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Found 26 results

  1. If someone’s gay, can they pray it away, or ask the lord to help them? If not, what can they do?
  2. The good news is, Legalism is not a life threatening condition, but it is a spiritual and mental health issue. So, lets get right to it, so that if you have been infected with this heresy, you can begin to find your way out of its theological darkness. What is Legalism? Lots of Christians have random ideas about what it could mean, but here is what it is.......This is NT legalism as found within the belief system of any believer, who is a legalist. Its simply that they believe, that, the Cross and the Blood Atonement, began their salvation, but didn't complete it. So, they take it upon themselves, to finish their salvation by : Works. Keeping Commandments. Presenting an attempt to live a holy lifestyle. Holding unto their faith, in their minds. Obsessive confession of Sin. Chasing with their lifestyle some idea of what they believe "enduring to the end", means. Legalist's are trusting in and counting on their " religious behavior", to finalize what Jesus began and finished already for them on the Cross, which God gave them for Free, when they BELIEVED... ("Justification by Faith, without the deeds of the law") So, all of this SELF EFFORT, is denying The Blood of Jesus its FULL CREDIT DUE for saving them and keeping them saved. So, how did you get into this circular reasoning mind trap? Well, the main culprit is that you are involved with teachers and other believers who are also lost within this self righteousness maze, and so, because you are surrounded by them, you dont realize your situation. Let me now ask you a question. Do you believe that Jesus The Christ deserves FULL Credit, for saving you and keeping you saved? ????? If you said "yes", then why do you believe that you can undo what you can take not credit for, which is the Cross? Its because you have been taught to think of your Salvation as : 1 part Jesus... and the rest you have to do, to finish the job. You have been lied to, by people who also believed the lie. So, to be free from this..... what do you have to resolve within your belief system....what do you have to get the revelation OF, so that you can see what you have been believing, so that you stop giving the Cross some credit for your salvation, and your commandment keeping and works, all the rest? How do you stop taking some of the Credit for your Salvation for yourself, which insults God's Grace, and God's Son? How do you stop trying to make yourself right with God, by self effort, and realize and begin to trust in Christ Alone, now and forever, to be the only and sole reason you will end up in heaven after you die. ??? And THAT, is what you have to first realize you are doing, as until you realize it, you won't understand the depth of the insult you are committing against the very Blood of Yeshua. So, here is how you start the recovery. First.....you have to come to a full understanding of your position as God's PROPERTY, "bought with a Price", that has recreated your eternal Identity as, "IN CHRIST". In other words, you have to begin, TODAY, to see yourself ONLY as God sees you, and not as you see yourself, regarding your Born Again status. You have to learn to accept how God views you, and let go of how you see yourself. When you read....>"as Jesus IS< so are YOU in this WORLD".....you have to believe it. So... Start here: Colossians 2:20 "And you are COMPLETE in Him, (In Jesus)." Now do you see that word COMPLETE? Do you understand this word? Does it mean , partial, or, a work in progress, or nearly? ? And who are you complete in? And who is complete in Jesus?......= Its every born again Person......is that you? And why does the verse say you are "IN HIM"< as the context for "complete"? Its because this is your STATUS, according to God, as a born again family member of God. And what is it lacking, if you are COMPLETE?...... Nothing. And how is this verse to be understood, not only as your eternal "sonship" status, but also, your eternal Salvation, as they are THE SAME THING....... So, IF this verse tells you that you are not only IN HIM< but you are COMPLETE< in Him, "in Christ", then what verse explains how Jesus has become your SALVATION?....as Completed, as designed by God the Father? This verse : 1st Corinthians 1:30 ""But of God, are ye IN Christ Jesus, who of God is MADE UNTO US = wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption". Now do see this part of the verse....>"who of GOD, is made unto us".... Thats the key, as what this means, is that God has taken righteousness and sanctification, and REDEMPTION , itself, and MADE IT unto us". In other words, WHO/What CHRIST IS, God has "made unto YOU". This is SALVATION....This is GRACE.....This is the Blood Atonement, as they have recreated you as "The righteousness of Christ". This is who you are now, since the day you were born again, and for all eternity. In other words, it has become, by God's power through the Holy Spirit , not just a part of us, but US......... WE have become what God has "Made unto us"...... We ARE =righteousness, sanctification, and Redemption, itself. THis is what the Cross has accomplished for us, when Jesus said ::"it is Finished" "Let the REDEEMED of the LORD...say so." So, Legalist..... what are all your works, all your good deed doing, all your commandment keeping, as compared to what God Himself has ALREADY made you to be, ....as COMPLETED, In Jesus?
