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Found 4 results

  1. Blessings Everyone May God be with us & keep us,lead us & guide us and may we give Him Glory in all we do,,,,,,& SAY!!!! Lately there has been a lot of "talk" about "false teachers",,,,,,,,well,actually there has always been false teachers and there always will be,,,,,,but is the alleged "false teacher" preaching another Gospel or are they just "people" as we are & fall short of the Glory of God,as we all do? I did not start this Thread for the purpose of getting anyone stated on a rant or a tangent,,,,,,,"BUT,,,,this one said this & this one said that" or here's a link to show-blah ,blah,blah, The purpose of this Thread is to hopefully encourage the finger pointers to understand that when you point a finger there are 3 pointing back at YOU!Okay,the usual rebuttal will be,,,,,"BUT,,,,they are teaching a false doctrine",,,,,,Well,are they now? Let's say what the Apostle Paul says.... The most common targets are the televangelist,,,,,,,,am I saying that all the claims about them are false,that they are true? No,not at all,,,,,,what I am saying is that we must be very mindful of what exactly we are doing when we make accusations against anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,We read in blogs & "anti such & such" articles claiming to expose the Truth,we listen to others quote a particular person as saying'this lie & that lie",we hear "excerpts" of a sermon or "see" it televised and clearly it is non-Scriptural but think about it,,,,,,is this what you saw & heard for yourself? Do you think when anyone is accused of being a false teacher and the accusers show you the video tape of what they said that perhaps in the next breathe(not recorded of course) they may have said,,,"oops ,that came out wrong,,,,,let me correct what I said...." I just cannot judge or make any kind of determination of my own without having listened(in person) to EVERYTHING that person says,,,,,,,,,,,it then becomes hearsay,rumor,tale bearing & gossip,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Do I KNOW this person? Have I HEARD everything they say? Was I there?,,,,,No,well then"sahut my mouth!" Please understand,I am not talking about the ones that come on TV,try to sell you some prayer cloth or article that will bring you a million dollars if you purchase it from them & that you must do"this & that" for iT to work,,,,,,,,completely leaving Jesus out of every sentence and NO GOSPEL is ever preached,,,,,,,,that is not even a teacher,they are salesmen "peddling Scripture" for profit,,,,,,,,that is NOT the Topic of the Thread The Topic is about US,Brothers & Sisters of the Same Body and of the Brother or Sister who stands accused,,,,,,,I listen to TBN(Trinity Broadcast Network),,,,I see Joseph Prince,Andrew Wommack,Joyce Meyer,Steven Furtick,Dr Jeremiah,Arthur Blessed,Max Lucado,Joel Osteen,Creflo Dollar,T.D.Jakes just to name a few,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do I agree with every Word they say in their commentaries or interpretations,,,,,no,not always,,,,,,,,,do I hear the Gospel,is Jesus being preached,yes,,,yes He is! Are people being shown to the Way of the Cross,are they pointing to Jesus,,,yes,yes they are! So what is so awful? Have I heard every single thing they say,no I have not but what I do hear sounds like a message of Salvation through Faith in our Lord & Savior which brings us to the Grace of God!!!!! Please,I'm asking all of you,,,,,,,do your best not to turn this Thread into a name calling Thread,we are not the judges nor jury,,,,,,,,we are all responsible to look to Gods Word to see if what we hear is the Gospel,Gods Truth an d so is every person wcho receives the message,,,,,,the teachers will have to give an account for every idle word they have spoken,,,,,,,,the point is,let God be the Judge & Rejoice,for Christ is being preached,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this Topic is about US,not them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let us be mindful,kind,loving,merciful,compassionate & forgiving,,,,remembering always,if we have not heard the whole story,,,,zip it! My dad used to say,believe none of what you hear & half of what you see(in reference to gossip & rumor) His side,Her side & the TRUTH Praise Jesus With love-in Christ,Kwik
  2. Psalm 59:9 - "O my Strength, I will watch and give heed to You and sing praises; for God is my Defense." The soul that is not recollected in one appetite alone (the desire for God) loses heat and strength in the practice of virtue. Affirmation: I WILL CONCENTRATE THE STRENGTH OF MY APPETITES ON GOD ALONE. "I will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars." - Isaiah 45:2 As we are yielded to the Lord, He makes the path straight before us. Once we understandour CALLING in Christ He equips us for the journey. At times we have limited vision of the path ahead and what we are going through, but the Lord has the big picture and He calls us to trust in Him. He takes even our failures and disappointments and reconfigures them to work together for good. God invites us to hold onto the promises He has given us in scripture of our inheritance in Christ, our right standing with God, and to believe He is able to do the impossible for us.Hold onto faith as small as a mustard seed, because that alone is enough faith to see mountains move and giants fall. We need to deal with any area of unbelief in our lives. Faith and unbelief both come by what we are hearing or giving attention to. We choose to have faith come into our heart by "hearing and hearing" the Word of God. The power of God is unleashed in the lives of those with true faith. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6 "Truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move and nothing will be impossible to you." - Matthew 17:20 NASB James 3:8 - "But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison." Affirmations: I BOLDLY DECLARE THAT MY TONGUE IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. MY WORDS ARE SEASONED WITH GRACE, AND MY LIPS ARE CONSTANTLY GIVING THANKS TO GOD! THIS IS WHAT MY TONGUE SPEAKS BECAUSE IT IS SUBMITTED TO THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST. ALBERT FINCH MINISTRY
  3. I have been at my church for 5 years now and after completing the "Christian Recovery" program my whole personality has changed. The program really helped me to open myself up to God and let Him make changes in me. This has been a great thing, but I have noticed that now that I am more open and openly focused on God and allowing myself to feel joy at all times. I trust God to take care of everything so I don't waste time worrying. The problem I'm having is I'm dealing with several women at my church that have begun to gossip and even lie about me. I know it is their issue to deal with but it really bothers me sometimes.
