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Found 17 results

  1. I would like to request prayer for a righteous resolution to a pending divorce and yes children are involved. We ask for healing of confusion, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and for obedience to the Scriptures so that the marriage can remain intact and flourish for Gods glory. We wish to prevent the divorce and any custody issues. Help me to be the best husband to my wife and a great father to our children.
  2. Why wouldn't a husband leave you alone if they refuse to respect a boundary that they are well aware of? Is that grounds for a divorce? What if you want to leave but they just keep on coming back; him and his family making it impossible for you to move on in a healthy manner?
  3. Shalom My Christian family one of God's children is suffering in Canada, her husband after leaving his wife by first taking the matrimonial bed and letting sleep on the floor with their four children has choosen to divorce her to date a woman working at the children's school who kept winking at him. She is becoming suicidal and needs many prayers. Her name is Rahma in Canada pray for her,her children and for God to help her find him. Very urgent we need all the prayers available. Thank you. God bless!
  4. I am new in reading the Bible, and last night I read this passage that made me close the book and start crying. In Matthew 5:32, Jesus denounces divorce, stating that any man who divorces his wife other than for adultery, has caused her to become and adulteress. I got divorced after 12 years for reasons other than adultery. I'm discouraged in reading this, because it basically means that I will never be honored with another relationship blessed by God, even if it is with a Godly man, because I have become an adulteress through my divorce. I am only 32 and this is extremely depressing. Any thoughts or words of encouragement on this?
  5. My first husband died by his own hand. At that time I was not a practicing Christian. However, after his death I gave my life to Christ. A year or so later I met a young many in my church who was the youth minister. I knew that I wanted a man that knew God. This man appeared to know Jesus and we married. He later became a Pastor. When his ministry became "successful" he stopped being a husband. He did not have any affection towards me for over 16 years. I am now separated from him. He says he does not want to divorce me because he is a pastor. He has not spoken to me in the 6 mos. that we have been separated. He is waiting for me to divorce him. I have reached out to him but he will not call me at all. What should I do? Please help....
  6. DAILY BIBLE VERSE AND DEVOTION – PSALM 4:8 In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. – Psalm 4:8 New International Version (NIV) Now, many of us may lie down and sleep thinking of all the circumstances and problems in our lives and whether the following day is going to be different and solutions to them are going to be brought. There might be countless times where you’ve asked yourself why you’re surrounded by a large number of circumstances or whether the huge adversity you’re going through will end at any time. What’s more, you feel like you cannot find a way out of it. The other day, I was at university with some mates; classes had already finished and we’d decided to have a get-together, afterwards. So we sat down on the grassy ground and a guy suggested that we could sing something from our church. And we did so and an another guy joined us by playing the guitar. That precise moment let me remember memories of my childhood. One summer morning, at the age of 13, I got up feeling that that day was going to differ from the others. Mom and dad had started arguing again and I was in the middle of the shouting among them. One week had gone by and they had decided to get divorced. That was, for me, one of the most horrible and hard moments, and I’d never thought that I was going to be one of the children in the list of “Divorced Parents”. Honestly, I wasn’t able to assimilate what was going on at that very moment. The promises of God, we all regularly repeat like “ God’s in control”, “Trust in him”, “He’s going to get this problem fixed” among others seemed to be gone. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and let me understand that it was possible to get out of the current troubles in our lives. God managed to do so and this is demonstrated on the cross. Have you ever imagined whether it could’ve been extremely hard for God to accept that his one and only son was going to be sacrificed? God is a father to all of us, and a father cares about his sons and daughters; he even cries for them. Would you dare to let your son or daughter be sacrificed? If you thought of it, I think your answer would be, “No”. When God says he’s on your side and he encourages you to keep going is because he went through the hugest adversity ever, the death of his son who later rose again. So, I’m here to encourage you and to say that God loves you, and he’s carrying you through the circumstances so that you don’t get hurt. Do not give up. Remember that circumstances are a excuse for God to bless your life in all aspects. Stay Still!