  3. 'ANSWERED PRAYER' is a magazine in which details of answered prayers in full or in part will be published. This is to bring praise and glory to God and to share his mighty works with other believers to encourage them to take all their needs to the Lord. Your answered prayers may be about healing, finances, family, romance, wisdom. Whatever your answered prayer may be we would like to know about it. If you have answered prayers you would like to be published in this vibrant and faith-inspiring magazine please email us at livingwater-mybestfriend@outlook.com God bless
  4. Sense God’s Peace To peace as my mind’s chatter becomes numb. … From dumb ones’ mindless matters. It is all up to He to set my brain free- Becoming less flesh; naughty body! God’s Spirit breaks free past chains misery, Drowning in sorrow, sin pained. Let me again pray for you, friend, Replacing my rant on the mend. In the Lord I place you to soothe stress gone through. Now on this new page I will write Christ answers for you. He’s how I got through Healed, restored full; reborn new. I thought that you knew [all In the mind true] Whom Calms stormy seas. He Makes us all be Still, sensed God’s Word peacefully. ~ Sense God’s Peace ~ 2018 ~ Gregory KJ Brumwell 11 Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. ~ 2 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV) 19 lines #MindOfGod #JesusChrist #Sin #Peace
  5. Open Letter to Rock Bottom Dear Down in the Dumps, You are not in a nice place to visit or indefinitely live. I know, I have been there too many times. Since then I have burned my passport and remain grounded, gladly. The local authorities and citizens do not understand my alien presence. They cannot keep this message out. I will explain later. You will not complain sooner. Listen, look and warm yourself up to light versus darkness. Defect from that infected wasteland. Walk this way for freedom! Before I believed in anything worth mentioning, I desperately decided to buy into "Allen Carr's 'Easy Way to Stop Smoking.'" Heck, he wrote I could even smoke as I read the book! I took a leap of faith out the hole of butts and ash. I actually enjoyed and laughed at old cues to spark a dart. Nic fits were only a fading memory of how and what I used to be like. I had been deprogrammed from doom and reprogrammed for life. Thank goodness, because all drags from cigarettes had become depressing slave wage reminders of death. I could not prove or understand it but I believed it had worked, setting me free. I see that now was a good sign, open door and ray of hope. Major problems had potential solutions. I believed things could be better. Before I met and surrendered to Jesus Christ, I waged war with myself and the world. I abused my being with alcohol, marijuana and drug experimentation. I sat much of my life in front of a screen playing questionable games. I cheated on God, my future wife and myself with pornography and masturbation. I was living the bad dream of a wicked party scene. My heart had holes, my mind was free for the taking, my body was in ruin and my soul was lost and bound. Mental health issues coincided with the start of all of the above. By my fourth psychiatric ward stay I actually enjoyed doing my time and running the show. Pride, lust, anger, gluttony and slothfulness as deadly sins were aiming to win. It was either end up a casualty of spiritual warfare or be saved by divine intervention. Enter my Saviour, Lord, teacher and protector. I read the Bible out of curiousity. I thought I should for its major influence on the world and world view. Believing and in it does not change that in any case. Tragedy struck when my parents' dog died in my arms. What I was doing with my life and would come after hit me hard. God had spoken, my deaf ears had been opened. I quit pot on the spot. I mourned Baloo's death and a life I was not getting. I compensated by