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Found 25 results

  1. It’s been a year that I’ve been under the Gospel along with my parents as well. I understand that sometimes I may act childish but my father lets it be known. He will say things like “you haven’t grown” and “I can see the malice in your heart” or “how can you do this, but then go to church and listen to sermons” or “you need to read your bible more”. It’s just every time he throws our Christianity hard in my face and maybe he should, but it discourages me a little because maybe I am not growing at all. He talks about submitting to them as parents, but I honestly don’t know how to because they way they treat me is a harsh to where I just don’t want to be around them anymore. Are there specific scriptures that can help guide me? thank you.
  2. Whenever i start crying over a bad day, i get this image of Jesus' feet in my face and im crying at his feet. The alternative reaction to my crying is me saying to myself,"stop crying God wouldn't want you to be crying and stop feeling self-pity!"Which view of God is truly God and which view is the devil? Cant the devil disguise himself as an angel of light??? im so confused! please help!!! I feel like im worshipping Satan! i have Ocd and im a non christian so everything is switched around in my head!! also, sometimes i feel like God wants me to pick up a glass bottle and throw it at the mirror! is this God or the devil? One voice is saying," Don't worry about what the bible says, just come to me!" And the other says in a demanding tone and loving tone, "PEE YOUR PANTS, THROW THE GLASS BOTTLE! STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE TOILET!!" are these just intrusive thoughts? the devil? GOD????? im so confused!
  3. This has troubled me for such a long time, and consumed my thoughts for over 4 months. I have committed a sin towards God, myself and to the man courting me 2 years ago. This young man was wooing me to be his girlfriend. We both had no experience on being in a relationship at that time. He got baptized and became a Christian. He got busy with church activities and fellowshiping with his churchmates. We lost communication and I got lonely. When a married man showed affection towards me, I fell for his flatteries and I lost my virginity to him. Eventually I realized it is wrong and wanted to forget that married man so I dated another guy. I again became intimate with that second guy. They are both muslims. And I just recently became aware to not be yoked with an unbeliever when I became a Christian. So after 4 months from that encounter with those two men, the young Christian guy asked if I would say yes on being his girlfriend. I felt puzzled and disappointed as I thought he was already losing interest in me since he never spent time with me and only sent good morning text messages. I declined him for I felt I’m no longer worthy for him. God has punished my sins when I discovered I contracted HPV from the second guy I dated. I realized God has not forgotten about me. I knew it was His way for me to not do sexual sins again by jumping to another relationship and so to prevent me from being broken hearted again. At that moment I felt the love of God that he punished my sins like a father to a Child. I recognized I’m a child of God. I wanted to repent and be reconciled with God. So when opportunity comes when a friend invited me to bible studies and to attend church, I decided to just go along with what God has been pointing me to do. I got baptized and became a Christian last year. I have been struggling since change is very difficult for me. I am not used to going to church religiously and fellowshiping since I am an introvert. The young Christian guy is now my church mate. One of our church mate has recently became his girlfriend. I felt devastated, for I realized I lost my opportunity of having a Godly husband. Months before that I knew he still loves me and wanted to still pursue me, since that was his friends are telling me and that I feel like he wanted to start courting me again. But every time he attempts to go near me and talk to me I would avoid him and cut our conversation short since I don’t want to give him hope because I am afraid to hurt him for what I did and I don’t want him to contract my STD if ever we got married. Now I am conflicted to whether I should confess my sins to him or to one of our female church elders. I am so embarrassed and afraid to confess since I know their perception of me will change. I would justify that I already confessed my sins to God and doing my best to repent, but I felt like it is not enough. I recognize it is also a form of sin to not do the Lord’s command to confess