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Found 5 results

  1. The Second Coming will come suddenly. For many years I thought that the trumpet events would be the last warnings before the last trumpet sounded. If that were so, it would not surprise us - at least those who are in the Light. Those who are in darkness will be taken by surprise. They will be going about their normal everyday activities, and planning for the future because in their minds, life will go on as it has for thousands of years. And if they do see catastrophic events happening, they will interpret it as a natural event, not an act of God or some prophetic warning sign. Yet a super volcanic eruption, an asteroid or a nuclear war may get their attention. Then they will flock to the churches- if anyone is there to preach to them. But what if all we experience as warnings are what we've seen happening in the last 50 years: the gradual worldly dissent into immorality; along with the wars, rumors of wars, famine, pestilence and earthquakes in various places, etc. ? Is it possibly that His coming will not only resemble the days of Noah before the Flood, but also happen on the same day, on the 2nd month, 17th day? And then if so, what year? Somewhere between the 70-80 years that refers to one generation in Psalm 90:10 and beginning from 1948. The Day of Atonement is approaching and then on Nov. 15, the anniversary of Noah's Flood. Noah and His family knew, they were warned and they prepared 100 years for it. As his family knew and prepared, so do we know He is Coming and we are prepared and not in the dark.
  2. Hello again. Long story short, I had an unfortunate, sudden but not unexpected death in the family recently. The adult siblings all gathered. 5 families, 4 of which are lapsed or worse. We get on the topic of faith, and I'm sent into action. I defend truth as vehemently as I know how. However, I'm green, an amateur. I was challenged on the great flood and I was tripped up. A very sly objection I had never heard or had to defend anywhere. I was challenged on the timing of the Bible vs. Gilgamesh when it comes to the great flood. My only defense was to ask for empirical proof of dates and to explain the Bible was orally passed down for a long time as well. I also explained how all the Messiah myths of old were simply false Christ stories attempting to fulfill old testament prophecy, and it's backwards to think those myths are the same thing as the Jesus Truth which in fact DID fulfill ALL prophecies (attempting to correlate this logic to the Genesis flood). But I'm not satisfied with myself on the Gilgamesh topic and would like to ask if anyone could help basically debunk Gilgamesh as an empirical proof of an older flood story compared to Genesis? I apologize if the answers are already archived here, I'm just trying to engage some positive discussion, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. How did Noah's family replenish the Earth?
  4. If I recite the Apostles Creed or a protestant equivalent, would that help, or will the Spirit of Truth be enough? I could tell the story of the Holy Spirit's introduction, but it's been a continuous process, not a singular event. Imagine you were being trained for the spiritual Olympics, and you have some idea what I've experienced. I was approached with strong evidence of power in my youth, but not in a way that would scare me off, and no human hand was involved. "Wow," was the point, which quickly dispels the "why me?" Have you ever wondered what the underlying purpose might be, for giving two men ultimate power over the Earth's resources? The answer may surprise you, but if it does, then like those who are astonished when they see Mystery Babylon, will you understand? Can you? You have heard of the faithful falling away, but what is this, really? What is the underlying cause? If you already know then you won't be astonished. The power that will be revealed to all flesh, will be directly proportional to the denial of the power at hand. It's a final choice between the power of Jesus, who is the Lord of the Earth, and the Antichrist, who is the Lord of humanism The power of the Antichrist is seen now mostly through humanism and its fruits, including fire from heaven, which has already been presented by way of a talking idol image. If you doubt this, or understand that's the point. The false miracles have already begun. What happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a false copy of what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah. It was presented to you as something good at the time, but was it really? My job is to point to the destructive power of the Antichrist and to point to, and call both it, and Him for what they are, while destroying its fruits and his message. At the same time I will be distinguishing the power of God vs the Antichrist. Everything made by men is fair game, including the flesh that made it, and if you’re elected, then you know this. If I said "pray for me" here, I'm sure I would receive an outpouring of support, most likely for my mental health, but if I show that I've already begun to destroy the status quo, to help bring in the Kingdom of Heaven, would you welcome that? So far, the reception by Christians to my message has been a mixture of fear, disbelief, distrust, and even envy. The falling away has been a great success, but Jesus is a far better administrator, and you know this renewal happens by force. It has to, it’s like weeding a garden with a plow. So please, repent now of whatever you feel is keeping you from the Kingdom of Heaven, and know that the Spirit of Truth is both your conscious and your conscience. The evidence for the coming spiritual Olympics is already available. The training is underway.
  5. I took a trip to San Diego to visit the Creation Museum. They had a display showing Adam & Eve riding dinosaurs, among other bizarre articles claiming Neanderthals were just like us humans but little shorter. They explained that baby dinosaurs and their eggs could have fit on board. I showed this to my college professor who said the answer is simple. Dinosaurs (except for a few of their bird descendants), died out around 65 millions yrs ago, whereas the oldest human fossil ever discovered was “Lucy” in Ethiopia in 1974. They carbon-dated her skeleton to be about 175-200k yrs old. So dinosaurs could not have lived at the same time as people. I’m not one of those Christians that believe the Earth is 6000 yrs old nor do I follow the ‘gap theory’. I asked my pastor and he said that dinosaurs did exist but human remains from that time period were washed away with the great flood making it hard to match the two. My neighbor lady (a retired nun) said she doesn’t even believe in dinosaurs since they’re not in the bible anywhere and believes it’s all a government conspiracy. Dinosaurs on the arc? Science tells me no. The bible tells me yes?
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