binge drinking. I started getting drunk in the morning. I was listening to Harvesters FM, a Christian radio station constantly. They suggested AA, Alcoholics Anonymous. I went and got on the sober wagon. Gaming got the boot. Pornography and masturbation were confessed, apologized for, repented from and rebuked. All of the above related to asking Jesus Christ into my heart and life through a simple, sincere to the point prayer. The Bible was now more than history and what Christianity was based on. It was God's word speaking to me, changing my life for His pure glory, perfect plan and purpose. Not the story of my life, but Jesus Christ's death for the church as his wife. It is thee book that's truth never changes as always relevant. Now I am part of the book of life, hallelujah! Not the end, Gregory Keith Jonathan Brumwell 2018 Testimony Saved by Jesus Christ as of December 18, 2016, GKJB-1973 11 Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. - John 3:11 New International Version (NIV) 31 “If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true. - John 5:31 New International Version (NIV) 7 He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. - John 1:7 New International Version (NIV)
  6. Hi brothers and sisters in Christ. Shalom! Please pray for my brother in law. He was in an accident about a week ago - he was in the woods working and huge rocks fell on him - injured his shoulder and from x-ray doctor said his skull cracked, he was in and out of coma and was vomiting blood. Now one side of his eye unable to see. He is the breadwinner of his small family and father to one young daugther. They are struggling financially already before this and now things are worse. I have helped set up funding page hope donation to channel to all his medical and recovery expenses. Would you please pray for him and his family. And if you have find in your heart to donate, please click the fund page link below. Thank you so much and God bless you. Please help to share. Thank you!!!
  7. Hi brothers and sisters in Christ. Shalom! Please pray for my brother in law. He was in an accident about a week ago - he was in the woods working and huge rocks fell on him - injured his shoulder and from x-ray doctor said his skull cracked, he was in and out of coma and was vomiting blood. Now one side of his eye unable to see. He is the breadwinner of his small family and father to one young daugther. They are struggling financially already before this and now things are worse. I have helped set up funding page hope donation to channel to all his medical and recovery expenses. Would you please pray for him and his family. And if you have find in your heart to donate, please click the fund page link below. Thank you so much and God bless you. Please help to share, even a small donation would means the world to them. Thank you!!!
  8. Hi, I am new to this forum and I would like to ask 3 questions about praying. 1. Will God or Jesus misunderstand my meaning while I pray? I recently prayed for something but I think my wordings may cause misunderstanding and if God really misunderstands me then something really bad will happen and I'm quite worried about it. 2. Will God or Jesus really do something if I pray for bad things or things that are not good for others to happen? I don't mean that I will pray for bad things, I know that I should pray for good things but the thing is I did this once and I just don't want it to happen as it may harm others. 3. If my praying really caused misunderstanding or I prayed for bad things, can I pay to God again to state my mistake and stop those things from happening? If not, what can I do? Thank you for reading and answering.
  9. I would like to thank all of you you have been sending well wishes to my Mother, or praying for her. She is back home from the hospital now. She still isn't feeling the greatest, but she is on the mend!
