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Found 9 results

  1. Dear brethren .. How are you all doing? I thank you for all of your previous prayers.. I am glad to see some regular prayer partners for our ministry here we have found more than 20 old age people who are left by their kids.. Many of them are saved in Jesus,...They are living in our working villages and coming to churches..They are suffering for minimum food,,We are prayed to open an old age home for these people.. Some people has given some land for this.. We have worked and finished two rooms construction for these old age people.. soon we need to open this home In WORTHY FORUMS WE DON'T HAVE HELPERS ARE DONORS BUT SOME PEOPLE ARE PRAYING.. THANK GOD.. IF SOME BODY COMES TO JOIN US .. IT IS VERY GLAD FOR US.. need to gather few things like all needed material for living.. like needed furniture and all ... pl pray and pass this request to saints .. blessings
  2. Dear prayer partners i am glad to inform you... as you encouraged me.. i want to do some better works with some conferences where is big need for my nation people.. please read and advise me,.,. i need your prayers and in all As I saw some big needs in Christian mission works.. i am preparing for some conferences in different cities. i need your prayers and advises tooOne side............Here in my country many many ministers are going to proclaim only prosperity gospel.. They are misleading people with false gospel..Another side.............Many villages are not with single preacher to themso many villages are having more ministers ,,. example = few villages are with 3 to 10 or few more ministersand many villages are not with single ministers where is troubles and no believersonly ministers going to convenient villages only,.,. so believers in churches are bibergating (dividing) Another side..........Thousands of ministers are rapidly growing.........many of them are not with minimum bible training or study,,..so they are doing high damage to establish the true kingdom of GodAnother side.............who are with more funds are doing business only..they are encouraging false ministers to have some count for them to show their sponsorsThey need numbers only.. not the quality or vision.. So so many false and untrained ministers raising.. Another side................Ministers are only focusing on miracles and healing..they are not preaching gospel to people repent for their sinsThis is high damage.Another side..................ministers raising according to their religion..Ministers who are raised from Hindu religion are working for Hindu people onlyMinisters who are raised from different castes they are only working for their caste only..one caste church people not willing to join and co-operate in mission workthey are publishing them as good Christians..Another side... ............many ministers are becoming as millionaires..one side many ministers are suffering for minimum food.. and minimum life needsanother side ... many many ministers are using mission funds to make them rick..oh very sad to see this..In this way.. i saw so many so many differencesSo i want to do my part of work to awake the mission workers and ministers by conducting some good conference like '' Mission challenging conference''I request you all to lift up me to pray for my task and vision to do my part of work for right workspl pray and advise me.. i welcome advises too..
  3. We are humbling and honoring our GOD, no need personal gloryWe are called to have humility to honor fellow Christians tooWe are failed if we fail to love othersWe are zero if we hate and reject some person,. God is Judge.. We need to take good care to stay with holiness when our knowledge and wisdom boasting us to blind our conscience..We are called to serve with patience Even we die like Lazarus who died with poverty.. nothing to bother.. Dear brethren, God used me to build many prayer halls, to plant many churches,. to train and send many ministers to fields, to help many suffering people, to do many activities, still i am not with strong home, lot of times flesh is demanding to focus on self needs.. but spirit is keeping me to stay and focus on vision.. And mind is not satisfying for what God did through me.. but always mind is fearing to stay in cool and pure love with God and people.. THIS IS A GREAT UNCEASING FIRE IN HEART.. every 5 seconds 9 people going to die.. 6 of them are not hear the gospel... we need to more to spread the gospel.. who knows our little sleep can send some people to hell,, who knows our little more care can save some souls to kingdom of God...WHAT WE HAVE DONE IS NOT GREAT OBSERVATION ON HOW WE ARE FAILING IS IMPORTANT TO LIVE AS MENTOR FOR GOD.. THANK YOU JESUS....
  4. Dear brethren.. please pray for these matters Still 1250 millions people need to hear gospel in India... we are planning for few more gospel teams.. to send to villages Still many many villages are not with single church,,, so We are working to build few prayer halls in 2016, in our limited capacity Still many many villages are not with single preacher or teacher or evangelist. so We are giving training to few people to send to fields Still many many Christian people diverting from truth,.,. working to conduct the spiritual awareness conferences. seminars So many people are in sufferings.. hardships., we are just work for few charity works.. i request you all to pray for this..
  5. Heart is always wiling to see to win many souls.. How it is possible for us? If we go to villages .. there are thousands to thousands villages ... where is no more churches if we go to see people millions of people are still not hear the gospel They need to hear the gospel,. they need to accept the gospel if they need to hear the gospel,, we need the preachers are doers who can cause to make positive mind sets to bring the people to hear the gospel if they need to hear gospel in positive way,, there is need with positive preachers who can preach in smooth way if positive preachers need to raise.. we need positive people and positive missions to encourage As i am going to village to village,,,, as our out reach team is going to out reach works we have found lot of mission fields are still with lot of demand with positive ministers and missions to works there Brethren.. pl think and share to do better works in mission fields,.,. to win souls .
  6. A unbeliever is always with his own thinking He is always with his own understanding, He may with some sad faith on false matters, because he don't know the truth He may walk in false matters, may fallow in false matters too. He may think against few facts because he follows only lies We have the desire to give gospel or truth to him,.., So let us discuss here how to bring him to faith, how to explain the truth to him, how to bring him to right faith? pl share your views here...
  7. Today.. 3 hours later We have an youth conference.. We are working for youth on every week meet Today is festival season holidays youth conference We are hoping to see 300 youth today.., Please pray... please pray for better results
  8. We are preparing for gospel camps We are on the work to prepare teams Team goes to village to village To meet people to give personal gospel To go to door to door to give gospel tracts To conduct evening gospel meeting on streets pl pray
  9. Dear prayer partners.. We need more prayers for this special works Today i went to a very new villageWe went as 7 member team to that village,Village name is ''Annavaram''Total families lives in village 233Total population may be 1300 peopleAll villagers are in other faiths, most of them are not with education There is need with a church.. While our brethren went to few homes.. 8 more people came to sit with us.. I have given some word of God to themThey are accepted to come to gather to hear the word WE have planned to send our person to that village on Every Sunday and WednesdayWe have planned to take a rented home to do the ministryOne person is took the charge to seek the way for homeWe are planned to fix one minister hereWe are also planned to conduct 2 days special meets here15 member team may go there to do the door to door and person to person ministry and to conduct the evening gospel meeting too.. Please convey this to saints .. to have their prayersplease pray.............please pray................please pray
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