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Found 5 results

  1. In as much as I enjoy writing from time to time, I do so in a blog here. In as much as my ego demands that I assume a few other might enjoy or benefit from what I write, I have made a table of contents of my blog entries. Also, at the bottom, I added a link to diagrams and charts. Occasionally, they are helpfull was to illustrate beliefs, doctrans and other things, so that is a place to store them and find them when I need them, you can look and see too if you like. You might disagree with them, I do not pretend they are perfect, just a growing colltion of illustrations of a growing understanding. Fun with Numbers and the Probability of God's Existence Five Minute Theology - Ongoing online study here, begins July 2015 (should you?) - Updated July 2015 http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-43-is-social-security-a-ponzi-scheme/ http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-42-how-i-study-the-bible-one-approach/ http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-41-did-jesus-rise-from-the-dead/ http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-40-its-my-right-or-is-it/ http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-39-propaganda-deception-myth-junk-science-can-you-distinguish-the-truth/ http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-38-what-worthy-means-to-me/ http://www.worthychristianforums.com/blog/25/entry-37-lessons-form-the-mcdonalds-hot-coffee-lawsuit/ Charts, diagrams, graphical illustrations
  2. I apologize for posting this again, it was posted in the past, but I cannot locate the video here anymore. In a different thread, someone asked about what people's understanding of this verse is. Knowing that I had some thoughts on this recorded in this video, I thought I would just refer her to this.
  3. Many of you know that I made an unsuccessful run for U.S. Dictator in 2012. Now, you will see the kinds of things you are missing out of because of voters wasting their votes electing Obama. I notice that the news is pointing out that Texas and Oklahoma are flooding, while California is suffering a drought. California is an oil rich state, in fact at the moment, oil is oozing out of the ocean floor and covering beaches and wildlife. Texas and Oklahoma are oil rich states also. Oil has three major uses. It is a source of energy, and lubricants and plastics are manufactured from it. All three of these states and Arizona and New Mexico could use some job creation. OKAY, no big deal, simple problems to solve. First let take some of this oil for energy, Use the energy in manufacturing in all five of these state. These states will manufacture plastic pipes (also from the petroleum) and then use the energy to transport these pipes and lay them out from Oklahoma to the left coast. of course all of this activity will create jobs. We can use some of the energy from the oil to manufacture pumps which will be installed in all of these states and these pumps will be powered by electricity produced from some of the oil. Now all that we need to do is to suck up the excess water from Oklahoma and from Texas and send it to California where there are plenty of half-empty reservoirs waiting to receive it. If New Mexico and Arizona would like some of this water they can tap into these pipelines and their usage of the water can compensate them for the use of land that the pipelines are running across or running through. So there you have it increased employment in five states, flooding eliminated in Oklahoma and in Texas, we can suck up the oil spill in California along with the seawater and put it into a vertical tank so we can take the oil off the top and return the seawater in the bottom of the tank back to the ocean. West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California all get much needed water. Of course for something like this to happen one would have to have a dictator. Conventional politics and bureaucracies work far too slowly to get started so instead of solving problems, disasters and their aftermaths just drag on. As a brilliant would-be dictator, I have other ideas, including one that might be able to eliminate the need for a dictator at all. In the meantime I expect to see our country languish and continue its decline until Jesus returns.
