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Found 53 results

  1. Hey there all, I'm Jack and I am very new to exploring my faith and embarking on a relationship with God. Just getting on a forum like this is a first step for me, but I am excited and encouraged to explore and learn all that I can.
  2. Hello Church family. I am Ethan, a wretched sinner saved by Grace in the Blood of Jesus Christ. I am alone. I have need for a family of believers to carry my burdens with me in the spirit of Love of JESUS Christ. God help me in this darkness, going through a divorce with my wife who admitted she is not a believer and has been lying to me about it for years. Pray for her. Her name is Kellie.
  3. James93

    Hi there

    Figured I could get some heartfelt and thoughtful conversations here. Hope you are doing well whoever is reading this.
  4. Meerkat


    Hello. Thank you for welcome. I'm not bot. Looking forward to discussions here. It seems this is only forum board that I can post to. Is that because I'm new?
  5. MikeSea

    Hi all

    Hi all, thank you for accepting me to your forum. Here's my intro: My name is Michael and I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. I work in a charity helping out those who have fallen between the cracks. For my hobbies I like to garden (edible foods and herbs to drink as teas), read, and fire up the kettle bbq. I look forward to e-socialising with you all and continuing on my journey as a Christian. Cheers Mike
  6. Hello brother and sister in Christ, it is good to be around my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Decon Emmanuel from Nigeria and I am the assistant pastor of one of the parish of THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD here in Nigeria. As the saying goes Iron sharpenth iron. I hope i can be able to sharpen someone and vice versa. Have a blessed day.
  7. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, My name is Emily Norris and I live in the state of Maine, USA. It's a cold morning, with snow steadily falling. There's no school today and mom is preparing a piping hot turkey dinner. She got onto this site a short while and has been raving about how nice it is to have Christian companionship in a world fading further and further away from the love of God. Being amidst my education at the local University, I'm finding that I too am craving such companionship. I came to Christ at age six and have been growing through both victories and trials since then. He has truly kept his promise, "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6. Some of my favorite biblical role models include Daniel, Enoch, and Paul. I admire Daniel for his dedication and in the time of my country's turbulence, it's encouraging to see that the Lord and His kingdom to come is a steady rock upon which we stand, regardless of how our physical surroundings change. I like Enoch because of how close he got to the Lord and I like Paul because he reminds us that the Lord can mold any person for the better. I'd love to hear which are your favorite biblical role models and why. I love Christian music. Some of my favorite tracks include: The Proof of you Love by For King and Country, Diamonds by Hawk Nelson, I Can Only Imagine by Casting Crowns, Just be Held by Casting Crowns, Blessings by Laura Story, Even if by Mercy Me, Sparrows by Jason Grey, Greater by Third Day. Okay, I'll stop now, haha. I would love to hear what some of your favorites are. I'm also a real Narnia nutty and very much enjoy writing Christian based fiction, the goal being: Sharing the love of Christ as many time and in as many ways as possible within the world of literature. Thanks for accepting me into this group and I very much look forward to fellowship. God bless! 
  8. Hello! My name is Bianca, and I found this place to help me with my struggle of walking a righteous path. I want to know just where I'm headed to. I have so many questions that I'm sure have already been answered on here. Anyway, I'm happy to be here and excited to know more about our Lord!
  9. Hazelx