  7. Hi family. i married my wife at a point where i was desperate to get my greencard. However she was married before & got divorced because according to her, her hisband was not treating her right & she made effort for counselling but he did not change. She claimed he was cheating but with no specific evidence except gor the text messages she found on his phone. we met & dated for 3months and been married going 4months now. She loves me a lot & we understand eachother very much. I did pray to God to show me if it was going to be a wrong decision before i went but i didnt seem to hear anything from God. I remember the pastor who counselled us asked us, on a scale of 1-10 how much do we want to get married. I said "honestly, a 7" & she said 8. I do my best everyday to be a good person & fearing God. Looking back, my conscience pricks me because deep deep down in me, i was in it for my papers. However, My papers is yet to arrive but i want to ask for forgiveness from her, her parents & God and return to my home country. Is it right in the sight of God? Is it still a sin regardless? Can i be free from her after confessing?
  8. I feel like I made a bad decision in marrying my husband. I believe he has a mental impairment and although he is a teacher he is slow to process information and behaves inappropriately. I have son with him who has a developmental delay which I believe he will overcome. Hisfamily doesn't like me. Hismother is weird and horrible to me. One of his brothers had alabel of mental retardation and overcame it. I didn't truly realize all these things until I gotmarried to him and I can not imagine having another child with him or building a life especially since my in laws treat me horribly. I am miserable
  9. I need help that only God can give me, strength that I don't have, joy and peace that has been shaken, and I'm fighting fear, which is not of God. It's been a week since my wife left me. She had distanced herself from me and I confronted her and, long story short, she said that she didn't want this. She said that she doesn't want to be married anymore. This came out of nowhere and it completely rocked my world. She wants a different type of life. She says that she's missed out on some things and she wants to pursue them without the entanglements of commitment or the weight of marriage. But she has not asked for divorce. She's been out of the house sleeping at a friend's house who has a vacant room. To keep the kids secure, she's coming in before they wake up so that she can take them to school; then she picks them up and is here until my 11yr old goes to bed for the night; then she's gone. We went to church as a family and also shared Thanksgiving, however that was the worse thanksgiving I've ever had. This is a satanic attack and he wants to destroy my marriage, kids, and ministry. I instantly saw my children's future and it frightened and saddened me. I've explained this to her, but she's blinded by the enemy. I love her so deeply. I am depressed, lonely and sad. I fought for understanding and tried every logical and theological argument that she would tolerate. FTR, I don't believe she's sleeping around. She's a descent woman and she loves the Lord, but she's seduced by Satan and doesn't know it. Her heart has grown hard and cold to the influence of God's word. God has revealed to me that she will be back, but the pain doesn't go away...the fear doesn't either. I just gave it to God and told her that I won't stress her anymore over it. I told her that I would support her aspirations, and I would be here for her in whatever way she needed me to reach her goals. But this is so risky and I know it's an satanic attempt to rip our lives apart. Without God's intervention I'm witnessing the beginning of the end of my marriage. This hurts beyond description. I don't know what to do other than cry, support her and love her pray for her. Anything else will only serve to drive a wedge between us. There's still a connection and there's still hope. I'm open to ideas or testimonies that may give me hope. I don't understand, and I'm severely depressed. I don't eat and I've lost 10 lbs since she told me last week. I'm praying that everything falls back in place. Pray that I be the man that she needs. Pray that she has the success that she needs while our marriage is still intact, so that she won't think that even with this Arrangement it still is an obstacle that needs to be removed. Pray that God softens her heart and restore her affection for me. Pray that the Lord bring restoration to our relationship. Of course my heart is broken. I am devastated. I am undone. But I believe that the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous will avail. I believe that if we ask and I will receive my wife back. I need prayer for strength so that I can endure this. Thank you, pray my strength in the Lord.
  10. I am a parent who is a victim of parent alienation. I am interested in other Christian parents who may be going through a similar experience.
