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Found 20 results

  1. THANKSGIVING Thanksgiving comes but once a year And now that day is almost here To count our blessings; and in love Bring praises to our God above *Gifts come down from the God of light And we're beloved in His sight We don't deserve the wondrous grace He offers to our human race *For Jesus died on Calvary So we could live eternally And in great victory rose again To bring salvation to all men To those of us who know Him In this, we shall rejoice And to our precious Savior We will lift a grateful voice For on this day we celebrate With so much to be thankful for We'll fellowship and eat our feast But it's Christ we shall adore * "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." (James 1:17) * "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade—kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time." (1 Peter 1:3–5)
  2. Where The Truth Is Found Charlatans are everywhere Of their charms we must beware Smooth and buttery lies they tell What they do, they do so well Signs and wonders are the bait Mass deception is the fate The ungrounded follow soon When the piper plays his tune Non-offensiveness endears Tickling throngs with itching ears Those not rooted in God's word Often fall for what they've heard They pretend they're seasoned sages But look deep in scripture's pages You will see what they are hiding And how they are not dividing Scripture in a balanced way That's when error comes to play In the Bible we've been told We must be like men of old Those Bereans day and night Wanting to know wrong from right Sought the scriptures eagerly So the truth of God they'd see With false prophets all about We must flesh its pages out That is where the truth is found Though deceivers may abound Hearken not to all you hear... Let God's Spirit make it clear!
  3. After reading the following scripture, the Lord inspired me to write a poem. So I wanted to share it with you, my Worthy family. "Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless." (Proverbs 31:8) For Those Who Have No Voice For those who are without a voice The Lord would have us speak For babies threatened in the womb, The elderly, the weak For those they call 'not normal' Let us dare to make a choice To stand up for the people Who just don't have a voice For no one is superior Though some claim it's that way In God's eyes, are deemed precious These ones who have no say Oppression is a travesty We must combat with prayer And speaking out against it Is the way we show we care
  4. Servants Of The King To those who are encouragers I write this poem for you To thank you for your ministry And your compassion, too To our faithful prayer warriors My sisters and my brothers Who take the time to intercede For many needs of others Your caring words of comfort And the scriptures that you bring Are helping more than you may know Dear servants of the King Keep sowing seeds of kindness As you speak the truth in love Upholding one another To our Father up above
  5. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." You have probably heard that little chant, I've said it when I was a child. However, that is a lie, the Bible says that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Watch what you say today. Tearing The Walls Down One day in a land far away, People were marching around a city that day, Seven days without a sound, God’s word had the people bound, Then the seventh day in unity they did shout, Their faith was strong, they didn’t doubt, And the walls can down, Flattened by God, to the ground, They didn’t bicker, for they were in unity, Bickering wouldn’t have brought the walls down, only if they agree, Why do we fight, Why don’t we hold tight, The word of God is strong, It says right is right, and wrong is wrong, Unity is power, To fight the devil within this hour, The devil is winning when we can’t agree, So when will we open out blinded eyes so we can see, I remember when people joint together, Joining hands in love, one to another, Instead of ripping each other apart, Joining hands is the way we should start, The little girls dreams are dashed to the ground, Because of fighting in the home, throwing vain words around, Those vain words of strife, Are destroying her life, Why do we have to fight? Why do we always have to be right? When the Christians can’t agree, What in the church is the world supposed to see? By His Spirit God can’t move, When there’s strife, Gods power He can’t prove, Why do we our brothers and sisters attack? Why do we talk behind there back? In the church we murder one another, Killing our own sisters and brothers, Are you ready to wash one another’s feet? Be careful of what you say, so your words you won’t have to eat, My friend, give each other a loving hug has I close this poem, And you will be blessed by Jesus, when He takes you home.