  10. Just a quick not to let you all know ... My mother has now been moved out of the Critical Care Unit (ICU), and into a less-critical part of the hospital. Still no word on when she will be back home! ~Mark Harvey
  11. I just thought I would let you all know ... My mother is still in hospital. She is still in the Critical Care Unite (ICU). It turns out, she caught pneumonia, and they believe that that was what caused her heart rate to accelerate so much. But, most important of all, she is, slowly but surely, getting better and better! On behalf of all of us, I thank you all for your continuing prayers! :-)O
  12. I will give you all a brief update about my Mom, Evelyn Harvey. She is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. She is being fed through a feeding tube, and she is breathing through a breathing tube. It is my understanding that those are just intended to be temporary measures, and the hope is that she will eventually be able to eat and breathe normally again. I was with her in the hospital for the better part of the day yesterday (January 2nd). Overall, she was looking much healthier yesterday, and her heart rate was much better, than the day before (January 1st.) I would appreciate for all of you to keep praying for her to have a full recovery. If that be God's will, of course! I thank you all, in love. ~Mark Harvey
  13. On the morning of New Year's Eve, I had to call 911 for my mother. The ambulance took her to the hospital. At one point , her heart was racing so fast, that they had to use those electric paddles to shock her heart to slow it down.They are treating her condition as Congestive Heart Failure.She is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), at this point.I and my brother and my "sister-in-law" spent the better part of the day, on New Year's Day, with my mom in the hospital. I didn't get to bed until about 11:30 last night.My mom's condition (as of the time that I, personally, left the hospital) was serious, but stable. This morning, while I was talking with my brother on the telephone, he told me that they had inserted some kind of a breathing tube into her, so that she could breather more easily and sleep better I think she is probably going to recover, but with these kinds of things, we just don't know for sure, with these kinds of things.I would appreciate your prayers about this, for my mother (first and foremost), but also for my brother, Tony, and my "sister-in-law", Arelene, and for myself. Thank you all in advance for your prayers! In Jesus, Mark Harvey
  14. Dear servant of God on Thursday we have commended four ministers to fields who are finished their three year bible training i have added photos here.. we need to support them for some period, because they are in church planting work in new villages.. We are started to pray for them to raise additional support to encourage them please remember this matter in your prayers.. praying for you.. blessings .. your brother PeaceMakerIND
  15. tsth


    This message was impressed upon me, as I was in the middle of hearing a sermon regarding the church of Laodicea.....but this passage in regard to the church of Sardis, struck me profoundly. It was a very stark warning that I have seen before, but I had not studied in depth....it is a warning for believers. Rev. 3:2 Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God. 3 Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you. Rev. 16:15 "Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame." Sounds familiar, right? Matthew 24:42 Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour a your Lord is coming. 43 But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. 44 Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. The message is given from Jesus, many times! Mark 13: 33 Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is. 34 It is like a man going to a far country, who left his house and gave authority to his servants, and to each his work, and commanded the doorkeeper to watch. 35 Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming--in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning-- 36 lest, coming suddenly, he find you sleeping. 37 And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!" Why is Jesus so fervent about this? Notice the contrast........sleeping/watching. We know it’s not really about “sleeping”, what then? We can also see this message repeated in 1 Thess. 5: 1 But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. 2 For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.
  16. Brethren please pray for meSeptember Month ministryThis month is with many many works My Schedule..In 30 days day time works (10 am to 4 pm)4 days.. Bible college teachings for 40 people4 days.. Bible school teachings for 25 people4 days.. Sunday worships each two worships in every Sunday day time.1.day ... Prayer day with workers and elders and ministers2 days.. a special meetings in our working village in fellowship1. day... a camp to other city on ministry work4 days.. Visits to our working 2 village churches each one day(special meetings)6 days.. are optional.. i will give the dates in these days to according to the need In 30 days.. Evening and night works (5 pm to 10 pm)4 days Bible study meet at our first village church4 days Bible study meet at our second church (ministry center)4 days youth meets.. my son runs.. and gives first word.. i will give some message4 days.. Evening worship at our newly started church from 6 pm to 8:30 pm in other city2 days.. Special revival meetings at our 18th village Church2 days.. visits to 2 new villages where we are going to start new churches2 days.. meets at out side ministers churches2 days.. workers meets .. one is at our ministry center and second is at other city.. 6 days.. are optional.. i will give the dates according to emergency need for people and churches.. In 30 days morning times from 7 am to 9 amI will do the online ministry.. Sunday i will do online ministry only after 10 pm to 12 amMonday to Saturday i can do two times from 7 am to 9 am and 10 pm to 12 amLike posting some small writings,. prayers, reading and chatting Needs are high.. please pray to meet all needs.. Thank you God bless you