to one another. This secret has becoming such a burden to me and making me so depressed. Everytime I would like to confess I would loose courage and procrastinate about it. I would like to confess my sins to the young Christian guy cause I feel like I have wronged him that time, but I feel like It would just become a burden to him and that I will ruin his relationship with his girlfriend. Since apparently he still have feelings for me and that has made his girlfriend very insecure. I also feel like I should confess to a female elder since she can give a better counselling towards my predicament. This dilemma has been affecting my performance on my work, my everyday thoughts and passing my exams as it is making me so emotional lately. I also think this is stopping me from my spiritual growth and improving my relationship with God by not confessing my sins. I hope someone can give me good advice that could convince me on what to do. Thank you and God bless. (P.S. Sorry for the long post as I wanted to give you a good background on my situation)
  4. I’ll admit it: I have an alcoholism problem. I get up at around 7:00 am, then I begin drinking at around 9:30 am. Unfortunately, I don’t drink in moderation. I start with a 24 oz can of beer, then continue drinking another one every two to three hours until the day ends and I’m ready to go to sleep. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with drinking in moderation. If you have a small can of beer at social events such as a family reunion, what’s the harm? For me, though, I can’t drink in moderation. I drink and drink, then I drink some more. There is no stopping. Part of my problem is that I’m self-employed. Because I’m my own boss, I can get drunk while on the job and can’t get fired. I feel guilty because every night I tell God that I’m going to quit drinking. Then I wake up, and two and a half hours later I’m craving a tall boy and subsequently relapse. Did you have an alcoholism problem in the past? How were you able to successfully quit? I’ve tried Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but they don’t seem to work. In fact, there was one time when I even hit the liquor store right after a meeting. I’ve also been thinking about in-patient rehab—I’ve even checked into it—but they are asking for $7,300 per month, which is a lot of money for me.
  5. We all go through difficult times in life where we get bad breaks or experience problems in general. Maybe we lost our job, failed a relationship, or experienced some other challenge. It’s easy to feel discouraged when the going gets tough. As for myself, I’ve been feeling discouraged for quite some time now. I’m approaching age 30, and I haven’t accomplished much in life. Many of my friends from high school are married, have children, and own a house. I still haven’t done much of anything. For this reason, the discouraged feelings I endure are overwhelming. I know in my heart of hearts that God has plans for me. After all, it’s written in the Bible that our heavenly father has a plan for everyone (Jeremiah 29:11). But still, it seems like I’m going nowhere. I feel like a lost cause. How do you feel encouraged in times of discouragement? I ask this question seeking advice from fellow Christians. Hopefully, I can gain some insight or wisdom and successfully deal with my issue.
  6. Hey everybody! I am a 14 year old boy and im an Orthodox Christian. I play alot of video games and when you install and download video games,there are terms and conditions and stuff you gotta agree to.I started searching for keywords "soul" "satan" "devil" just to be sure,when i can't search for keywords in the agreements i read them fully.There is a game i want to download that says there are terms and conditions,but i can not find them since there is no link on their website.Anyway,if i randomly agree to every terms and conditions could i actually sell my soul? I am really worried
  7. The past few days have been a bunch of small things that can easily have been fixed. my husband refuses to talk about things and it is like pulling teeth to get any of his feelings out of him. I told him i need him to communicate things with me so we can both work on things together. he thinks im trying to change him and that's just "how he is." which i explained is not true. it's a behavior things. how can we work on this? he went to bed still angry at me. I know in the Bible it talks about if someone becomes angry do not go to bed angry. So it really hurt me that he did. He's told me before that he just likes to be angry sometimes and he can't just get over it even after the problem has been dealt with. Please pray for our relationship. We just got married this December.
