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Found 20 results

  1. Jesus said. "I and my Father are One". "If you've seen ME, you've seen the Father". Thomas the Apostle, kneeling, crying, said to the RISEN Lord Jesus....."My Lord and my God. " Jesus is the Living Bread who came down from Heaven to take you back to Heaven. Do you see Jesus smiling at you all the time? He is... Imagine Jesus wrapping His arms around you, and hugging your soul, as that is how Deeply He is able to touch you on the inside where you need it the most. Looking into the face of Jesus, you see the smile of God smiling back at YOU. Jesus is The Light of the World He Created. When Jesus said "Lazareth come forth" He was careful not to just say "come forth", as had He said this, then all the Graves on the entire planet would have released their Dead. Soon He is going to appear and say "RISE" and all who are dead "in Christ" will, and all the Living Born Again shall see their Holy King, Savior, and Lord. Jesus is The Grace of God. Jesus is The Blood Atonement. Jesus is Redemption. Jesus is Salvation. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is Risen. Jesus knows what you are thinking right now. If you wake up tomorrow,..... its only because God allowed it. Everything you own, including your next heartbeat and your last breath, belongs to the God who became one of us. God's Blood is what Jesus Paid to bring you back to the Family of God. Salvation by Faith, is the Faith of God expressed as the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, freely offered as redemption for the sin of the world. Jesus is The Good Shepard, The Prince of Heaven, and the Prince of Peace. When you received Jesus, God adopted you. Being born again is the 2nd time you were born. The real reason that God loves you, is because God is Love. God is the author of the endless 2nd Chance, and the Blood of Jesus is the reason why. Your Honest Effort is the work God rewards. God leaves the effort to us, and we leave the results to God. The reason that you will always have Eternal life, is because the ONE who IS Eternal Life lives within you and you are in Him. Should you die before the Rapture.....then.....The reason that the grave can't hold your body down is because Jesus who is STILL within you, IS the Resurrection. The Born again will always be where Jesus is always found. When Baby Jesus's tiny feet first touched the ground, they were touching the world He created. God does not remember your sins, if you are Born again. He only remembers the Blood of Christ that paid for them all. The final Answer is always , "Jesus".
  2. Hello Everybody, I am a 16 year old girl currently dealing with very bad health anxiety. I have frequent heart palpitations and extra heart beats and it is terrifying and i live in constant fear of dying. I pray everynight for help and I will never loose faith in my Lord but please, can you pray for me? I want to feel normal again. If there is any specific prayer I should say to help with anxiety, please let me know! Thank you. ❤️
  3. I am a 32 year old male and I was diagnosed with severe Teratozoospermia ( a condition characterized by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology that affects fertility in males) I am married for 3 years already and we are having difficulty conceiving because of my condition. We went to a doctor but he said my condition is irreversible and the only way to get my wife pregnant is to undergo Invitro Fertilization which is very expensive. I am so down right now because I feel that I am useless and not a good husband. Please help us pray because we really want a baby of our own.
  4. Hungry for spiritual food. A weekly sermon not enough. Easy to forget what the preacher said. Still hungry. Reading Christian book after Christian book. All day with Bible open again. Years ago looking up every single chain reference manually. So glad to get computers doing it now. Feeding on the Word of God. Good Shepherd leading His sheep to green pastures. They lie down and ruminate after grazing. Still waters easy to drink from. Why are some sheep malnourished? Maybe they have an eating disorder. Why are some sheep not healthy? Maybe they feed on the wrong food. Maybe they have no stomach for the Word Of God and can't digest strong meat. Some sheep are too busy to feed on the words of life, no, not now they say, and some have become fed up because they don't like the menu, and because bad shepherds have trampled down the pasture where they habitually gather. Happy sheep are happily feeding on God's Word and helping each other to stay healthy. Go where the good food is they keep saying. Are you feeding well they keep asking. Unhappy sheep are standing around in confusion. We don't know how to feed on the Word of God they lamb-ment. Some of them have been put off feeding on God's Word at a young age. What boring food they say. It doesn't taste at all pleasant they say. But once those hunger pains start to bite the Word of God doesn't seem so bad and the unhappy sheep are not so unhappy and the Shepherd keeps leading them to pastures that are sweeter and sweeter by the day. We can feed forever on good food now these happy sheep are saying. The Shepherd is glad when His flock are happily feeding on the food He provides. In a sense... He is the food!
  5. My friend from work is ill but on the outside she looks fine. She has the sweats, constant nose bleeds and hair loss, also panic attacks. My spirit is deeply troubled when I hear her talk about her condition and the doctors aren't helping her. She is also an unpractising believer who has joked that she'll never get into heaven, again this deeply troubled my spirit. Please pray that her health is fully restored at a speed that can only be because of God and that she finds salvation. God bless you all.
