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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I want to make a thread where friends can share photos we've taken and exchange ideas about software, cameras, and equipment; even pics you've taken with your phone. I don't know how many if any will want to participate but I'm giving it a shot. ( Haha get it - shot ) I'll start by sharing a few photos I took today at a zoo we visited. Update: Editing this post after we've reached around 150 pages to say PLEASE try to limit reposting of others' photos when you comment. I am going back and shrinking all my reposts in hopes that people won't have to scroll endlessly and others won't get lost in the shuffle. Thank you everyone, I am really enjoying this! Edit #2 added 6/24/2017: apologies if this thread seems to derail at times. To me the fellowship with each other and the holy spirit is the main goal. Staying "on topic" is secondary. Edit #3 added 7/22/17: please have fun and feel free to post what you want. Party poopers are likely to be beaten with a frying pan .
  2. Q: Who had created hell? GOD is Love – He couldn’t: Love doesn't create tortures. On the other hand, All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:3) So, who had made it? A: Let's first try to make a right definition. Hell (a.k.a. sheol, hades, gehenna, bottomless pit) is the spirit area, actually existing and operating in the spirit world. The actual physical position of hell is deep down in the center of Earth globe (by Revelation 9:1-2 & 11:7 it's the bottomless pit.) However, even if some researchers ever get there, nothing of the sort might be found – much the same as a try to see Angels out there in the sky. Now, we humans are they who made it. All our sins (evil words & actions) are born in and commanded by the mind when we give in to evil thoughts sent out by Satan. Those evil thoughts of humans develop into their evil intentions, attitudes, words, actions and thus echo in the spirit world at some spirit dumping ground – hell. The last is still being enlarged by and actually waiting for the unsaved souls investing into it. For, surely, the total amount of sin done is much more than that repented of, confessed to and forgiven by LORD GOD. This Scripture (on another subject, but) might serve a good analogy: Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven. (Matthew 18:18) There are many Parables of Christ helping us to comprehend Heaven. Why can't we also comprehend hell several ways, compared to a bank wherein there are only negative accounts or debts (see Matthew 6:12) collected? Speaking of hell, there have always been people who had Visions of hell. The pictures honestly described are fearful, yet, hardly perceivable since they are but symbols. (We have come to the same conclusion discussing the Kingdom of Heaven in Q & A article 153.) Since the hell is spiritual, the tortures therein are spiritual too. Holy Scriptures described it as a fire – spirit fire it is. The fearful pain which physical fire does to a human body is compared to the pain, a human spirit suffers in hell. Probably, the second death is nothing but the eternal agony of conscience... Therefore, to have a personal glimpse into the hell, you and I might just recall any of those bad feelings of remorse, we all have had more than once. Try to imagine a clear total recall and the remorse embracing all our evil thoughts, words, and works. We cannot continue in that state of mind very long, can we? But the condemned spirits will... Many persons, I am aware, have entered into ingenious debates about the Eternal Fire, by which the wicked will be tormented after the Judgment. But we may conclude from many Passages of Scripture, that it is a metaphorical expression... Let us lay aside the speculations, by which foolish men weary themselves to no purpose, and satisfy ourselves with believing, that these forms of speech denote, in a manner suited to our feeble capacity, a dreadful torment, which no man can now comprehend, and no language can express... (John Calvin, Commentary on a Harmony of the Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, pp 200-201) Scripture reference: Psalm 9:15 (the hell is made by sinners); Isaiah 5:14 (the hell is being enlarged) 2Peter 2:4 (the hell is reserved unto Judgment) Revelation 14:9-10; 19:20; 20:10; 21:8 (spirit fire, second death); 20:13-14 (the hell becomes second death) The above is taken from Q & A book, article 8, http://igor.worthyofpraise.org
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