  11. Hi everyone: Thank you for letting me be a member here. It looks like a good site, and it's easy to find your way around too. Would you mind praying for me, and also share some Bible verses to help me? I'll explain.. I am a Christian; have been since February 13th, 1985 at 9:58pm (Yes, I know exactly when!). My wife (or soon to be ex wife) is a Christian as well, she's been a Christian since 1983. On March 4th of this year, late afteroon, I arrived home at our house in the Seattle, WA area and found her with another man. I will not describe exactly where and what they were doing, but I'm sure if you think about it for a moment you can guess. I'm trying to be respectful here. It turns out they had been having an affair off and on over a period of years-and I had no idea. I can't believe it. Later that evening when I had recovered from the shock, we talked a bit. It was very awkward. My wife told me she wanted a divorce and "didn't want to go to church anymore." And I have been a stay at home dad since 2008, caring for our young adult son who has autism. So, that day I was also with no income and not much money in my wallet. I tried staying in our house for a few weeks because I had nowhere to go, no family close by to help me. My wife was around during the week and then on the weekends she went to her "friends" house. Toward the end of March, I checked myself into a local hospital. I had not been eating for quite some time and I had lost 30 pounds. While I was in the hospital, my wife essentially locked me out of the house, so when I was discharged, I was very, very close to going to a homeless shelter. I don't know why she had to lock me out of the house; while I was certainly very mad, I was not a danger to anyone. But I can't spend my time trying to analyze everything. I don't have enough energy for that. At the last minute, one of my sons in New Mexico arranged for me to fly to where he lives with my daughter in law and my grandsons. I am living there now, and I have to get a job, get on my feet, get my own place, etc. That, and deal with the horrendous stress of the divorce which is eating me up too. My wife, for whatever reason, is making life difficult for me even long distance. She's getting in the way of me getting access to funds that are rightfully mine, and just doing whatever she can to "get in my head." Me being without a job, and no money to speak of, I need every dollar freed up that I can get. My son has even paid for an attorney for me, and even the attorney is having a hard time. Can you get the picture that this is a nightmare for me? It is! Thank God for Jesus in my life. He's such a major lifeline to me right now. Please pray for just an overall improvement in my situation. I really need to get a job, but I am going to be honest and say I'm having a hard time getting through the day without sobbing. I sometimes ask The Lord how am I supposed to get a job when I can't keep my head together for a few hours at a time? And I really need my wife to cooperate on some things so I can get some money, any money, that's rightfully mine. I've been praying for my wife a lot, and it gives me peace inside when I do. I've also prayed for the guy she's with, that he will come to know Jesus as his savior. And a final request.. If anyone can offer some guidance, what are some great Bible verses that I can count on to remind me that God is not going to let me fail here? I'm not sure how to word it; some Bible verses that speak to God's restoration in my life in terms of not just money, but my spiritual life, my mental health, and just all around? I am trying to focus on just a few verses at a time and not an exhaustive study, as my brain is pretty fried and I can't concentrate very well at times. If you can help me I will appreciate it and please do pray for me. Thank you! John L.
  12. I have been searching this forum on this topic of remarriage but could not find any discussions or info about it. I have been extensively trying to find the truth about this topic only to end up with several different opinions from people (and many of them are biased also), but actually there can only be one truth. The other problem of this topic is that there are so many different situations one can find themselves in and on the other hand there is not a lot of scripture explaining in detail every situation. The general question is: Can a divorced person remarry? Except what is stated to be obvious in scripture, like if their spouse dies they are free to remarry, let's focus on the situation were one is either divorcing or being divorced and from the viewpoint of a divorced man and then of a divorced woman (there seems to be a difference mentioned in scripture). Can a divorced man remarry? Can a divorced woman remarry? When is remarriage OK, if at all and why or why not, in both situations of a man and a woman being divorced and being the one divorcing. I also don't want to talk about divorce being not the will of God and that God's hates divorce, that is a given. Please back up every comment with scripture, I don't want just your opinion, it has to be based on the word of God. Please do include if possible any cultural background information in light of scripture of the times it was written in that might help to understand the meaning of the scripture and how it applies to the current times (since the Word of God is timeless but it helps at times to know the background info). Also word studies in the original language that help to understand the meaning of a scripture in better detail than the english translation is welcome. God bless!