  6. Hello all.............Asking prayer relayed to me by a friend. I cannot give details, but the situation is that it appears a family member will very soon be passing away. Asking the Lord that they do not suffer and go easily on to their reward. Also for the grieving family left behind to be comforted and rest in His Peace. God knows all about the particulars! Thank you all; a joy and a privilege to be praying with all of you in Our Lord
  7. Please pray for seniors at the care facility where I work to be protected from the flu, which has hit the facility again. Some of the people there are very fragile. Thank you
  8. I'm not 100% sure if I want to become a vegetarian/vegan, but I hardly eat dairy products anymore and keep meat to a minimal, since becoming more fit and aware of my health. I'm definitely curious about these lifestyles and want to know if there are any good cookbooks with great recipes to try out? Thank you c:
  9. Happy Birthday my FRIEND With Love & Blessings in Christ Jesus,Your Sis Kwik
  10. A collection of some of the Proofs of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible 🎉 💓 ✝️ 💓 🎉 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *******Please go to YouTube and search for "Proofs of God, Christ, and the Bible Playlist" to find a playlist of 78 videos and growing of proofs of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible!******* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy the written articles, here! Scientific The scientific evidence against spanking, timeouts, and sleep training http://qz.com/310622/the-scientific-evidence-against-spanking-timeouts-and-sleep-training/ Young Earth Science http://creation.com/age-of-the-earth#20110326 101 evidences for a young age of the Earth and the universe http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/101_evidences_for_a_young_age_of_the_Earth_and_the_universe Ten Reasons Why Sex Should Wait Until Marriage http://www.unification.net/tfv/tenreasons.html Archaeological Biblical Archaeology: Factual Evidence to Support the Historicity of the Bible http://www.equip.org/article/biblical-archaeology-factual-evidence-to-support-the-historicity-of-the-bible/ Ten Top Biblical Archaeology Discoveries http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/free-ebooks/ten-top-biblical-archaeology-discoveries/ Archaeology and the Bible http://www.christiananswers.net/archaeology/home.html Does Archaeology Support the Bible? https://answersingenesis.org/archaeology/does-archaeology-support-the-bible/ Archaeology and the Bible http://www.alwaysbeready.com/archaeological-evidence-for-the-bible Archeological Evidence http://www.bibleevidences.com/archeology.htm 50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically! http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/people-cultures-in-the-bible/people-in-the-bible/50-people-in-the-bible-confirmed-archaeologically/ Archaeological proof of the Exodus from Egypt (Not an affiliate) http://www.patternsofevidence.com/ History Institute Creation Research “The Bible has proven to be more historically and archaeologically accurate than any other ancient book. It has been subjected to the minutest scientific textual analysis possible to humanity and has been proven to be authentic in every way.” http://www.icr.org/biblical-record History Of The Bible http://www.allaboutthejourney.org/history-of-the-bible.htm Health Health Benefits of Fasting! (Cleansing not recommended) http://www.santosaphuket.com/fasting-water-vs-dry/ These Identical Twins Prove That Smoking Ages You http://guff.com/these-identical-twins-prove-that-smoking-ages-you/501 Nature / The Universe The Fibonacci Sequence Represented in the Universe, Plants, Animals, the Human Body, and more! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100518867557259&type=1&l=4e3a6843cd Beauty in every grain: For the first time remarkable photographs reveal hidden charms of ordinary SAND http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2011471/Pictures-sand-Close-photographs-reveal-incredible-beauty.html 26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence http://zumfeed.com/space/1222-26-pictures-will-make-you-re-evaluate-your-entire-existence.html Medical Science Proof We Can Think With Our <3 Hearts <3 Like the Bible has Made Clear! http://www.naturalnews.com/028537_organ_transplants_memories.html The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body http://www.getholistichealth.com/41297/the-most-powerful-natural-antibiotic-ever-kills-any-infections-in-the-body/ Lemon is allegedly 10,000 stronger than chemotherapy in killing cancer cells! http://www.getholistichealth.com/42611/heres-why-you-should-always-freeze-your-lemons/ New Study Links GMOs To Cancer, Liver/Kidney Damage & Severe Hormonal Disruption http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/07/15/new-study-links-gmos-to-cancer-liverkidney-damage-severe-hormonal-disruption/ How Negative Thoughts and Emotions Harm Your Body http://steptohealth.com/negative-thoughts-emotions-harm-body/ The Dangers of Synthetic Foods http://3harmfulfoods.com/?v15=1&rc=1 Astronomy New Astronomical Proofs for the Existence of God http://www.reasons.org/articles/new-astronomical-proofs-for-the-existence-of-god The Bible and Astronomy http://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/is-the-bible-true/the-bible-and-astronomy
  11. A collection of some of the Proofs of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible ALL of these fields of study prove Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Bible to be the truth of the universe! -Science! -Quantum Physics! -Archaeology! -Mathematics! -Biblical Prophecy! -Nature! -History! -Health! -Cosmology! -Medical Science! -Astronomy! -Testimonies! -Kingdom Power! ******************************************************************************************* ***************** - Search on YouTube: “Proofs of God, Christ, and the Bible Playlist” - ***************** *******************************************************************************************
