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Found 6 results

  1. I was wondering if its a spiritual practice of some churches to allow their young people to spew all of their hate, anger, aggression, and past hurts onto another, making them their punching bag if you will, so that they could gain their freedom and let it out on people who did nothing to them and have less than they do? Am I misunderstanding something? With what I've experienced and how I took it, some churches use intimidation, yelling, and fear tactics on the congregation even changing their name to someone else's and they don't even necessarily have to say anything. I know this may sound crazy but I know I'm not. I'm sure other people have experienced this. Maybe these people didnt realize, know or care as to how much I was hearing or able to hear if you know what I mean.
  2. HELLO! My name is Matt Downey and I am new here. I am from Columbus, Ohio and I love God ever since I was a little boy. I am a true Christian and have suffered through many hard trials and tribulations including homelessness, hunger, fasting, sleeplessness, beatings, travels, witnessing, closeness to God, separation from God, spiritual victories and spiritual failures. I guess I have grown to the place where I sort of just want to get back into the ministry of believer to believer strength and courage, because I spent most of my childhood healing and casting out devils. Then I met God and He told me to have some fun, so I ended up retiring and settling in at everything was about Me and nobody else really mattered anymore. But as time has progressed, I have decided that I would like to get back into common ministry and help strengthen and encourage individuals in the Body of Christ to never give up on the highest blessings and to always go forth in God. So that is a little about me. More is that I love web design, travel, spirituality including godliness and angelic hosting, Spirit travels through fasting and prayer, sleeping in, music, praise and worship, church, and pets. I love a lot of other things like art and museums too, but it's too much to list. I have a great family and I look forward to being a part of the online community here. Well, thanks! Matty
  3. Almost every assertion we make only begets a new question. If we claim that heaven is a spiritual existence with God, then what is hell? We can't really call it a spiritual existence without God because God is omnipresent, existing in all places at all times. Even the unsaved will spend eternity with God then. Hell may be better described as an eternal existence against God, an eternity of living in unchanging, irrevocable opposition against that which you can never change, the overwhelming presence of God's omnipotent Spirit. Mankind's ongoing problem is that we are born as creatures of the flesh, and as such, we are in natural opposition to things of the spirit. We live in the flesh which goes against the grain of the spirit. And since God is the One True Spirit, we end up in a natural, lifelong opposition to Him. This is the battle between spirit and flesh, between good and evil that we are all destined to fight. It is an internal Armageddon going on inside all of us. This battle going on within the hearts of men could well be in perfect accordance with God's plan for us. This battle in and for the hearts of men may be how all flesh is eventually brought into willing subjugation to the greater Spirit, the Spirit of the one, true and eternal God. Please check out the rest of the article here
  4. Hi, what does it mean to he spiritual? Spiritual or carnal?, spiritual or soulish?
  5. Fluffy clouds and harps aside, what is heaven really like and what is it's true location? Based on a Belinda Carlisle song dating back to 1987, heaven is a place on earth. It was a great song, it was very sweet, but not very convincing in a theological sense. It did serve to highlight the age old question though, where is this place we go to when we die and what is it like there? Two thousand years ago in Luke 17:21, Jesus Christ spoke of the Kingdom of God, which is a term considered interchangeable and synonymous with the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ told us in that verse that this Kingdom of God (or heaven) is within us, interpreted by some as amidst us. But regardless of which interpretation you use it means the same thing, the Kingdom of God, and heaven has already been with us, right here on earth for a long, long time. The experts of Christ's era were apparently missing that fact, just as we seem to be in our modern era. But with all out angst, poverty, war and injustice, how can heaven possibly be here on earth?
  6. When ancient prophecy is ultimately fulfilled and the walls of Babylon come tumbling down, will the remnants of your church and mine be found amidst the rubble? None of us like to think so. On the other hand nearly all Christians believe there are other churches out there with false teachings based on the values of human civilization rather than the Bible. It's not bad to think that way if you keep it in perspective and remain civil. Churches don't all teach the same doctrine so disagreement is unavoidable in our fallen world. But it does beg the question, are there any Christian churches out there with doctrine and teachings that are totally without error? If not, then to one degree or another, Babylon has infected all Christian churches. What becomes of these churches when Babylon ultimately falls at the feet of God?
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