  8. UPDATED: I have been trying to research. And I have been praying for clarity. And maybe it will just take time for me to understand what I need to understand. When I became a Christian again after a very long hiatus. Like over 25 years! I learned more about the 7 gifts. (I had a pentecostal friend that told me of them in passing before I rededicated). Anyhow, I never asked for any in great depth, but said in passing in prayer I really would love to heal people for him. I never pushed though, because quite frankly, I didn't want God to give me something I wasn't prepared for instead of what I asked. HA! But last night while I was praying I was telling him whatever his will was regarding a situation I would understand. Well, in the middle of the night I was woken up, and I was very awake. Very aware I was awake, and worried I would miss my appointment at hospital in morning if I couldn't get back to sleep, type of awake. Well I had a vision! *sigh* It was extremely intense. And I realized he was showing me something really important. ( not sure I should go into it unless I understand things first. Unless I should for helps sake?) Cross that bridge later in this? But now I am trying to discern and pray for a little bit of understanding. And Test the spirits comes to mind. But when I was calling out heavenly Father the vision over and over, it did not go away. (Even when I walked away I still called out his name in fear of spiritual things and whatever was tormenting me so to speak, it would go away immediately. Not during this vision. So, I am thinking it definitely from the Heavenly Father. It was about spiritual warfare that I know. I'm not sure if about me (I'm leaning toward no) or it about things coming and glimpse of what's really going on in (war in heaven) coming here. It seemed metaphorical in some parts and literal in others parts. I am so confused. For those that have this gift... What can you advise? How do you know to interpret? How do you test the spirits? I mean technically this could be the enemy coming to confuse me. I could not shake the feeling it gave me all day. And I realized if indeed this was his plan all along all those years ago... And that is my gift I will take it. And I realized I don't mind. (not that I'd really have a choice if i said I'd follow his will not mine). I find it odd timing. Also please understand this.. When I pray and pour my heart out.. I do it in my head. My eyes are closed. The reason I do this is because I am very aware how the enemy works and if he hears me, or sees my actions or emotions, he knows how to try to prevent me easily knowing how to mess with me. So now.. this gift. Or is it? When do I know to share them? How do I know it really is a gift and not deception from other end? Just how exactly do I "test" the spirits? When do I share these things I'm shown? I started a blog a bit ago, so I can help other people understand the much deeper picture. And I thought also.. great timing... I put it off awhile and then I realized I was pushed to do it. So I guess this "gift" if real will be shared there as well, if and when I get to understand better if indeed real gift. Am I allowed to ask for other gifts???? I really still want to heal people. Including a healing over here would be great. lol Hard to do as much as I need and want when barely functioning. OK Thanks in advance for any input! :-) A little history: When I was a very young I was very sick. In hospital a lot since a baby. But around 3 I started to see things and for some reason I calmed down when I saw something in my room in corner just standing there. I knew it was there to protect me, yet it still made me a little fearful. I had other experiences. But I was not born to Chrsitian family, so had no clue. They didn't go to church until I was older. I became a christian when I was early teens. After I left home I had visions off and on. And were never wrong. Even though I wasn't Christian anymore, I still "believed" somewhat and had in back of my head. But I ended up praying and asking he take this away from me. (I never actually knew about Christian prophecy per say, and thought it was only in bible times. ) And I walked away so that would not have done anything for me or him. The ability to see was taken away as I asked. I was relieved!
  9. Hi! I just hope someone could enlighten me with some christian advice that would help me get through with this. Its me finding it hard how to deal with my emotions everytime my husband gets to hang out with his friends, though he goes out very seldom just during reunions in his school-day friends & classmates. Our relationship is great no doubt we love each other have all the time for each other and grows better everytime. I just notice for three years of marriage I don’t know why it felt uncomfortable whenever he spend his time with them and enjoy their company. I admit, I’m a stay-at-home mom, an aloof type who doesn’t go out with friends always unlike him, being a leader on his school-day pals & is a friend to everybody. It felt bad like I’m ruining his social life. On the other hand I feel like I’m no part of it whenever he goes home and doesn’t share to me what had happened. Its like I’m missing a piece of his life that I don’t know about. I have no problem with our common circle of friends. He even spent all of his time to us his son everyday. However, I can’t deny the fact that it makes me uncomfortable when me and my son left out at home while he takes time with others and asking me to extend few more hours with them. The other thing is that one of his college friends is his ex’s but they’re good friends now but regardless, I feel the same way with his other friends. Do I make myself selfish? I’ve been honest with him with this situation, we did talked and Ive tried to embrace this situation and get along with it but the moment he can’t limit his time it pisses me off and makes me feel less-priority. Its kinda unhealthy for our marriage and I need some fixin’.. Thanks. What are your thoughts? What were your experiences? Am I not alone?
