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Found 9 results

  1. It’s been a year that I’ve been under the Gospel along with my parents as well. I understand that sometimes I may act childish but my father lets it be known. He will say things like “you haven’t grown” and “I can see the malice in your heart” or “how can you do this, but then go to church and listen to sermons” or “you need to read your bible more”. It’s just every time he throws our Christianity hard in my face and maybe he should, but it discourages me a little because maybe I am not growing at all. He talks about submitting to them as parents, but I honestly don’t know how to because they way they treat me is a harsh to where I just don’t want to be around them anymore. Are there specific scriptures that can help guide me? thank you.
  2. In a previous post I confessed to having a porn/masturbation addiction which I was overcoming. Now however I am curious as to whether or not I should tell my parents about it. I have always been that one kid that never spoke out in class and never got in trouble at school and got a reputation for being really good and faithful. This reputation makes it a lot harder to tell people and I have only ever told people on this web site anonymously. I understand telling them might help, although I have already started to overcome this addiction using several methods that have been pretty successful so far, and I'm not sure if I need the help. I did come up with a plan where they do find out although it's not as awkward. The plan is to write a note explaining everything and then hide it for them to find eventually. It might take a few weeks for them to find, it might take a few years although it seems like a good compromise. Also on the note I could have set goals and every time I go a certain number of days without porn I can write it down (for example 30 days without porn). So then if they find in a couple of years form now they'll see that I (hopefully) overcame the addiction and am happy now. Please tell me what you think of this idea and whether you think I should tell them or not.
  3. I'm 18 and I've been in a almost perfect relationship. He treated me like a queen and I treated him like a king. I was so happy and people would "envy" us bc we were "perfect." His past and how he was raised is very different and difficult to explain just say it's hard and not normal. He got responsibilities at an early age and learned how to stick up for himself and the people he loves. My case my parents are SUPER strict. Primarily my dad. Now i know people always think he's evil bc he doesn't let me have close friends, go to others houses not even family members, parties, hang out, sports, and fully express myself...but I know he does it out of very good intentions. I love my dad but I love this man, Jose. We broke up twice bc he felt he was pressured by my situation to be fully settled and that made him feel like he has to go right into commitment in order to be with me and he's not ready to settle a family. Since his childhood is bad he says he doesn't want his family he builds to go through the same. I know he still loves me bc he still proves to be loyal and he's still trying to better himself and bring himself up when once before his family had told me he wasn't like that before he met me. My question is, should I move out in order to be happy with him and just have the opportunity to hug him and let him know I'm there to lean on and help and love and take away the stress and pressures? He's really really down right now bc he's not able to see me and not situated and "good enough" for my dad so it's hard for me to tell him not to worry. I feel like God has confirmed he's the one for me bc he opened my eyes to recognize his loyalty to me even have not been together. I love my dad I really do and I don't want him sad or to think he didn't do a good job as a dad. He's difficult to talk to and he doesn't even know about me and Jose. But I also really really love Jose and don't want him sad either or think he's not good enough. I'm 18 and he's 19. Im really not that happy being home and a block away is the love of my life sad and I can't do nothing about it. I get mixed messages of wether or not I should move out, not only for him but for myself as well bc I'm not happy here and I feel I can be more in the outside world. What should I do?
  4. I am 21. I never had a boyfriend before. My parents have always overprotected me by not letting me have any contact with the opposite sex. I spent so long without guys contact that I spent 4 years in depression thinking that I was lesbian because I had feelings for some girls in high school and never fell for a guy before. My family wasn't here for me and I tried to kill myself several times. But now that I am in college, I met some guys and I started to have crushes and realized that its a different feeling and that I am not actually gay. During this moment that I started to talk to guys, my mom started to become closer and ask a lot of questions about my guy friends. But I realized that whenever I liked someone and wanted to give them a chance, she always found a reason why and told me that I like guys too much, I am promiscuous and all. 5 months ago I met this christian african guy who really likes me. He's too years younger than me. 19 and I am 21. I would like to give him a chance and when I told my mom she started to srceam at me with anger all the time, she came to the point of beating me up over that and told me that If I accept to be his girlfriend that he won't be welcomed at home. But this guy is like my bestfriend, I got mad after this last fight which happens a couple days ago, than I said yes to the guy. My mom says that she doesn't like him because he's african and he's lazy (because he likes to play and go out all the time and take few classes with not that good grades) ) and he doesn't have a job yet. I like him because he's a christians with good manners, he's willing to wait for marriage to have sex, is playful, don't smoke or drink, makes me happy, really likes me plus he said that he will look for a job and applied for more classes. At my college we need to work in other to gain practice hours before we able to graduate. So I am 2 years in advanced because I work at school better and faster. Even though he started only 1 semester after me. My dad was killed last year so my mom would like to remarry and live her life, so she told me that she won't be able to keep me here for too long and I have to get married fast with 3-4 years and have kids and that this christian guy won't be able to marry me that soon so I should find someone else. My mom makes my life impossible since and keeps on treating to kick me out of the house. WHO SHOULD I CHOOSE!? WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHAT WOULD BE A CHRISTIAN WAY OF SOLVING THIS ISSUE? SHOULD I MOVE OUT AND GET A STUDIO SINCE I JUST GOT A JOB AND STAY WITH HIM? OR SHOULD I LIVE HIM AFTER A WEEK RELATIONSHIP AND LIVE WITH MY MOM? PLEASE HELP ANYONE! I am feeling so depressed from this situation.
  5. My Bible Study was going through Romans 12 this week, and something came up that I've been seriously meditating on. As I was teaching through verses 9-21, verse 10 really stood out to me. In the ESV it says "Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor." Now since then I've been thinking about honoring others and what that looks like. I understand honoring God, the 5th Commandment says to honor our parents, or 1 Timothy when it tells us to honor elders; but I find myself thinking "how am I showing honor"? Am I honoring others with the same ferver that I seek to honor God or my parents? What about the way I am honoring civilian authorities? Does the way I show honor to others give glory to God? Does the way I show honor reap an eternal reward? What kind of ways do you show honor to others?
  6. My boyfriend and I are Christian and love each other very much. We would like to get married, however there is one big problem. His parents, who are also Christian, do not approve of our relationship. They haven't met me yet, and they refuse to meet me because my parents are not Christian. In their eyes, my boyfriend shouldn't marry someone whose parents are not Christian as they may have an unchristian influence on our home or in our children's lives. We have already talked about how we would raise our kids in a Christian home using Christian principles. My boyfriend and I are really struggling with this. We believe that children should obey and honor their parents, even through we are both adults. And without their blessings he doesn't feel like he can or should marry me. What should we do? Is it unchristian to choose your own husband/wife or to marry without parents' blessings? Please advise. We want to follow the Christian path. We're both praying about this, but need advice.
  7. Came accross this article and thought it would be interesting to discuss. A. Have you ever given your parents money? How did it go? B. If you could do it over again, what would you do differently? God bless, GE
  8. So I've been studying Ezekiel this week and came across chapter 18. See Ezekiel 18. So first, what does Ezekiel 18 say to modern parents? Second, what do you think of the following thoughts and passage below? It is not the responsibility of parents’ for the actions of their children. Children by the same token are not responsible for the actions of their parents either. Each must give an account to God for his or her actions. Ezekiel 18:19-20 19 “Yet you say, ‘Why should the son not bear the guilt of the father?’ Because the son has done what is lawful and right, and has kept all My statutes and observed them, he shall surely live. 20 The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself. God bless, GE
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