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Found 23 results

  1. I love the idea of a Christian art section. Of course, this includes literature. So I thought I'd share my poem, originally written and read at a school event honoring the techniques of Emily Dickinson. I hope you all enjoy it. Radiance of Pearl Romance and I have never met, Though I glimpse him through a fog— At times in forms most fine, Once appearing as a man of virtue, Of compassion and encouragement Attractive, The future I imagined was an illusion— The fog ate him away with no hope of interaction— I am alone and cold, Worthless slime— Hideous obscurity. I prayed— With agony’s wheeze rather than words, Until there came in answer the soundless voice, Radiance of Pearl Pearls are rare—first interpretation derived, But then the second unfurls. Does a pearl know that it’s a pearl? Is it aware—while in the darkness of its shell—of Its beauty forming layer by layer? No, It doubts in darkness, Lost in its fissure—until the sun kisses it And it feels that it’s a treasure.
  2. The Cross This is the cross, both just and true, That I should give My life for you. More than tears and blood alone, More than a life or broken bones. Through the pain, beyond all fear, I took those steps to make it clear. The Father’s love, so deep and wide, That He would give His Son to die: To suffer loss and feel despair… To lead the way and meet you there. A place of peace and joy abounding: Many a voice in praise resounding. It was for you, I bled and cried… The curtain rent to open wide. That you may come into My throne, And know My Father as your own. The price of sin and death was paid, When on the cross My life I gave. But now you must stand up and run, From sin and strife, deceptive ‘fun’. Into My light and joy and peace… Now is the time: Proclaim Release. (originally given to me in 2003)
  3. Whenever I feel Alone, A Mighty Force rises from The outside In, and Searches My Heart... For I have been in places I never Should've been in, But you brought me out Nonetheless, And your Spirit brought me Comfort... Do not leave me nor forsake me, Continue to fight for me- Teach me what I've missed before the blindfolds come off entirely... My family and friends left me to Eat the crumbs of my leavened bread... Let me not die as a Hypocrite or as a Person with a Wicked Heart of Unbelief... I pray you Break the Chains As the Moon hides to let the Sun Shine... -Selah
  4. I am not who I am supposed to be I am not where I am supposed to be People look at my speech and actions Do they see Christ when they see me? Or is it my Flesh in my Reflection? I love my sin and idols more than I love you, Will I ever know the truth? You called me by My Name As Your Daughter But the devil told me That I'm too filthy to be yours I want to divorce the lies And be set free... I want to be one with the Holy Spirit And help those that were once like me, Once I finish the Race at 1st Place And look at those who are still limping Behind me...
  5. A poem I wrote about my Faith! Hope you all enjoy! I bow down at your feet You are the one who gave life Eternal life I will live forever because of You I bow down at Your feet You are the one who loves me with An un-failing love You would die for me I bow down at Your feet You are the one who takes My burdens into your own Hands and gives me peace I bow down at Your feet You are the one who heals You can put my broken heart back together And make it whole again I bow down at Your feet You are the one who listens To my every prayers To every worry I have I bow down at Your feet You are the one who accepts Me for my flaws And imperfections and mistakes I bow down at Your feet You are the one who always Forgives and forgets Each day is a new beginning for me and You I bow down at Your feet You are the one who speaks Truth over lies You courage me when the world and it's people discourage me I bow down at Your feet For You are my God, my Heavenly Father And I will praise and follow You Because You are the answer to everything
  6. *I've written way better poems but here I go: She danced near fountains At 5 years old... She dreamed of a future, Before her heart grew cold... She danced alone In her big room... And when she got saved, Her flags were her tools... She danced to hymns And to spiritual songs... She dreamed of a family Where all got along... She danced and sang As Jesus held her hand... Through trials and tests, On a rock did she stand... Now a little girl Dances in her backyard... Her daughter rejoices Even when times are hard... Together they dance Together they sing, Together they laugh- Their problems gone with the wind...
  7. I wasn't sure what topic this would go under, so I just picked Worthy Welcome. So, I wrote a poem regarding my Faith, and I was wondering If I would be allowed to post it here?