  10. CommittedHubby

    My Journey Begins

    Greetings from the great state of Texas! Thank God that in my search for support, I have found you guys. I have always been a half-kneeling Catholic (read: go to church on special holidays and maybe 3 or 4 more times a year). But recent events that have shaken up my marriage have brought me to a point where I now realize I need Him more than ever. I know I’m a noob right now and need moderator approval. I think I read somewhere that I am unable to share sensitive stuff at the beginning. But when that filter is lifted, I hope I can openly share my struggles to fully get your advice and support. In the meantime, please just send your prayers of healing over my way! thank y’all!
  11. I have this friend and we've been really good friends for years now. Except she started falling down a bad path and I continued seeking Jesus. Well now she feels like she can't be redeemed and because her desires in her heart are to quit smoking and drinking that she knows she will continue to do it since she's tried so many times to stop. How do i help her without putting her down? I don't want her to feel like I'm trying to be better than her because I sin too just in different areas. Is it wrong of me to tell her to just pray about it and not worry about trying to change because God will do that in you if you ask and pray about it? Thank you for your help
  12. I really don't know what to do guys. I have this personal issue, and I feel like God just isn't showing me which way to go about it. My whole family thinks they know what I'm supposed to do, but really, what they think doesn't really matter. I want to know what my Savior thinks. I hope I'm not disappointing God. I just don't know what to do. I won't go unto detail about it on this post, but if any of you would like to message me and talk to me about it privately, that would be much appreciated. I feel so lost.
  13. Hello everyone, Im Chris and I'm currently 22 going on 23. Im in terrible need of advice as I fear I may be making a huge mistake soon, but first I want to tell you about me. I grew up in a Christian home for the most part, but I turned out to be your average rebellious teenager. I hated school, I didn't have many friends, and I was a black sheep to my family. I felt alone and angry at myself and my family, all of which prompted me to leave home and travel to another state on my own, I was 19 when I left. During my journey, I ended up homeless on the streets until a charity group led me to a Gospel Rescue mission where I came to know that Christ saves through faith and not of works. At the time, I felt a deeper understanding and connection with God, something I had never felt before. Also at the time, I made going into the U.S Navy one of my priorities. It was my dream and felt that if I could join, I could finally make my family proud of me and finally make something of myself instead of a homeless bum. After I came to know Christ, I began a new journey first through a bible program they offered. I made new friends in Christ and began to come out of my shell, I was learning new things almost everyday and I was actually happy for the first time in years! In the process I even was reconciled with my family who were actually worried about me. Even so, I kept a narrow vision and pursued the Navy. After graduation, I enrolled in college, did some job traning, and so on in preparation for enlistment. With some setbacks here and there, this process would go on to take over 3 years. And now, I have hit a wall that has prevented me from joining. Because of some medical issues, they made enlisting challenging to the point where I finally gave up on joining. This was in no way God's fault, nothing is, but it was all mine for not applying myself properly as well as my lax and nonchalant nature. I feel devastated. I feel like I've failed. My dream was now broken. I went to my pastor and told him everything. He told me to sit still and wait on the Lord, that all this time I've been seeking my own will instead of His. I agreed and began to earnestly seek the Lord. But I began to lament to the fact that I was still upset about not joining the Navy. I'm not content. My other brothers have told me to simply get a job and work to get an apartment. But this still doesn't suffice. Ive looked back on my life now and seen that I've produced very little, if any, fruit throughout the years compared to others who have gone off to start successful careers and such. I'm not as ignorant as I used to be and do feel that the Lord has used me to lead others to Christ at times, as well as used my testimony about coming off the streets. But I now see that I'm struggling with my faith. I look to my friends who are avid preachers of Christ and smile even through their problems in life. They have joy, something I just no longer have. And it is these things that make me wonder: Did I truly make Christ my personal Savior that day? Is He really the Boss of my life? Was I willing to pick up my cross and follow Him? Am I really His child? I do believe that all things work together for good to them that love Him, that for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves, so no man can boast. Maybe God has used this situation to chastise and discipline me into being more obedient to Him and not to my own will. As the Word of God states "For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receives". If this is scourging then I most certainly am feeling it. But due to my present circumstances, I feel my faith shaking, even after hours of earnest prayer for His will in my life. I can't shake this feeling for the pride of life. I can't shake this feeling of wanting to run off somewhere and starting all over again. I can't shake this voice telling me that He doesn't even know me and that I'm not His, that I'm not even truly born again. I'm so afraid of not being truly saved, and I'm too afraid to really tell the others of what I'm going through, despite their well meaning and prayers. I want to serve God, and I want Him to use me for His Glory. But this whole mess has paralyzed me to the point of hopelessness and depression. I just have no direction in life and I can't effectively share the Gospel in joy. I don't expect an answer that will end all my problems, but I would greatly appreciate anyone's input on this. Thank you very much in advance for your answers.