    Hello! My name is Hazel. I am just returning to Christianity after some time away. I feel like I am starting from scratch, and I'm looking for some guidance from other Christians on how to walk this path. I look forward to talking to you all.
  10. Hello! I am a Christian and looking for a place to share ideas and connect with other believers. I am interested in topics such as how does the church interact with culture in an effective manner. Also, I would like to discuss ecclesiology and how does church structure affect the way we exercise our God-given gifts. I am hoping to generate some good discussion on these points and to see if others share my interest in these questions. I would also like to pray and share Christ with those in need and request prayer when needed. Let us bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. God bless you and thank you for the opportunity to participate here. Jerry806
  11. Hi all, It is my honor to have become one of your newest members. I decided to join two large Christian forums to find and offer inspiration from/to other Christians. Entering heavy disputes is not my strongest point, I prefer to seek the unity among Christians. On the day of my birth I was baptized in a Roman Catholic church. In one forum I saw Catholicism mentioned as a “sect”, but I hope for a more open-minded attitude here. In my daily life I get along extremely well with Christians of quite different denominations. Among things important for me as a Christian are: the continuous search for inspiration, both from within and from without; room for the mystery that, for me as a human being, is associated with Godly matters; and, as I said, the unity among Christians. I am worried about the negative approach to Christianity nowadays, and happy if I feel the presence of God. I worship Jesus Christ and think a lot of His suffering for us. For me, prayer is very important, as is meditation. If I make it empty in myself, the Spirit typically fills it. That is how I like to see it. The remainder of today I am bound to find little time for answering your reactions, but I sort of count on there being a tomorrow. In God I trust.
  12. Hi all! I am new here to this message board. Just looking for fellow Christians to be a part of. I am a wife to my amazing Christian husband of nearly 19 years. A stay-at-home and homeschooling mother to 8 wonderful gifts from God. We sadly have lost our second oldest son at the age of 14 in April 2017 in a quad accident. It has been a hard year to say the least, but God has been so very good to us. I am currently a student Christian Life Coach. I am excited about what all God has in store for me through the coaching. I have felt a call on my life here recently for speaking. I had also been curious about the life coaching which I heard about just over a year ago now. So as I was just recently perusing that I seen that after I complete my certification as a Life Coach I can then take the Life Coach speakers Course. So I really felt God directed me to that. He has said if we acknowledge Him in all our ways that He will direct our paths. How true!!! I am also an author to 3 self published books, and a blogger for several years. I love to encourage and support fellow wives and mothers in the tough but very rewarding role of motherhood. As well as those that have experienced a heart wrenching loss as we have. Thank you for letting me join this message board and sharing here. Mae www.lightsforjes.com
  13. WatchmamC


    Hi. I was an active member here years ago and thought I’d poke around again and maybe be active again. My old username was 4given1. If you remember me, stop by and give me a shout. I’m a married mother of two grown children and one spoiled dog. Look forward to meeting new people and possibly reconnecting with some old friends.
  14. I'd sure appreciate any tips for navigation: info about the chat room, suggestions for best place to start, tech info on posting photos or videos. Thank you, brothers & sisters. Looking forward to getting to know you.
  15. Boaz


    Hello! Looking forward to some good, engaging, thought provoking discussions! I love getting to know fellow believers. I love debating theology, but I realize that knowledge does not equal understanding. Meaning... I realize one can have all knowledge, but if they have not love... the knowledge is nothing. So, I'm looking forward to having discussions and agreeing with some, disagreeing with others... but always in a loving and respectful way. I'm 38, married, with 3 kiddos... Cheers!
  16. Hello everyone! I am new here from Philippines! It's good to have a fellowship with all of you. God bless! Yours, Mary Rose
  17. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself here. I know my knowledge limitations, however God has granted me the wisdom I desired for certain matters. I will most likely just be a lurker here, trying to learn as much as possible, but in case I feel motivated to post something, I wanted to provide this introduction. I have no scholarly training in theology, but I am beyond fascinated by the study. I have already read dozens and dozens of posts and must say, this is the most impressive forum I have come across in 20 years. God bless you all in the quest for truth and I would consider you beyond blessed for the level of knowledge contained by some of the posters here. Thank you for reading this introduction.
  18. Albert_


    Hi i am Albert, I am a former protestant and i recently (3 months ago) became an agnost/atheist. I hope i will have some interesting talks and discussions on this forum about things like religion and politics.
  19. Scooter


    Hello, I am new and wanted to say hello, I found this site by online search and it looks insightful.
  20. Hello all, My name is Michael Martin, I came across Worthy Ministries through Tree of Life Congregation's Facebook page. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I have three sons named Mikah, Elijah, and Levi. My education background is in business and accounting. I work as an accountant. In my spare time I like to be on the computer reading news on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and ESPN for sports. I like to read articles then post my thoughts on Facebook. I like to watch Netflix, movies and news shows on TV. I enjoy reading books. I also enjoy spending time with my parents and sister. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Michael Martin Scottsdale, AZ, USA
  21. Hello, I’m not sure what to expect so just reading alot at the moment and trying to find my way around the site. There is so much on here!
  22. Hello all, Hello worthy members Nice to join here, hope can be part of your community and grow up together
  23. L84dinner


    Hello everyone, I have arrived here after deleting my facebook account, which was only of interest to me because of the forums, and even those few avenues of intelligent debate couldn't save an otherwise dubious platform. This forum seemed the most well put together, without ads everywhere and with a good amount of interest, of all those which I explored. So, thank you for accepting me. I hope to enjoy my time here; encourage and be encouraged in return. I am a Christian and hold to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.
  24. Blessedwife


    Is love about feelings? do we love on the basis of our feelings and emotions or is love more of a choice? Imagine that God did not feel like sacrificing all to save mankind or that He felt that He was tired of being patient with us. Praise God that He is not man. May our love be a choice we make everyday not based on feelings and emotions but on the basis of God's love for us. Choose wisely.
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