  17. Brethren Today and tomorrow we have special meetings in a village where we started a new church in new village This is our special meetings after starting this church.. 11 months back we started this church,.,. pl pray,,
  18. Dear brethren pl pray for a new church planting in a nearest city, we are hoping to do well we want to start from 2nd August pl pray
  19. Please pray Today i am going to travel to other city where i am doing some big work with some ministers to plant more churches there we need some equipment we need some more man power, money power too we need to print more gospel tracts in bulks please pray for all provision,, God bless you all
  20. pl pray for new ministers who are in training They need to grow in truth Then need to equip in soul and body too They need to get well training to go and to do the planting work in new areas They are very key for coming generation ministry pl pray
  21. For the past several days, I have been posting prayer requests for the of Mr. Donald Tansley. For those of you who may not have seen my previous prayer requests in that category, Janette is the girl that I am sort of courting. From what I have been told now, Donald passed away at 7:30 (Eastern Time) this morning. Please pray for God to comfort and provide emotional healing for both Janette, and her older brother, Michael. It is a hard time for me, too. Among other things, it is hard for me to accept that even if my relationship with Janette does ultimately work out, her father will not be the one to walk her down the aisle. If any of you can provide some words of comfort for me -- personally -- about this, I would really appreciate. Thank you all for your prayers, and God bless you all. ~Mark
  22. Janette is a girl whom I am sort of courting. Her father, Donald, is 87 years old, he is in the hospital. He has been there for at least several days now. Maybe even a full week or more. From the information that has been provided to me so far, it appears to be some kind of flu. I have been hearing somewhat mixed reports on his current status. On the one hand, I have been told that he has been feeling "... absolutely horrible." On the other hand, a friend of ours has also told me that he had been showing some signs of at least starting to get better, but then he took a turn for the worse again. He lives quite far out of town, as compared to the area where I live, the area where Janette lives, and the area where Janette's older brother, Michael, lives. So, Janette and Michael have driven out to the area and the hospital where Donald is, to visit him. Please pray for Donald. Please pray that if it be God's will, God will grant him a full recovery. And please pray for Janette, as this is a very difficult time for her. And for that matter, please pray for Michael as well! Finally, I am not sure whether my relationship with Janette is ultimately going to work out or not. But if she and I do ultimately get married, I would really like for Janette's father, Donald, to be able to walk her down the aisle on our wedding day. So, please pray about that as well! Thanks in advance for your prayers, everybody! And God bless you all! ~Mark
  23. Should You Pray ? Why ? Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you (James 4:8) It is said that God knows knows what we want, need before we open our mouths to ask. He sees our hearts and knows our thoughts (Matthew 6:8). Why then do you need to pray ? Good question!! Here we will understand the values of Prayer, why you should cultivate a praying habit; - Prayer draws us close to God: God is interested in our innermost thoughts, because he wants us draw close to him. (Psalm 139:23,24; James 4:8). So Jesus encouraged his followers to pray even though the Father knows our needs. (Matthew 6:6-8) - Prayer reveals our true needs God does not necessarily need be reminded of your needs, only you need to show how truly you want something. We are likely gonna relent in praying about a trivial need. A constant prayer exposes a constant need. Worshippers today may have to persevere in prayer until they perceive God's response to their petitions.__Romans 12:12 - Prayer helps build confidence in God How many times have you prayed, thereafter your mind feel at rest, all worries gone. That is the power of prayer giving you assurance in God's faithfulness and clearing worries about your problems. -1 John 5:14 So next time you find yourself in doubt or worried, kindly pray.
  24. I really need Jesus to heal me of my acne, to be honest, the last week it seemed like it was clearing up a bit..Thanks for all the prayers guys..I need it, I hope god blesses you all, please pray that god clears my acne, thank you so much. No doctor can do what Jesus can.