  12. Hi, I thought I give an overview/book report on Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD's new book called "Younger". First, she is 50 years old (but looks younger) and second, I saw an interview with her last week and just got her book from the Library, I liked her interview so much. I like the fact that she went much further into the science of good health by adding in new studies into her chapters. She has a few extra degrees (one in science from MIT). So she knows more than your average nutrition writer about science avenues. I myself have studied nutrition (have a degree in science to prove it) and so I am reviewing her book here (for those that just want to know the new interesting parts previewed). Here is an article she wrote too. http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/are-you-aging-too-fast-want-to-upgrade-your-daily-choices-so-you-live-longer-and-healthier/
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 A Blessed & Joyful New Year to All Praise & Glory to God Most High!!!!! With love-inChrist,Kwik Caption
  14. Alright, so, I'm against abortion completely. I don't believe a woman should ever have the right to kill her own child. Even in cases of rape, and when the mother's health is affected. I believe that when a woman gets an abortion, she is being selfish and is giving up. Now, I don't hate women who support abortions or have had abortions. But, I hate abortion with a burning passion. I just wanted to open a discussion about this because I was curious about other viewpoints. Do you think abortion is okay at all times? What about when a baby is the result of rape? When the mother's health is in jeopardy? Please also include your reasoning, whether you answer yes or no. Here's my reasoning for being against abortion: God forms us in our mother's womb, and He knows us even before we're born, and has a purpose for us (Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:13). Okay so, what about in cases of rape? Well, sometimes we need to just get over it (although I'm not saying it'll be easy to just, poof, forget the trauma). We are told that there will be tribulations, and that we need to endure to the end. Life on earth isn't going to be perfect. But we can rely on God to get us through at least until we have accomplished our purpose. And as for when a woman's life is in jeopardy, I like to look at John 15:13 to answer this; "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." When a woman is willing to risk her own life to try to birth a baby, she is showing almost the greatest love (I say "almost" because God is the one who showed the greatest love when He sent His Son to die for us). Abortion, therefore, is not a loving decision. I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts! BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE RESPECTFUL TO EACH OTHER, EVEN IF WE HAVE DIFFERING VIEW POINTS.
  15. Please pray for a dear friend who is in need of a safe, warm place to live. She had to evacuate her home during the hurricane and when she returned, her home was badly damaged. The ceiling and roof are falling in, and yet she is still having to live in it... not only that, but her landlord is still requiring the same rent, but refuses to fix it. There are agencies that offer help, but so far, she has not received that help due to paperwork and mixing up of paperwork. It's a huge huge mess!! Meanwhile, she is 74 yrs old ... she has MS ... and she now is sick with a deep chest cold ... it's supposed to get into the 30's tonight, and her house does not retain warmth. She's my dearest friend on this earth, and I hate that she is suffering. I send her help as the Lord provides ... I myself had $900 stolen from my bank account recently and the bank didn't help in getting it back. That's neither here nor there ... I just wish I lived close enough to help her so she doesn't have to live in a cold house. It breaks my heart!! But she says to me... "Many are without, not even having a home at all... it reminds me to pray for them." What an amazing friend she is to me... and I am blessed to have her. Please pray for her. Her first name is Anna. Thank you for praying.
  16. Janette is the girl that I have been courting. Her father passed away a few days ago ... Last Tuesday morning, if memory serves me correctly. (Her mother had already passed away several years ago.) Now, Janette is having some serious mental health problems. Janette currently rents a room in a house. She shares the house with several other people. Janette does not think she will be able to return to her job for a few months. Please pray that (1) Janette’s employer will be compassionate enough to grant her a leave of absence, and (2) thats somehow, she will be able to continue to stay in the place where she is living, and be able to affort the basic necessities, until she is ready to return to work. I myself am unemployed at the present time, and I am living with my Mother. So my personal ability to help Janette is severely limited. I am really concerned about Janette's safety. I don’t know what else to say, except please pray about this!
  17. My husband has had inflammation issues since he was 24. He is now 38. For the last two years he has gotten worse. He deals with many issues. He has severe dry eye. He can't look at a computer or read a book, because of eye pain. He is also having a bad back problem. Been to many doctors, none help. Prat his pain will go away.
  18. Please pray for my I am very ill, God have mercy on me and heal my eyes ,adrenal glands, drug allergy and other illness I have.In Jesus name.Thank you, Viorel
  19. Public Health in the Bible? The priests and Levites set the pace for the establishment of national health policy in Israel under a Theocracy. Prevention of disease has biblical undertones.
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