  4. What worthy means to me. Posted by Omegaman 2.0 on the April 11th, 2006 I came to worthychat as a fluke (God may have had something else in mind). I had tried a chatroom one time before, and thought that it was crazy, I wondered how anyone could keep up. One night I had nothing better to do, and I wondered if any Christian chat rooms existed, and what were they like? I Googled for Christian chatrooms, and found Worthy. People greeting me were friendly. I do not know how I got into the topic, but I remember talking about Romans 7, how that passage represented my life and thoughts. I do not remember much about the conversation, other than the fact that a male Worthy admin, ministered to me, I had not expected that. I came back a few times, intending to involve myself in theological discussions, I saw myself as being a thought catalyst, one who would make people think about their own positions, I actually had an agenda of sorts, that was the role I thought was my “job”. Things did not work out exactly like that though. People sometimes say that life is what happens, while you are making other plans. I find that often, it is God that happens to you while you are making other plans. Sometimes, God has a different plan than we envision, and we need to be open to that. I believe that if we as Christians, were more open to God’s plans, there would not be a single divorce among Christian couples. It was not too long, before I found myself in the position of administrator at Worthy, that was not in my plans. I found that before I was an admin, and especially afterward, that many people would confide in me, with amazing honesty, especially younger believers, and I often found myself in the role of counselor, something that I never envisioned and if someone had told me before hand, I would have dismissed them as a kook. I discovered, that not only did I have some aptitude for it, but I found it extremely rewarding. I never expected that either. Admins find themselves in the position of moderating conversation, protecting the innocent, trying to be Bible Answer man, prayer warrior, counselor, defender of the faith, evangelist, etc. When you have to do these things, you cannot make everyone happy. Speak the truth, someone will not like it. We get ridiculed, attacked, blamed, and slandered. We are privy to peoples very personal issues, some are very sad and tragic, others are wonderful stories of victory, blessing, and God’s intervention. Again, none of this was expected by me. Much of it is hard on us, we try not to let it show. One thing I can say about it, it is very different, that it looked like from the chatter's point of view. I can say without reservation, that it is one of the most rewarding things I have done. While I hate it when I handle a situation poorly and feelings are hurt, I accept that as a part of the job, and the arrows thrown at us, I accept gladly, for such is the life of a Christian. If you are not getting some kind of attack, I think you are not doing your job as a Christian. I would not trade this for the world. Never expected that either. I pray with people, cry with people, encourage people, help people understand the mysteries of God, as best I can. Never had as much opportunity to do such things before Worthy. The biggest thing is, that I have discovered many members of my large family in Christ here, I love you all, and am thankful for you, you minister to me, and teach me daily. You add purpose to my life, and another opportunity to serve my Lord. It doesn’t get any better than this in this life, thank you all. 4 Responses to 'What worthy means to me.' Rebekah David said, ON APRIL 23RD, 2006 AT 11:47 AM I came to Worthy looking for Christian support at a time of real struggle in my life. Though I have a wonderful church family my hours of work makes regular fellowshipping hard except on Sundays. My best freind who was 28 and a young mother of three was dying of cancer. I found more than support here- i found the arms and feet and voice of comfort and compassion of the Spirit of the Lord through His people.I found my family. Many of the admins here offered encouragement and support one in particular- Jade -spent untold days hours upon hours in pms with me as i tried to replace the images of the aweful physical changes my best freind was going through with the assurity that God was still here going through this with her and with me and that He was still in control and that this would be used for His glory. God through ,Jade, let me lay down those burdens and focus instead on His gift of eternal life. I found a family of brothers and sisters here who love the Lord and each other. Who encourage, and instruct, and are a joy to know. It makes me look forward even more eagerly to that great reunion we will all be at with our Lord and Savior. Donna Ps25 said, ON JUNE 24TH, 2006 AT 8:38 AM Perfectly said, omegaman. Thanks. I, like Rebekah, came here at a time of struggle in life. Worthychat family helped pull me through that hard time. Chief took me under his wing and helped me a lot in that time. It’s been 3 1/2yrs now for me, and I”m so grateful for both the experiences as a chatter and an admin here. Wouldhe said, ON SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2006 AT 8:13 PM One word- AMEN. Eric said, ON AUGUST 2ND, 2007 AT 7:31 AM Eric… Nice post. Learned a lot….
  5. Fist off, yes, this truly was a lost video, that I just rediscovered and finished. Unfortunately, dispite being in the comedy section, it is not that funny, and I apologize for that. WARNING: If you are offended by the suggestion, that the influx of illegal immigrants is a negative thing for the U.S., then please do not watch this video. I intend no offense toward anyone. However, if you choose to risk offense, then that is on you. [media=]
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