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Found 4 results

  1. Omegaman 3.0

    Many Apostlebilities

    This crossword puzzled is based on the use if the Greek word apostolos. It basically refers to 'one who is sent'. So, when Jesus called his disciples apostles, he was saying, "you are my sent ones". So, based on the Greek word, we will find more who are sent, that the first 14 we usually think of, don't let that throw you too much. This file, has two pages. It was designed to be printed on both sides of one sheet of paper. The first sided, is the crossword and the clues, and the clues will work best with the NIV probably, since it is from that version, that the words that fill in the blank spaces on the crossword puzzle are based. The second page or flip side, is the answer key, so be careful not to see it, if you want to solve the crossword puzzle without 'cheating'. The puzzle is here. The above link, is way clearer and designed for printing. A crude version, without the answer key, can also be seen below, but it is not nearly as clear:
  2. firestormx

    Apostles and Prophets

    Are Apostles and Prophets for today? Were the only Apostles the 12 and Paul or were Barnabas and James the brother of the Lord Apostles as well? If you believe Apostles are for today, then what are their responsibilities? Posted by edit after original post What makes someone an Apostle or what are the qualifications to be an Apostle.
  3. The Hometown of Peter, Andrew and Phillip May Have Just Been Discovered. Archaeologist in Galilee claim they may have found the lost village of Bethsaida, the hometown of Peter, Andrew and Phillip. John 1:44 Now Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. The name Bethsaida means, appropriately enough, ‘House of the fishermen.’ Over the ages it’s location was lost to history. Part of the mystery was that King Philip Herod had built over Bethsaida and renamed it Julias. Jewish historian Josephus Flavius said that Philip Herod remade the village into a proper Roman polis. Israel’s Haaretz first reported it: Bethsaida Discovery Then National Geographic covered it: The House of Jesus' Apostles Background on Bethsaida: The Mystery of Bethsaida
  4. Hello, I have an uncle who was brainwashed back in the 70's and moved his family (wife + 5 daughters) into a communal-type of housing facility. He was brutally abusive to his wife and daughters - cruel. She divorced him, he remarried an impressionable young woman who had two boys and he did many inhuman, depraved and cruel things to them as well - all abuse he justified with passages from the bible and by staying close to those who believe exactly what he believes. He went to prison for 15+ years for what he did to the two boys and when he was released, went to live with his mother until he could get back on his feet. Not once did he take responsibility for his actions. He only spoke of prison as "getting sent up river" or "those people who sent me to prison." Always used terms that did not describe the horror he put his families through. One day he made demands of my grandmother and locked himself in his room. Since Grandma is 83 years old my mother went to help and my uncle ended up walking out, quitting his job and we haven't heard from him since. That was over a year ago. What he left behind is why I'm here. The boxes of paperwork he hoarded contained all kinds of references to Wigglesworth, Bonhke and a few other pastors' name I can't recall. He wrote letters while in prison asking for information on these people and was turned down at every request. From what I've been able to find, these two were part of an Evangelistic movement in the early 20th century. But I've found links to reports of abuses of power and possible other crimes associated with at least Wigglesworth and Bonhke. My uncle ignored the court's suggestion that he seek psychiatric help when he was released from prison. In his papers we found his medical records and he was indeed troubled. When he was living with my grandmother, he told my mother that Wigglesworth, Bonhke and the other pastors were second apostles and it was his (my uncle's) job to find the next generation of apostles. This makes me REALLY suspicious of anything written by these people, but curious as to whether my uncle's obsession with them was because of his untreated mental illness or are they actually cult leaders who did bad things but hid their deeds with words about the Lord? If I had to go with my gut, I would avoid anything to do with them, but I'm still curious to find out more about them and what they did - whether it was a lot of good or a lot of damage. Anything you can tell me would be helpful. Thank you!