  14. Hello, I desperately need some guidance and advice from a godly woman.
  15. Hi everyone, I've come here because I'm feeling really alone and am desperate for some advice. Just fyi, I've just turned 18, I live in the uk, and I haven't seen this guy since I went into hospital so I'm not in any immediate danger. This is really hard to explain, but I'll do my best. For the past 3 years, I've been in a relationship... We met when I was 15 and he was 24. It started out as platonic but gradually became more and more sexual. Now I've opened up about it, everyone keeps saying it was abusive-he didn't treat me properly. He used to slap me when he was angry, and suffocate me too. I had to do things sexually that I wasn't comfortable with. He was also very controlling and used to enjoy asserting his power over me in ways I found humiliating ( I had to call him 'master', I wasn't allowed to stand up in his presence etc) Eventually I had a breakdown and tried to hang myself. I was admitted to a secure psychiatric ward as a result and have been diagnosed with various mental health problems. That was 6 months ago... I've been encouraged by my family and friends to go to the police, and so last week I made a statement. Did I do the right thing? People keep saying that he didn't really love me, and that I had to go to the police to protect other girls, but Jesus taught us to forgive, right? To turn the other cheek? I keep trying to justify going to the police but it just feels so wrong! He loved me! I didn't say that he couldn't do any of the stuff. I even pretended that I liked it, I led him on! It's my fault, not his. The only bit he knew I hated was the humiliation but everyone has to compromise in a relationship right? I don't know what God wants me to do anymore. Everything is just so confusing and scary... I still feel like a kid but I have to make all these adult decisions on my own. Please help me to understand it all. I've tried the wwjd exercise and I think that jesus would go back to him and teach him that these things are wrong, but I'm so scared of this guy, if he finds out I've gone to the police he might kill me. He always said he would kill me one day and I think he was only fantasising but I don't know. I'm sorry for taking up your time Jade x
  16. Hi, my Name is Hannah. I'm from Germany so I have a valid excuse for every grammatical error I make. The reason I'm here is because I really feel I could need the advice, help and patience of some real christians. I would be very happy to speak with some people here who perhaps have gone through similiar things as I did. Feel free to talk to me at any time, I would be glad. And sorry for this rather weird introduction...
  17. Hi, my Name is Hannah. I'm from Germany so I have a valid excuse for every grammatical error I make. The reason I'm here is because I really feel I could need the advice, help and patience of some real christians. I would be very happy to speak with some people here who perhaps have gone through similiar things as I did. Feel free to talk to me at any time, I would be glad. And sorry for this rather weird introduction...
  18. creativemechanic

    "sound" advice

    Has anyone experienced thsi- people you know ,even though they know you are a christian, give you advice that they know clearly opposes scripture and thus your principles. I tend to get alot of ssaid comments from usually coworkers . Namely 1) I need to fornicate prior me getting married, because if i marry with no sexual experiences ill be unable to satisfy my wife who'll either leave or cheat on me (one even said shell leave me on our honeymoon) What also stemmed this was a reverend of all person in my country publicly said people should do this because you always test drive a car before driving it, it was in newspapers, people sang a song supporting his role, i even heard a professing christian support it. 2) I need to go to strip clubs because it will somehow benefit me. 3) i actually got heat from another christian who claims that nothing is wrong with being unequally yokes, if the person is interested in coming to church etc (reason stemming from her actually marrying n unsaved man while in a backslidden state, and he eventually got saved. 4) another person claimed that their pastor said people shold live together prior to marriage in order to get accustomed to each otherbefore tying the knot. (that one seems a bit reasonable imo if not for the high chance for sin to occur) 5) a man once told me that he had all the fun he wanted (woman wise) so now he can settle and marry. (sounds a bit reaonsable as well, but still wrong) Whats amusing is that if christians follow it theyll be criticised by other people for living that way. and marry its amazing but also sad because i could easily see people who arent as grounded agreeing and falling into sin by following them.