  8. My letter to God God Narrow pathway Heaven Tel. Jeremiah 3:33 Dear God, I just want to say thank you for being my saviour and my friend. You are always there when everyone else fails me, that is a true friend indeed. Why do I always let you down? You have listened to my prayers and you have answered so many. I still doubt, Why? Because we can never fully understand that all things are possible with you. You perform miracles and wonders that no one else would have the wisdom to do. You show love and forgiveness that is difficult for us to do. Yet we still and probably never will fully know the power that you possess, a power that you share with all believers. You are the very being of my life and you have done all for me that is truly possible to live comfortably in this world. If we have so much comfort in this world with your blessing, how much more will we have in our heavenly home. I feel that thank you is very poor when we think of what you have done. Yet it is one of the first words we are taught to say as children, therefore it is only fitting as children of God that we should say it to you and mean it. God you are the one and only God of creation, why do we continue to let you down. Forgive us, for we are truly ignorant of the deep love you have for us. Make us aware of all that you are, every time we look at something may we remember that you made it, you thought it up and planed it, just as you did us Father. Oh Father it will only be while we live in this world that we will sin, purity awaits us. Loving Father take my grateful heart and make it your own.   You’re loving servant and child By B Hackleton
  9. “As It Was Meant To Be” This is our prayer to You for each day To set our hearts upon eternal things You are sovereign; You are in control Of whatever tomorrow to us brings This life is but a wisp; a mere vapor Treasures stored up on earth will pass Each breath and heartbeat is Your gift Only works done for Your glory will last A brilliantly wonderful future we have Perfect, Heavenly harmony of life anew Joy unspeakable; as it was meant to be And forever we will be worshipping You II Corinthians 4:18 (NASB) while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. (Written by: Thankful2Him4Ever aka Dee M.)
  10. "He Will Prevail" Concerns and worries are left behind Amidst the King's Majestic Presence Thoughts of Him fill heart and mind Eclipsing all cares and circumstance Praise and thanks rise to His Throne Alpha and Omega, the First and Last All Glory and Honor is due He alone Now, future, throughout ages past Sovereign over the entire universe Fashioned in most exquisite detail Mighty Redeemer from sin's curse Forever and Ever He will prevail Revelation 1:8 (NASB) "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty." (Written by: Thankful2Him4Ever aka Dee M.)
  11. "He Is Your Destiny" He is your Redeemer; Your Forever Friend His love, mercy, and grace will never end He is mighty and invincible in His power Eternal Lord and King; Shelter and Tower Dependence upon Jesus makes you strong His Word sustains and carries you along Prayer is your source of peace and hope Brings you through; enables you to cope Remember all that He has done for you He has forgiven you and made you new His Truth is like a mirror; in it you see Your Savior's Face; He is your destiny Psalms 37:39-40 (NASB) 39 But the salvation of the righteous is from the LORD; He is their strength in time of trouble. 40 The LORD helps them and delivers them; He delivers them from the wicked and saves them, Because they take refuge in Him. (Written by: Thankful2Him4Ever aka Dee M.)
  12. “Center of Your Will” Flood my mind with Your Word Let it revive my heart once more Let my mouth speak only Truth Let it be what I most hunger for Your ways are the path to Life Abundant, fulfilling, and whole Purifying light; piercing within Sanctifying; cleansing the soul Fasten my thoughts upon You That I would seek You each day Draw me closer than ever before In the center of Your will to stay Psalms 25:10 (NASB) All the paths of the LORD are lovingkindness and truth To those who keep His covenant and His testimonies. Romans 8:6 (NASB) For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace. Hebrews 13:20-21 (NASB) 20 Now the God of peace, who brought up from the dead the great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the eternal covenant, even Jesus our Lord, 21 equip you in every good thing to do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen. (Written by: Thankful2Him4Ever aka Dee M.)