  4. Hello there, it's been a while since I posted here. I went through alot of change since the last post, but to be honest it feels like my situation has only gotten worse. My current understanding is that I have toxic family members that are being more invasive and actively getting involved with my personal life and poisoning potential relationships that I make personally. What leads me to believe this was the several personal confrontations and arguments with them last year that tuned for the worst, and them making subtle hints that they know more about me than I thought they knew. The family knows me personally my entire life, they know I have been a complete loner with no social experience and all the bad stuff I did they don't mind to gossip about it like they're keeping a roster waiting to expose it to the next person I talk to. My experience the past two years have been terrifying with jobs and involvement with church ministries, and the only explanation is that they have had some involvement. I told you all the last time when I worked, they used to snooped my room while at work to find some sort of dirt to gossip through the family, and several times they did make stuff blow up. I changed locks and now they're using gossip to ruin my relationships outside the family as well. Somehow they're using this tool as a standard to keep me in this terrible situation. Of all the corrupt stuff that goes on in our family, I don't know why I am a target(maybe easy target?). I haven't even done half the stuff most people in the family committed and still feel like I'm waking on eggshells See, what most people fear about building a social life is if the other person will like them in the end, and then that person also finds confidence after some social opportunities with trial and error. What I have is family members that are ACTIVELY sharing my personal life entirely to the new communities I meet before I even get to know them personally. Right now am talking to another woman for the second time in my life and so far feel like relatives have already compromised this relationship. I don't feel like I can truly be honest with her and feels like she already been told about me in the questions and suggestions she asks me. One strong example that relatives may be monitoring me was this past weekend, I told no one that I was going to the city for a meetup to talk to complete strangers from an online website about computer stuff, really mechanical computer keyboards. Somehow relatives knew about it and the ones that I do not get along with was the first to call me about it, which scared me how fast they knew. I even had a social media account under a vague pseudonym get attention with random people who knew stuff about me, talking about odd stuff like the area where I lived to my involvement with my church. Turned out a relative somehow knew about that account which I deleted. I faced the same things with the past two jobs. The former job led to harassment and other employees somehow eavesdropping on my personal conversations during breask, got to the point that they left their materials in my work area and I went to my supervisors about it. They wanted me to come in that following Monday to asses the situation. I could not believe that my relatives would leak stuff to my work which I was harassed for. Usually stuff like this a handful of times would be normal for the average Joe, but this have been consistent with me for the past two years. Right now Hopefully this will not be a life thing. What I did do before some of these instances to get my facts right was research on possible ways this could be happening, and found out that smartphones are basically spying devices. Somehow Just knowing your phone number/service provider anyone can track calls, texts, GPS and phone activity without any extensive work(three relatives actually brag about how they can track someone with just their number). Heck, even all a person needs to snoop on you is a good connection with someone who works for your phone service provider. I have an iPhone and went into detail about such potential activity. Apple Store and my service provider argued with the scam that "iPhones are immune to viruses like spyware", but my experience has suggested otherwise. Last year I joined a ministry at our local church that I tried several times before to join in. After finally joining, the initial two months were cool, they shown me the inns and outs on operation during services and helped out on some projects during the months up to December. Of course word got around the family that I am involved in the church. There wasn't strong evidence that there was something going on at the moment, but I did notice that members started to become passive with me, but that was no big deal. Somehow after another two more weeks they began to mention personal stuff about me and brought up stuff that I never shared, stuff that my family would only know. This went on for another month and felt like mind games the moment I make it into the door of the ministry. I backslid out of the service and haven't been back yet, mainly because the members were completely ignoring me to the point I had to force their attention and they were fake with me in the end. Three months after I left they sent a text this past week that they missed me and was worried. I replied back that I was sorry and was going through some mental stuff and would be there the weekend. They did not even respond to my text and left me hanging. I did meet them after service and they still acted like they didn't even know me, like nothing changed between us so I just left again. A coincidence that same day's sermon the pastors made statements that they knew such activity exists in the church, but don't let that be a reason to leave a ministry or something so I might try and go back and try another ministry when I find myself right. Other stuff that I tried to help with my situation is asked one of the pastors at church for guidance. After the first meet, I couldn't get in contact with him again. I've read some self help books that did not help much. I have Joseph Prince's book "Right Believing" and read it twice with various notes and still didn't help. There was a week long test the book gave to look immediately to Jesus and his grace whenever negative thoughts came, I really had a hard time with that. So I had two psychiatrist work with me over the situation and neither helped, only prescribed me meds that severely sedates me throughout the day and my last checkup they didn't even adjust the dosage. So I prayed over the situation since his entire situation with toxic relatives have been going on for five years now, but never actually was resolved. Right now it feels like the enemy has been continually victorious over my life. I'm afraid to use my phone to do anything now. I suggested getting a regular"dumb phone", but was told it's very vulnerable to tapping and monitoring. It's hard to pass this over just as some mental illness, because when I shown all my texts to my mother and sister from these relatives and communities they can't even make sense of it. One last thought is something my political science teacher taught us, was that people are naturally factious and oppressive, they joined together for a common hate or organization to oppress others. Examples such as Nazi Germany, KKK and even have been very popular in smaller instances especially online in the form of some stalking or cyber bullying(guaranteed what might be happening to me). I'm just really lost, because I'm the only person this is happening to in the family and since other's don't have the same situation or experienced it, they're feeding me some fallacy of composition because this is an abnormal situation. Thoughts?
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