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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I am deeply in love with Jesus Christ! He is wonderful! He is good! He is true! When Jesus saved me He took me to experience the literal Hell and months later He took me up into Heaven. I am humbled to have had such experiences, for I recognize; blessed are those who haven't seen and believe. There's a heavy burden that comes along with all this. A burden for souls. A burden for completing the will of God in my life; in the Holy Spirit this burden becomes easy and light, and it is a daily focus on Jesus that gets me through this walk in peace, love, and joy (and all things good), otherwise I would be crushed under the weight of what I know, I don't doubt it. I take surrender and obedience to the Lord very seriously for those who say, "Lord, Lord..." and will be turned away from Jesus will be the ones who did not complete the specific will of the Father in Heaven for their lives and in the next verse Jesus makes it clear He never knew them. I would not wish Hell on my worst enemy; it is far worse than people imagine. Unless one has experienced it, there is really no way to understand it's horrors. My deepest desire is to help others come into deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It's a process. The persecution I have suffered is immense and I am still learning how to handle all of it with love. One wrong sentence can undermine months of discerning the Lord's voice with confidence while communicating with one person and it grieves me so very deeply when I transgress even in the littlest degree. It's sad to say that most who claim Christ do not care to seek the Lord on what I am telling them about my testimony, other experiences, or the revelation I have received from God, reacting in the flesh in the best case and the demonic in the worst; not all, but many, and it breaks my heart. I know the truth and the truth has set me free. I am not in bondage to sin, I am not perfect, but I do I live a lifestyle as a servant of righteousness. My Father chastises me, teaches me, and quickens me. I only share this to glorify Him and His goodness! He is faithful! He is mighty to protect us in the heart of darkness, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and I have first hand experience of this. I have also seen many miracles and have had countless supernatural experiences in the realm of healing and otherwise. I have seen crushed bones in a foot (by a car) mended in seconds of prayer, I have seen metal dissolved and bone created on multiple occasions, some of these miracles have been doctor verified, but changes in the physical; like seeing a scar shrink from many inches to a dime, or someone losing weight now that they can use their limb that needed amputation before prayer is more than enough proof, all by my own prayer and in the name of Jesus. I do not boast in me. I was supernaturally healed when I came to Jesus Christ and delivered as well, and it gave me faith for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that Jesus wasn't messing around when He said that we can do all the things He did and greater in His name. I thoroughly enjoy raising up others to walk in power, but it has to be in relationship and surrender to Jesus Christ because that's all that really matters for our gifts and callings are irrevocable and can be used in or out of the will of God. But most importantly, God is too good not to know intimately, although it surely does bring glory to Him to walk in power. I much prefer to show people Jesus than tell people about Him and the Lord has taught me how to do this even when I am not praying for healing specifically. I will share this in more detail during my time here. I have seen the Lord cast out legions of demons through my prayers and infirmities go from these deliverances. I understand the difference between authority and power, in my time here I will share more on this as well. I have also seen a meth addict come to Jesus and be set free with no withdrawls and cravings; all by following the voice of God for every word and action. Why do I share this? Because I have been walking with Jesus for less than two years and I have seen countless people healed, delivered, made completely whole, and come to Christ by the work that I have allowed the Lord to do through me. When one prays without ceasing they will be able to be fully discipled by Jesus in just a few short years like the disciples were (even quicker in this day of technology). Jesus and I are in communication my entire waking day (16-20 hours a day). That's a lot different than most who spend their first or last 15 minutes a day with Jesus. I can do in two years what a person could do in 104-120 years in the example I just gave. Again, I hold obedience to the Lord at the utmost importance; it is love, for only God is good! And if no one else is doing the work, He will give it to His servants no matter how young. As 1 Timothy 4:12 says: Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. I hope this inspires others into deeper obedience in the Lord and that the Lord wants to flow through us all with the same Holy Spirit that rose Christ from the dead to change the lives of those around us, in Jesus' name! God loves you all dearly! I appreciate all questions, curiosity, or desire to understand more about anything that has been said here. I am here for you. I will take you to Jesus! He is all that matters; everything good! He's too good not to know, so please, let me know how I can help you! I look forward to learning here as well! God bless you all, richly, in Jesus' mighty name!
  2. From Porn to God! (POWERFUL Testimony of God's Love and Protection!) - Shelley Lubben Shelley Lubben (born May 18, 1968) is an American author, singer, motivational speaker, and former pornographic actress. After she left the adult industry, Lubben became a born-again Christian and anti-pornography activist. As of 2012, she is the Executive Director of the Pink Cross Foundation, which reaches out to women and men in pornography and speaks in public forums, sharing about the hazardous working conditions that she experienced in the porn industry. In January 2015, she closed the Pink Cross Foundation. She is also an ordained Chaplain with the Order of Saint Martin with a degree in Theological studies. Lubben was born on May 18, 1968 in Pasadena, California. In an interview with Howard Stern and Deseret News, Lubben stated that when she was nine years old, a brother and sister sexually abused her. Lubben worked as a prostitute from age 18 to 26. During this time, she became pregnant by one of her customers, and later gave birth to a daughter. She entered the adult film industry, while working as a prostitute, when she was 24 years old. During her time in the adult industry, she contracted herpes and HPV, which led to cervical cancer, and resulted in the removal of half her cervix. During and after her life in the adult industry, she battled alcohol and drug addictions. In 2005, Lubben initiated an aggressive online marketing campaign, utilizing social networking web sites in order to reach out to the adult industry. In 2008, Lubben established a faith-based organization called the Pink Cross Foundation. The group concentrates on outreach to and evangelism of those in the porn industry, especially performers, and offers support to those wishing to leave the industry. The organization solicits donations online and offers an online support forum for individuals that are addicted to drugs, fornication, and pornography. When Lubben identifies interested individuals, she sends care packages filled with Godly literature, Bibles, Christian music, local grocery and department store gift cards, and other spiritual and practical supports. A secondary focus of Pink Cross is outreach to individuals seeking recovery from pornography addiction. Pink Cross attends pornography conventions to educate fans about how porn is not glamorous and also reaching out to porn stars and reminding them that they have options. The Pink Cross Foundation also lobbies against pornography and the adult entertainment industry. Lubben supported California legislator Charles Calderon in his effort to tax the pornographic industry by speaking to lawmakers about her experiences. Lubben describes the scene of a hardcore porn film as devoid of intimacy, and describes it as "all mechanical and beastly". She further writes that "women are vomiting off the set, and most of the actors are doing drugs and alcohol." In June 2010, she spoke to U.S. House and Senate members and their staffs in Washington DC about the damage that was done to her body from her time in the porn industry. She continues to be outspoken regarding the illegal and hazardous working conditions in the industry, with sexually transmitted diseases being a workplace safety issue and public health concern. Lubben has appeared in various international media outlets, including radio, television, and film. An overview of her life has been featured in the documentaries Traffic Control and Out of the Darkness, the latter of which was selected to be the opening film for the John Paul II Film Festival in 2011. In January 2011, Lubben released a rap/hip hop album with the proceeds going to the Pink Cross Foundation to help women and men recover from porn. The first single, titled "Killer Fantasy", features the message of a porn star speaking to the porn fan about the truth behind the adult industry.
  3. I love this so much!! Can you imagine, we will spend eternity with this King?!! Words cannot describe Him, but we can sure try! Ahhhh, Dear Lord Jesus, You are so good to me!!!!! You uphold me when I feel I have no strength left... You pour Your love over me and into the deep places... Your goodness is indescribable.... Lord Jesus, my heart longs for You and You alone... You are beautiful
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