  13. I hope that it is okay that I am posting this here. I say that because it is already under the Absolutely Positive forum. It seemed appropriate to post it there. But I got to thinking about how God has given me the gift of writing poetry. I believe He did so in order for me to venture out and share it with others with similar thoughts/feelings...but who are unable to put them into words. This is a special occasion of remembering for many of us. And so I figured 'what better time to use my talent that God so graciously bestowed upon me?' My hope is that it will be helpful to others. For ever since I started writing poetry my desire and longing has been to be a vessel to be used of the LORD...to His glory and to bless my fellow man/woman. Below is my Memorial Day poem. Let me know if it touched your heart, please? Thanks. God be with each of you in a special way on this particular day. TO ALL THE UNSUNG HEROES TO ALL THE UNSUNG HEROES AND FAMILIES LEFT BEHIND... I WRITE A POEM OF GRATITUDE WITH EACH OF YOU IN MIND. TO THOSE WHO FACED THE UNKNOWN AND WHO SENSED THE RISKS YOU'D FIND... IT TAKES A LOT OF COURAGE AND A VERY SPECIAL KIND! AND SO I SAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE SACRIFICES MADE... TO LEAVE BEHIND A MUCH LOVED SPOUSE AND CHILDREN AS THEY PLAYED. IT'S HARD FOR ME TO COMPREHEND THE THOUGHTS THAT FILLED YOUR HEAD... THE BRAVERY TO TAKE THAT CHANCE THAT YOU COULD END UP DEAD. AND YET YOU SERVED YOUR COUNTRY WITH A VALOR WE ADMIRE TO HONOR YOU; REMEMBERING IS THE THING THAT WE DESIRE. FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T RETURN ALIVE: YOU FAMILIES WENT THROUGH MUCH! I'M SURE YOU FEEL A SENSE OF PRIDE, YET HUNGER FOR THAT TOUCH OF THOSE WHO DID THE NOBLE THING ALTHOUGH THEY'D REALIZED PERHAPS THEY WOULD COME BACK ONE DAY DISABLED; PARALYZED... OR EVEN LAY THEIR LIVES DOWN SO THAT FREEDOM COULD PREVAIL... I WANT TO SAY A GREAT BIG THANKS AND COMFORT YOU AS WELL. TO VETERANS AND LOVED ONES: THESE WORDS GO OUT TO YOU. AND MAY IT HELP US ALL RECALL THE HEARTS OF FOLKS SO TRUE.
  14. Hey guys, I thought I'd share a poem I wrote not too long ago. It's my first poem I've written since 5 years ago! lol I wasn't sure where to post this so to the mods/admins, feel free to move it. Hope you's enjoy it and gbu all. He comforts me through the night & guides me through the day. He makes me evermore stronger as I kneel down to pray He covers me under his wings and says It’ll be okay He holds me so close & then he starts to say I’ve loved you for so long, even before you were formed I had plans layed out for you way before you were born When you entered this earth, you remained on my mind Even in songs I rejoice over you all the time I love you my dear child You’re the beat of my heart Nothing and nothing will, ever tear us apart It’s time to let go and let me love you my dear Take my hand & I’ll show you there’s nothing to fear If you just trust me, I’ll show you what I can do I can bring you through dark times & through stormy weather too As we reach near the end, you’ll see the rainbow up high My promises to you will surely never die So remember when you’re in trouble & you kneel down to pray I love you with all my heart & I’ll always remain the same. When you sin & turn away from me, remember this my dear I’ll be with my arms wide open waiting over here.
  15. zionn


    THE ORDAIN HOPE The morning bright like gold,peace soar like an eagle and every glorious desire burns like a candle hopes is lifted and i am lifted love is exulted and in it i fine strength so when grace falls i will sprout out like a rose from the heart of the soil and to the world i will portray my beauty for i am blessed beyond a curse but a man beauty is his knowledge and I have none accept mercy but when the ocean stop roaring and the sun cease to shine there i will soar into the heaven like the happy little moon for my Savior is my beauty,my hope and my priority,Glory be to God.selah
  16. A new age is dawning,a day that technology will be of no use for the sun will be bloody and there will be gnashing of teeth oh wail for mother earth for the sin committed in her is many the hypocrisy of men will be reveal when justice has found it place of rest so let the born again surrender completely without a passion of selfishness and let see if mother wont rejoice but Christians today are corrupt and selfish yet the speak of faith is faith not dead without works?or what profit is father Abraham if he had refused to sacrificed Isaac and yet God provided a so called christian today is so coward to talk against gayism so mother earth is defiled and the persecution will come to man to decide either you live for world and die for Christ, but aint you already in the world,are your feast not of the world A word to a wise is enough and there is nothing new under the sun although,but the wrath of God is surely to come and woe to Him who is found guilty,oh I have sin,you also have sin so kindly let us all go before the altar of Grace maybe a drop of His mercy shall fall from the heaven of heavens for we have all turn into our own separate ways and has fallen short of His glory. Oh God have mercy on us especially on me, selah.