  13. I do not see a divorce section here. Have I simply overlooked it? In any case, I am in a situation where divorce is inevidible. I was married for nearly two decades and for the past two years, wife was determined to distroy it. And she did. Cheating is a deal breaker at some point. You may get past it the first time, but at some point you can no longer deal with it. I never thought my marriage would end this way. I assumed that we would terrorize an old folk's home together. Now I feel the 'ol "darn if I do and darn of I dont." In some circles, I will be rejected for my divorce. If I remarry, I would be rejected in other circles. What has been some of you divorceesed experiences? Please share. I can say that has been the most painful experience of my life. We do need a section that deals with this sbject and offers support
  14. hi everyone im currently going through divorce im 22 years old me an my x wife seperated last year she cheated on me and i forgave her and she decided to leave me for the same boy she cheated on me with now she is pregant with this mans child and wants nothing to do with me we both are christians i still walk in faith still heart broken of course but God is with me shes happy with her new bf there have there kid soon? can some help me is divorce wrong in this situiation i mean i cant do anything at this point iv moved on but still pain in my heart she doesnt care. i no what she did was so wrong of someone to do. What does God think about this guys? someone help
  15. When I'm not depressed and distracting myself then I have to deal with the grief. I'm getting there though it still hurts like hell. Got Kris from church signed on now as some sort of mentor for me or something. Counselling is not gonna help right now making it all about me or whatever. Christian counselling on the other hand...I can list all the good things to come outta it and know Dad is completely healed and restored and not in pain. But it hurts so dam much and I prayed so dam hard and if God is as amazing and powerful as I know he is, he could have done these good things other ways. I know I'll never know the answers and trust God with whatever comes in the future. Not worried about anything, even if we have to move. But still mad that he let it happen. Satan and humans pigheadnesses caused all this brokenness but God could have prevented it. I just want my Dad and get very focused on myself. Church has adopted me know too. Apparently I am know administration...Now sure when I agreed to that but Friday mornings I fold the bulletins and make coffee and even do the prayer over the church directory and have me pray for some of the people as well. I'm telling you they are keeping a close eye on me. Father's day I cried the entire church service then slept until 5pm...I was glad to be at church though. it's very comforting now. For a while it seemed normal not having Dad around but my depression is lifting, not quite gone but getting there, and now of course I have feelings again...When I'm depressed it's almost impossible to put my thoughts and feelings into words despite how bad I may want to communicate. Easier to "show" people I guess so they feel a bit of what I'm feeling. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151700372136136&l=4357897968039702171 Dad got sick in December, pre-leukemia the doctors think and possible other kinds of cancer not detected. It moved so fast. We cared for him at home, there were no treatments to help and he hates the hospital. He passed away March 2nd so it's been four months today. I struggle to talk to others because I feel guilty for still being mad about it. I have seen SOOO much good come out of it and seen at ;east 5 people come to Christ during his last days. My Dad's cousin Lloyd passed away last month from the same condition. We rent our house which is currently up for sale. My older brother is getting a divorce and has had a kidney stone for the last 2 weeks. Both David and Nicki have lost so much weight from the stress. David has been trying so hard to follow God but Nicki refuses to try and fix their marriage. It's tearing the kids apart the atmosphere is so toxic so David is seeing a divorce lawyer but trying to continue to seek God through it all. Kailey at 17 refuses to have anything to do with her Mom who has pulled away from everyone and faith and spends every weekend partying. I just want her to wake up before she loses the relationship she has with her other 2 kids. Cole 13 is starting to get annoyed with his Mom and Haidyn 9 is constantly in tears and stressed. My aunt who has been doing amazing for years on the same meds is now struggling for bipolar depression. My grandpa is getting dementia and is getting weaker and is miserable with everyone. God blessed me with allowing me to be at my best for my Dad's last months, feeling happy and myself. The bipolar is back is full swing now and lost sight of hope that depression is only temporary. What a year. Honestly cannot see how anyone could make it through any of this without God's strength to stay standing and his hold on your hand to keep your feet from falling, one step at a time. I don't wanna be depressed anymore. I want to feel close to God again without thinking this isn't fair because although I don't understand his ways I really do trust his judgment. Much more reliable than mine when I'm up one moment and down the next. He sent his son to die on the cross and my Dad is now completely healed and restored in heaven. The best thing I could ask for besides one more day with him. Though I know all this and believe all this, I still have all these jumbled up feelings inside. I know being bipolar makes me more susceptible to depression and I'm in the middle of grieving. But I feel like I'm letting God down...
