour and a half and I can't put all of this stress of having a baby in their house on them at their age, that'd be pretty unfair of me. This is my situation that I have put myself into and nobody should have to take it upon themselves to help me out. I don't have access to any money but my boyfriends and he is not willing to help me leave, he is actually quite upset that I have taken this route. I would like to see myself living with my son in our own apartment, being an active member of a church community, having a steady job, and being able to provide for him on my own so that I could honor God and not live with someone unmarried. (my bf also refuses to get married at this point) I also see myself in the future getting a degree in Biblical studies and hopefully working for a ministry doing something like counseling or youth ministry. Does anyone have any advice for my situation or any resources to help me obtain this goal? If nothing else, prayers are totally accepted!
  2. My oldest sister Esther and her husband Shane took up the burden and privilege of adoption less than a year ago. They waited and waited, trusting God and praying for their unknown child. Esther's five older children (11 and under) were so excited! First they had to get approval and so on. It seemed they would never even get their LID (Log in Date). In January of 2015, they received a picture of their beautiful daughter, Leiana (lay-ahna), already a year old. She had a clubbed foot, but that was all that was different. Another long wait began for TA, Travel Approval to China to pick up Leiana. After what seemed like forever, on March 13th, 2015, They received their Travel Approval! They have to head for China within a week to be able to pick her up, and then it's back home! Please pray for them, for the trials and waiting will continue throughout Leiana's life. Her foot will be fixed, and she will be able to run as one should. *edited* Praise God! Even if you are not wanting to adopt, supporting a child is another great and worthwhile option! **Links removed** *Vidoe removed ** -Eragon (this is not Leiana)
  3. Hello, I am new here, but thought to post the one thing God blessed me with 11 years ago, when he was thrown out the door of the car in front of me, and I rescued him and brought home. he was all bones to the ribs, and not taken care of very well at all, he was fixed up and been given all the love one person can give an animal...he now is my little shadow. Been the best 11 years of my life. Baby, is my little boy on four legs...please take a look and meet him...he is now fat, sassy, and totally happy
  4. GoldenEagle

    Hallelujah (Light Has Come)

    Jesus is the Reason for the Season - Keep Christ in Christmas! BarlowGirl - Hallelujah (Light Has Come) Hmmm my Baby Heaven sent You to me All the worlds been praying Who will Save? But who am I That here tonight I hold the One Who’ll bring us life Hallelujah! We’ve been found A Child is born To save us now, Jesus! Hallelujah! Light has come A Savior who will set us free A Promise for those who believe Do You hear the Angels Sing for You my baby Men and kings have come to Bow to You But here in my arms So close to me The Son of God Now all can see Hallelujah We’ve been found A Child is born to save us now, Jesus! Halleluiah Light has come A savior set us free! So praise to God on high He has heard our cry (x2) Hallelujah We’ve been found Hallelujah We’ve been found A Child is born to save us now, Jesus! Halleluiah Light has come! A Savior who will set us free A Promise for those who believe Hmmm my Baby...
  5. GoldenEagle

    Babies Lives Saved

    Life is precious. How can Christians support abortion? We believe life is precious. We support our local Pregnancy Resource Center. So far this year... 2002 clients seen and counseled, 54 babies confirmed born that were at risk, 42 People accepted Christ. Praise God! Chet McDoniel spoke at the Fund Raiser for the Pregnancy Resource Center we support this year in 2012. Chet was born with no arms and deformed legs. As he was delivered the doctor said it would’ve been better for them to have aborted Chet. His parents were very grieved by the doctor's lack of compassion and were uncertain of Chet's future. Chet was discarded in a corner of his mother’s delivery room. The doctor said he would never have a good quality of life. But Chet's parents loved Chet deeply. They trusted God had a plan for his life. He was married in 2005. Chet uses his feet to get around, drive, etc. When they were pregnant the doctors wanted to double and triple check Chet's wife for any abnormalities so "they would know their options." The doctor was implying that if the baby was either physically or mentally challenged that Chet and his wife had the option to abort. Chet and his wife explained that they would love their baby no matter how he/she looked or if there were was a mental handicap. Chet has been blessed by God to have two adorable daughters. They have all their limbs and no mental handicaps. http://2.bp.blogspot..._P3iLM/s400/Kim Today Chet speaks to people all over the world, sometimes even with his Dad like this week, about God's love through Jesus Christ and the importance of giving children a chance at life. He has also written a book. Just goes to show God's grace is enough! CHeck out their blog: McDoniel Family Pam Tebow spoke last year in 2011. Did you know her pregnancy with Tim Tebow was really tough and that on multiple occasions the doctors suggest she abort her son? Tim has been a great example both in college and in professional American Football of a grounded Christian athlete. See his parents retell the story: If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend: October Baby As the curtain rises, Hannah hesitantly steps onto the stage for her theatrical debut in college. Yet before she can utter her first lines, Hannah-unscripted-collapses in front of the stunned audience. After countless medical tests, all signs point to one underlying factor: Hannah's difficult birth. This revelation is nothing compared to what she then learns from her parents: she was actually adopted ... after a failed abortion attempt. Bewildered, angered, and confused, Hannah turns for support to Jason, her oldest friend. Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, Hannah joins his group of friends on a Spring Break road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past ... and find hope for her unknown future. In the midst of her incredible journey, Hannah learns that every life is beautiful. Note: Make sure to have a box of tissues handy. And stay after the movie ends for a true story about one of the actors! What do you think? Isn't life precious?