  17. THE MISERY OF MEN The heart beat of time is dying at last the hope of men is fading like grass and for the cause of survival every men will have an aim to chase after the wind! for money shall a mortal man just as i am fight for to attain the prestigious ego in mind oh the misery of men the visions at stake with doubt of completion so there is always a fight for power and i am a victim for the cause of truth but if you live by the sword,you die by the sword so every man will face judgement regardless of the stature attain in live and in mind equality will once again stand and justice will prevail for the new world order has no strenght to stop time and the tales of fame will pass away with fashion so to Christ I surrender my debt he pays with love my crown with Him i own with strenght echoing from the clouds of glory a world of no end i see with my miseries been hang forever on the Cross of Calvary for forever oh Lord I will worship Your majesty.Selah
  18. The era of the medieval is fallen in a logic fallacy and now is the decade of our generation where men are called supermen in hollywood.Behold!a world which is full of rights n freedom is still sick in deception so we are all victims fighting for survival in our own planet and the mess they say is part of live so vainity my ascession my fight n aspirations,oh half my life is passed and the rest i live in fear for the truth my leaders have turn into a conspiracy of silence. So Please help me God.
  19. zionn


    MY LIVE LESSON The beauty of our memory oh man! is the hope of our generation a world we have so beautiful and dwelling but is on this same planet we shared the bread of sorrow together at times we give up and on another day we stand! live is a lesson! love is disguise! pain is hidden in pride and you know is time for a change and you can't give up but the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but God who give grace so kindly goes on your knees and pray our Father! who art in heaven and He will guide you to success.
  20. THE GOD IN ME It's the God in me that keeps me free to be me. Only God can change me, dismiss my past & rearrange me into the woman of God that He has called me to be. I once was blind but now I can see, that it's the God in me that allows me to be the woman, the mother, the wife, or the boo. The woman that God has placed to speak a word into you. A word that comes forth so bold & so new; leaving you baffled as to how I do what I do. But it's not me ---nah I'm just the ves-sel; but some would think it's quite stress-ful to take on your fears, your worries, and your doubt ....but I'm just an ear for you to let it all out. I'm not Jesus, so I can't carry your every bur-den; but I can speak a word-in your life---to help you get thru whatever is causing your heartache & pain, and let you know there is sunshine after the rain. And if you should ever doubt, I'm here to tell you there is a way out. Out of the darkness and into the light, where the arms of Jesus will hold you tonight! ©Kaye F. D.
  21. Thoughts from the Sanctuary Deep calls to deep in this place. Where we, of elemental water, meet and mingle with You, the Living Water. Keep us ever mindful, LORD, of Your perfect Will, of Your boundless Love, of Your unmatched Power, of Your unmerited Favor. You and You alone are Holy. You and You alone are Sovereign. You are THE Name Above ALL names. photo: copyright 123RF.com Keep us in the strong current of Your will, Father. Do not tolerate our lingering in the eddies which form among the distractions at the edges of Your plans. Send us out, Lord of the Harvest: Fueled by Your Spirit, Equipped with Your Word, Driven by Your deepest Love for us and for the whole world. © 2012 Beth Viera thedeepbluesea@hotmail.com
  22. Roughly 4 or 5 years ago i was in a hotel room here in bonnie Scotland. I remember waking up just before 2am and i felt really pretty good. I get sudden notions for writing though so i usually have a pad and pen somewhere and i remember sitting up and writing. When i got home i rewrote onto another piece of paper. Well, i found both today in 2 very different places. One in the back of mums car and one under my bed. Anyway, thought i would share here what i had written a few years ago. I didn't know God then but i do now and am very glad i do. Wake up and arise my people. Replace the broken cords. For dividing walls shall be no more. These are my words. I will manifest in this place The walls of my protection. Come together in unity. There shall be a resurrection. A brand new start for everyone, For all of you are choosen. Dividing walls shall be no more, Protective walls i loosen. The valley where you lay beside Shall flow with lifely waters. Be still and hear my voice, All ye sons and daughters. Your hearts i know, your cry i hear. Take each others hand. Revival will come when you're prepared And in unity you stand. My way is coming forward. The time is drawing close. For more of my lost children Will learn that they are chose. My river will burst its banks. No man nor evil can stop. For i am God, My will be done. Will you help me harvest my crop? Just wanted to share the little poem that has been hiding from me for years and decided to pop up in two places
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