  19. charlotteann192

    Christian Advice greatly needed please!

    Hello all, My name is Charlotte and I am new to this website. I mostly joined because I am seeking Christian advice. Here is a little backstory on me: I grew up in church and have been a Christian basically my whole life. I still live at home with my parents, and my two younger brothers- one of which has autism. I am currently finishing up college, and have been under a great deal of stress lately. I have had medical issues come up, and I have a stressful job with weird while taking 18 hours in school. Though I am a Christian, I struggled with an eating disorder, and have since high school. However, I am seeking advice on sexual sin that recently came up. I am 21 years old and have had one boyfriend my entire life. My best friend, and most of my other friends are engaged, married, or soon to be engaged. My whole life I have been terrified about being single for life. I am such a dependent person, and It terrifies me to think I could end up alone. I am kind of shy and more of an introverted person. However, at the same time, I don't want to be in a relationship during this time in my life. My mom and I are really close, and I honestly to spend as much time with my family as I can, because I know one day my parents will be gone. The thought of them being gone one day keeps me up at night, I can't bare it. Now finally getting to the sin I have dealt with recently. I do not know what came over me, but I began online "dating" and basically sending nude photographs to strangers. I did this through an app called Yik Yak popular on our college campus. I sent out a phone number for my texting app saying I would send dirty pictures to anyone who wanted them. (completely anonymous with a texting app and my face cropped out) I feel like a complete idiot typing this, but it's true. I have never been so ashamed, disgusted, and angry with myself. I am very active in my church, and work in the children's ministry. The really sad thing is while I was doing that, I acknowledged that it was wrong, and that I was sinning against God, however I did it anyway. I thought "He will forgive me, eventually I'll feel bad about it and repent." What came over me and how could I have been so stupid?? Sorry for the long, rambly, and grammatically incorrect post. I am just so ashamed, stressed out, and not myself. I want to deep relationship with God, however it just seems impossible to me. It is hard for me to stay focused during sermons, Bible reading, and prayer because I have ADD as well. I guess, I am just seeking any advice anyone has to give. I don't have anyone I could really talk to about this, so advice would be appreciated.
  20. I have immense love for the Lord, but I have a hard time praying. One is, I feel all my prayers bouncing off the top of my ceiling, not because God does not listen, but because my mind starts second guessing. After I pray, I start thinking, 'Did that get to God? What if it didn't' Second thing is, I cannot really focus on God b'cos other thoughts pop up into my mind. Any advice/suggestions are welcome. GH
  21. HI everyone! I just need some insight and advice. I'm an 18 year old, who is currently enrolled in Bible College. I used to struggle a lot with self esteem when I was younger, I had a lot of issues concerning the way I look, and my body. Now, I can surely say that I have built up a lot of self-confidence, and I know now that I'm pretty stinkin' beautiful... well, I feel that way only until I run into a guy that I really really like, then I start to question myself a bit. Anyways, there's a new guy on campus, I've met him once earlier this year, at a school event (my school has lots of different campuses around the globe) and shortly after our brief meeting (it wasn't even a "meet" more than it was just us standing in the same room together) he followed me on a couple of social media platforms. He ended up moving to my campus, and we both live on site. I see him nearly every day, and we have spent a lot of time together (not alone, usually with the same group of friends) I've gotten some impressions that he may like me, from little things like... Him scoping me out of a crowd of about 10 other people, who he is pretty good friends with, and asking me to hold his ipad for him because he "trusts me"... like, I'm pretty sure he trusts most of the other people in the crowd (his best friend and fellow worship pastor was beside him)... why me? He loves to tease others, but when he teases me, it's different... he usually smiles the whole time, and even apologizes right after, even though he knows that I like it. A big thing that shows me the potential