  6. Ride on, Daddy Daddy has to move the cattle up west looking for water, and what spot is the best. Momma said, daddy will be home soon With our love, and prayers, how can he loose All at once the thunder crashed, and there was banging on the door outside stood the Sharif, as the rain did pour. We've Got serious trouble up on the range There's something that's ever so strange There are 5 riders with the devil in there eyes every man who meets them, quickly dies That night felt forever before the break of day Momma and the children fell to there knees and prayed God keep daddy safe as on the range he rides Send down your protection, down from the skies, If he'd have to ride a black tornado Or the ground opened up from Canada to Mexico God we know You will bring daddy back soon And we will wait, underneath the Friday moon The sky in the horizon turned green Death was in the air, it would seem Momma rubbed her hands, as fear crept in A little voice behind her said, daddy will be home, when? Momma turned around, and burst into tears We need to pray away all our fears God keep daddy safe as on the range he rides Send down your protection, down from the skies For nothing could restrain Not even a hurricane God we know You'll bring daddy back soon And we'll wait for him underneath the Saturday moon The sun is setting, the horizon is red Supper is done, the children are in bed Momma's trusting God, to faith she would heed Nothing could stop him, not even a wild stampede God kept daddy safe as on the range he rides thank you for Your protection sent down from the sky's Daddy followed our love home, with God on his side through all the dangers he rode, with God on his mind Thank You Lord, for bringing daddy home soon and we will praise You underneath the Sunday moon
  7. It's my first ever Thanksgiving without my mom. Praise God-she is still alive. But a brain injury prevents us from even talking on the phone. I can't drive to her. So I will love her from afar. Missing her bunches- but choosing to rejoice in Jesus on this day which should be about being thankful. I have very little family left. But I'm thinking how rough it must be to have nobody alive or in a not speaking to each other /dysfunctional family. Worst case scenario- being without loved ones and not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are in those situations, this poem is for you: Remember The Lonely (A Thanksgiving Day Poem) Holidays are often a family affair A time of food and gatherings In which we love and share But sadly, there are people Who have no loved ones there Feeling down and lonely, They need someone to care So let us all remember To keep these folks in prayer. Let us pray they will come to see God loves them... For those who have the Lord in their lives are never truly alone.
  8. Jesus' birthday candles Matthew 25:31 – 46 Cough, Cough, goes the girl sneeze, wheeze, goes the boy Stay away, they may be sick Go away, your no joy One candle is gone it has lost it's flick Because of our fear we stayed away from the sick Those people got what they deserved I'm now at peace, I am so glad For in jail they can rot 'Cause what they did made me so mad Candle number 2 flickered, then went out Because of the wind, and it's gail We were to happy, we were to glad Instead of bringing God's love to those in jail “I'm hungry, Do you have some food?” With longing in his eyes, his arm stretched out “I'm in a hurry, I'm late for church” “No time to stop, or to give him a handout” Candle number 3 is no longer burning, In keeping it lit, we did not succeed We were in a hurry, had no time to stop, Even the hungry, we failed to feed With parched lips, and a dry tongue, She asked for something to drink “I'm to busy” was the reply “You have two legs, find the sink” The fourth candle just died Because we did not think We were just to busy To give a simple little drink Yum, this Christmas meal sure is good I know that the neighbour is alone this day But Christmas is for family Everyone else can stay away Candle five just lost it's flame This flaming fire, had been blown 'Cause of our selfishness Christ's love was not shown They come to you, clothing ripped from off the street, there in your face You push them away, for they stink You run away, 'cause there in your space The last candle burns no more Yes, all the candles are out We didn't help those in need What Christmas is all about When we bring Jesus His birthday cake Will it be lit up, and bright Or when He looks down at His cake Will it be dark, the absence of light This Christmas, help those in need And light those candles with your good deed.