  16. Hello everyone! This is a question for those who have gotten remarried after a divorce (either biblical or not), I am deathly afraid that after I remarry the Holy Spirit will leave me. I am afraid of this because I read that remarriage after divorce is a constant state of adultery which you can not repent of, and no adulterers will enter the Kingdom of heaven. My question is: after you got remarried do you feel like the Holy Spirit left you? Do you feel any different? Maybe more spiritually dry or less saved? I am afraid that after I sign that paper the Holy Spirit will immediately leave me and I will be spiritually dead. I have been in torment over this for months now. I was engaged a few months ago...the wedding date was for July 6th, but I called it off because of all this. When I got my divorce a few years ago I was not a Christian, neither is my ex. He committed adultery while we were still married. And now I love a Christian man that I believe God brought into my life, either to test me by tormenting me with wanting to marry him, or He brought him into my life to marry. He actually was the one that lead me to the Lord 2 years ago. The following is copied from an email I sent to a friend....I was too lazy to retype it all here! I have been reading a ton of articles and commentaries by pastors about remarriage after divorce. Some say that if someone remarries then they MUST get a divorce or else they are going to hell! They say this based on the scripture that says "no adulterers will inherit the Kingdom of God" and some other pastors say that that scripture applies to those NOT saved, we have been washed by the blood. And there is scripture that says "all manner of sins will be forgiven....except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" some say that that would be someone who is remarried and ignores the conviction of the Holy Spirit to repent and divorce and some say that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is repeatedly cursing Him and knowing that you are doing it. So this is just driving me crazy! So, lets just say that remarriage is ALWAYS adultery and that the people involved are going to hell, this is what it entails (and why I think it doesn't make sense!) this means.... 1.) Anyone who has remarried and their ex spouse is still alive, is going to hell along with their new spouse. 2.) You have to pray that your ex spouse dies before you or your current spouse does that way you can go to heaven, based on the belief that remarriage is only permissible if the ex is dead. If me and Jim got married we would have to hope Brian dies so our marriage would no longer be adultery and we can go to heaven. 3.) Before you witness to someone it would be a good idea to ask them "are you currently remarried after a divorce?" and if they reply "yes" then you don't have to witness to them because they are damned to hell anyways no matter what. 4.) When Jesus gave His sermons those in the audience that were remarried had to go and get a divorce so that they could be true believers in Christ and go to heaven. 5.) As soon as someone remarries they immediately forfeit their salvation and the Holy Spirit leaves them, they become spiritually blind and stop believing in Jesus, they stop hungering for Him as well, they become spiritually dead and dry. I have yet to hear of any Christian remarriage testimonies, but it would be interesting to hear if they "felt" anything different inside after getting remarried, if maybe they felt the Holy Spirit leave them. 6.) If remarriage after divorce is really so black and white that would mean king Xerxes and Esther are in hell right now because he put away his wife and married Esther, so they were both committing adultery. Or was this one of God's special exceptions to the rule? 7.) If a woman's husband went away to war and wasn't heard from for 20 years and is presumed dead, but by some miracle turns up alive and she is remarried by that time would she be going to hell along with her spouse? Unless the first husband dies before they do thereby setting her free from the law. 8.) Theoretically you could hire someone to kill your ex to set your free from that "bond" and repent of course, and then marry and it would be ok? Because as long as he is dead you are free to remarry. You could pull a king David. (don't worry, not tempted!) 9.) It is better for me and Jim to be boyfriend and girlfriend and be intimate with each other, committing single acts of fornication than to get married and commit one long continuous act of adultery and be cast into hell. This sounds crazy, but some Christians are actually doing this because they fear getting remarried! They just "repent" after each time! They are opting to just have live-in boyfriend/girlfriends or even sleep around because they would rather sin here and there rather than be living in a sinful lifestyle choice. This might all boil down to two questions...what is blaspheming the Holy Spirit? And can someone lose their salvation? Thank you everyone for reading this, I know it was long, but I have been tormenting and troubled by this for a long time. I just want to be at peace about it. I feel convicted that it is a sin, but not so much that it is an unpardonable sin. God bless! Natalie
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