that he likes me though, is our eye contact. There will be times where we'll be with a group of friends, and we'll both just look at each other and keep eye contact for around 4-6 seconds, and I'm usually the one to cut it off, because I get nervous, I know that eye contact is a really big deal... but I don't know if I'm over thinking it... I just feel kind of bummed though because there is more of a possibility that he DOESN'T like me in that way, than he does. some reasons being that he's pretty out of my league, appearance-wise (he's very good looking, with a great smile and sweet blue eyes and nice blonde hair) and I'm kind of intimidated by WHO he is (his dad is a very well known pastor, who comes out on tv and all of that, plus, he's pretty much in charge of the school) and for himself, he just has this crazy awesome anointing on him. and lastly, he's said numerous times, he dates African Americans (the first time he said it, when I first met him he said he "ONLY" dates African Americans, while all the other times, he left out the "only" part) ... I'm hispanic... I kind of just went on a little rant, cuz I really feel like I needed it, lol... I just need someone to care enough to write a little something for me ANYTHING. please? thanks, God bless!
  22. I need some advice I am a (male) Christian teenager, and I have a really close, dear friend, who is a female. We spend a lot of time together and know each other really well, BUT both of us are totally against dating! Even so, everybody believes that we are, consequently freaking out both of our parents. Although we are not dating we see the possibility of it much, much later in life. Now my question is what should I/we do to stop people from thinking that we are dating. But it is also not as simple as that, we are close; during a ruff time of my life I tried to kill myself, she saved me and is the only one, to this day, to know of it! Because of that we both have an immense trust and Christianly love for each other. We meet every other week (at the coffee shop) to pray, read our Bibles, and talk. So in recap its a mess... you may not see why stopping a rumor (and our parents from freaking out) is so important, but once a rumor starts, if not stopped, it snowballs into something ugly! I try not to worry, however, about my reputation (what Man sees of me), but instead my character (what God knows of me), then let God handle my reputation. I would also ask advice from our youth leaders, but they would just say that we are dating (which we are not!). Anyways sorry for the long post, but its really been bothering me... Any good, Spirit lead, Christian advice??? P.S. We spend much more time together then that, generally week days 6-61/2 hours (mainly school), and on week ends 3-31/2 hours. I only mentioned the coffee shop, because that's what people get tripped up on the most. ~Jayme
  23. lyds+sjmom

    Newbie with a question

    Hello, brothers and sisters! I've been a believer for only about 5 months, am married with 2 children, and contain so much joy in Him! The biggest reason I originally started searching for a forum is my search for some biblical and personal advice from sound minds. I enjoy having conversations with other believers about the joy of Christ, but most of them look at me strangely and change the subject. The ones I do converse with love it, but it's such a few. I'm not being argumentative or rude, so what is the deal?!! When I ask questions to knowledgeable believers, they treat it like a job. Am I confused? Thanks!
  24. I believe the youth group is from 7th grade up to 12th grade. ewe teenagers... no just kidding!!!! They are such a tough audience as they are so filled with today and all that comes with that... God certainly has given you a very tough assignment- be faithful to Him and He will show you His glory in this... Love, Steven
  25. ok, so i have this friend whose husband is driving her up the wall. he is so stubborn in everything and never considers her in decision or considers her feelings. he is a very detatched, emotionless person, i have seen this for myself; and doesn't respond to her, period. needlesss to say, she feels totally alone in their relationship. not a good example for their two very young children. they've been married for three years. the guy says he's a christian, but as far as i can tell he's just outward for show to others. my friend is at the end of herself, she feels like she can't even pray about him anymore, or even love him. she says: how can you love someone who will never ever love you back? any thoughts/advice as well as prayer is appreciated. i really know what to say to her anymore, but my heart so goes out to her.