  9. This poem was written in a very low time in my life. It was my first year of bible school, and I was very lonely. This is the 1st of a two part poem. And how I felt like .... Well, like the poem. The second part of the poem will give you all a challenge, I hope blesses you. Help He was a boy that was very bold, But now he feels like nothing, so he's told, The pains and hurts keep him down, Not knowing what to do has him bound, He screams out to God in pain, Man, I think he's going insane, Where's the help, where's the love, Christ has given him from above? From all that life is, he's left completely out, He does nothing right, but at him people just shout, The Godly gifts he's lost, And discouragement is all he's tossed, He lies in bed, tears coming from his eyes, Inside, slowly, he dies, To somebody he needs to open up, But instead, his pain is overflowing like a cup, Desperately for an answer he prays, But the pain just increases all his days, Is there anyone who can understand? Anyone the same through out the land? The boy knows Christ has gone through it, But then why is he left in such a pit, Compassion is what he is looking for, But as he looks he sees compassion no more, To Be Continued ...
  10. He's in the mighty roaring of the billows on the seas He's in the gentle breezes as they whistle through the trees He's in the sweetest bird refrains that greet me everyday He's in the happy voices of the little ones at play He's in the awful thunder as it sounds for all to hear He's in a heart that's breaking and the silence of a tear To those who don't believe in Him and say one can not know I shake my head in wonder for God's everywhere I go
  11. A number of years ago I had a word from the Lord for the church, He said, “tell my people, I am coming soon,” I told Him, “Lord, they know that, that there has been teaching, and books on that for years.” He responded to me, “No, they don’t’ know, for if they truly knew with there hearts how soon I am coming, they would not be doing half the things that they are doing today.” Church, it is time to clean up; clean up are homes and are lives. Time to repent, and go forth in power, and victory, declaring to the world, “be ready for Jesus IS coming soon.” Are You Ready People are in the street buying, and selling, What was once in the closet, is now open telling, In the world sin covers the earth like a blanket, In heaven, something is happening, for all is quite, One angle steps forth, something on his lips, The clouds are dark, through the sky lightning rips, There’s the hand of Glory raised to the sky, To the four corners, the angles will fly, The thunders will roll; the wind will blow, People all around, there is something you should know, Whether you believe it or not, the truth will be known, For the greatest sign ever, in the sky will be shown, The clock is ticking; there’s no time to rest, No time to play church, or to see who’s the best, What happens when the clock of judgment strikes midnight, When all seems well, everything seems all right? Then the hand of Glory comes down with a crash, The angle will blow. The trumpet will blast, The clouds will part, with a shout, and a yell, The lightning will flash; the earth will crash like a bell, In the sky we will see Him; He will take us home, We will be rewarded, and reap what we have sown, It’s time to tell the world; it’s time to tell them all, That every tongue will confess Jesus; every knee will fall, Either you do it now, and go with Jesus when He takes us home, Or you will do it later, and forever be alone, Your choice is agony and torment forever, Or eternity with Jesus, that is much better, My friends we don’t have time to fool around, For soon we will go up, and Jesus will come down.
  12. This poem is in honor of my beloved mom... And most of all, is in gratitude for how the Lord has been mercifully and faithfully caring for her... watching over her ever since she nearly died on March 9th Healing Healing comes from God on high (Though wrought through human hands) And miracles are gifts from God That no one understands. Healing from our Maker... Undertaking our repair Is one of many ways He says,"I made you and I care." Healing through white blood cells In a wondrous, complex fashion... Closing wounds and fading scars Are signs of His Compassion. Broken bones that mend And all the pain He takes away Are reasons that we have To thank Him each and every day. Special praise goes out to God for the recent healing of a serious blood infection (for which she was hospitalized) and the direct answer to prayer for them finally putting her back on the ventilator to assist with breathing difficulties.
  13. The little drummer boy . The little drummer boy, it seemed Had not a single gift to bring No money, things, or abilities No favors, deeds, or works that please. . He knew, you see, it would do no good No amount he did, or ever could Ever measure up to some Who might be rich, or from where they'd come. . Some might be from a wealthy past Or royalty and domain that's vast Some may think that skills they learned Will count for points they think they've earned. . Some may come with working hands And think their Saviour understands That the more they do, the more they give Is better than the way they live. . The Little drummer boy, you see Was no different from you or me It was not his playing or the way he'd sing But the love he had for the newborn King . God's not looking for those who feel That things they do will ever appeal In spite of your trying and doing your best Your love for Him is His one request. ©1992 David Film Reproduce freely
  14. Staring at the sky I lift my hands So many stars are shining brighter than I I cannot find my way through the dark Gods light will guide me, then I will find I'm very far from you She is shining brighter I look away, I can't look through Something about you is reflecting to This broken part and now I can finally Mend my heart with that light that shines I SHINE BRIGHTER NOW We are burning brighter than stars The world can't stop us, it's not enough Still there's a conflict, an insecurity If it's a joke, I'm laughing too much If it's a mirror, then she fears to touch I was holding onto and you let go She slipped away and my light slowly fades There's a reason and a reason for the past If this has happened, it couldn't last Importance of is a call The light may dim but our stars don't fall Forgiveness is survival Surrender is revival NOW WE SHINE BRIGHTER We burn brighter than the start Shine brighter Know the heart
  15. has thine eye seen the heaven in blue and purple stars with clouds rolling from sea to sea at the passing of the storm I saw His glory rising as that of the sun and men sat with angels to sing His praise Oh Jesus is Lord forever and ever! but what i have been poor to do in His kingdom He gave me hope and cloth me with peace He crown me and name me blessed and said blessed are the poor in spirit for their is the kingdom of God so the mortal man just as i am would forever live in unending glory if only you walk on the path of righteousness and truth and that is all about love for one another.peace!
  16. I may never see tomorrow; There's no written guarantee And things that happened yesterday Belong to history. I cannot predict the future I cannot change the past I have just the present moments I must treat them as my last. I must use this moment wisely For it soon will pass away And be lost forever As part of yesterday. I must exercise compassion Help the fallen to their feet Be a friend unto the friendless Make an empty life complete. The unkind things I do today May never be undone And friendships that I fail to win May nevermore be won. I may not have another chance On bended knee to pray And I thank God with a humble heart For giving me this day. Unknown
  17. WHAT GOD DID FOR JESUS HE WILL DO FOR YOU 1. When bowed with burdens and with care, Your soul is in despair; You don’t have to fear, God is very near. He loves you as He loved His Son And He will help you too; Just trust His word of promise And He will see you through. It is no secret what God can do; What He’s done for Jesus He’ll do for you; With mighty power He’ll strengthen you; It is no secret what God can do. 2. Though sin and evil fill this world And you are overcome; Yet God’s Word is true - “Sin can’t reign o’er you.” And when temptations’s pull is strong God’s grace will be your stay; So you can walk like Jesus In vict’ry every day. 3. When pain and sickness come to you And touch your loved ones too, God knows how you feel - He has power to heal. Your Father will provide your need - He’s faithful and He’s true; And as He cared for Jesus He will care for you. 4. O what a glorious comfort this - If you have come to know Jesus as your Lord And Elder Brother too. For all God has is now your own And He won’t let you go; And now that God is for you Who can be your foe? - Zac Poonen
  18. Thoughts from the Sanctuary Deep calls to deep in this place. Where we, of elemental water, meet and mingle with You, the Living Water. Keep us ever mindful, LORD, of Your perfect Will, of Your boundless Love, of Your unmatched Power, of Your unmerited Favor. You and You alone are Holy. You and You alone are Sovereign. You are THE Name Above ALL names. photo: copyright 123RF.com Keep us in the strong current of Your will, Father. Do not tolerate our lingering in the eddies which form among the distractions at the edges of Your plans. Send us out, Lord of the Harvest: Fueled by Your Spirit, Equipped with Your Word, Driven by Your deepest Love for us and for the whole world. © 2012 Beth Viera thedeepbluesea@hotmail.com
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