  25. How to Comfort and Help Those Going Through a Natural Disaster by Chris on November 19, 2012 Superstorm Sandy On Monday, Oct 29, Superstorm Sandy first hit Atlantic City, New Jersey around 8pm EST and continued to move north impacting more than 10 states, with New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania getting hit the hardest. It’s still too early to know the full impact, but estimates now show Sandy as the second costliest in modern history after Hurricane Katrina. While many are marshaling forces to send massive and immediate aid to the victims in central and the northeastern United States, many who are not in the immediate area are often unsure of the most effective way to respond. As followers of Christ we are called to set the example and show God’s love to those who are hurting and who are in need. In 1 John 3:18 (NLT) we read, “Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” Massive storms and wide spread damage are very difficult, yet followers of Christ can step up and show God’s love through the difficulties. Sympathy vs. Empathy As you consider how to respond, I want to point out the difference between sympathy and empathy. Webster defines sympathy as, “the act or capacity of entering into or sharing the feelings or interests of another”, while empathy is defined as, “the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.” Often, when such tragedy strikes, we feel for those who are impacted but this is not enough. The Bible clearly challenges us to act, or emphasize, for those facing such tragedy. What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. – James 2:14–17 (NIV) How Can We Respond? So how can we respond in a way that demonstrates our love for God and others? Pray Many probably expected this to be the first thing recommended, but I want you to consider why you must pray. Prayer is a way to communicate with God. Communication involves both talking and listening, so I encourage prayer first so that you can listen for direction from the Living God and allow Him to guide you in your response. Prayer is also a way to combat anxiety and worry, which can negatively impact our response. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Philippians 4:6 (NIV) We must also be interceding in prayer on behalf of the victims. I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people… – 1 Timothy 2:1 (NIV) We must intercede for God’s mercy and their protection as well as asking God to make His presence and peace known to each person. Don’t React but Respond Reacting to situations like this can lead us to make irrational and irresponsible decisions in our response. We typically react to relieve our conscience and feel like we’ve done our part. The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception. – Proverbs 14:8 (NIV) We must give prudent thought to who, what, when and how we will support victims of natural disasters. Give Through Your Local Church Many people wonder who to give to when natural disasters like Sandy take place. I always encourage giving to take place through your local churches. Every church has the ability to establish a designated account and to accept donations for disaster relief assistance. Working through your local church provides you the following: A trusted organization – Typically, your pastoral staff and leadership are trusted to make good and godly decisions. They will be empowered to determine where to most effectively invest the funds for relief efforts. A holding place for funds – Individuals can give rather quickly to their church while providing enough time for the leadership to make a prudent decision with those funds. A positive witness – The gift can come from the church in the name of Jesus. What better way to shine the light of Christ in such difficult times? Proverbs 19:17 (NIV) states, “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.” If giving through your church is not possible, find a trusted and credible organization to support. One resource you can use to help is the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountabilities’ (ECFA) Servant Match. ServantMatch is provided by ECFA to allow donors to quickly and easily find giving opportunities for participating ECFA accredited organizations. Just click on “Key Words” tab and type in “Hurricane Sandy” for a list of organizations that are accredited by ECFA. Serve on a Relief and Recovery Team Serving on a relief and recovery team is a great way to serve others. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithfulstewards of God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV) There are two types of teams to consider volunteering for when a disaster like this strikes. The first category is a “First Response Team” which is typically comprised of highly trained disaster relief personnel, medical and first responders. This is a more select group that will typically respond through their respective organizations. A second category of relief and recovery teams is a “Disaster Response Team”. This type of team comes into the affected area after first responders have met immediate needs and is focused on the long-term rebuilding of the affected area. These types of teams are made up of individuals trained in construction, plumbing, carpentry, counselors and general laborers. Stay the Course Did you know that some organizations are still involved with Haiti relief, Japan and other disasters? Oftentimes, we will react or respond emotionally when the media is covering the disaster, but will fail to partner in long-term rebuilding and recovery. 2 Corinthians 8:11 (NIV) encourages us, “Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.” I encourage you to find an organization or church that is committed to real long-term partnership with rebuilding. Then, find out how you can pray, serve or give to assist in these long-term efforts. It’s long-term commitment that helps restore infrastructure likes homes, school, churches and community facilities. I also believe it demonstrates empathy vs. sympathy and shines the light of Christ in areas many will have forgotten about. DELTA Ministries International is a non-denominational ministry that establishes long-term partnerships with churches and organizations in devastated areas and then mobilizes relief and recovery teams and funds to rebuild homes, churches and lives in the name of Jesus Christ. They served the Gulf Coast for 5 years after Katrina, are still serving Haiti and Japan and now launching teams to support those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. How can you help during natural disasters? What’s holding you back? See: http://christianpf.com/how-to-comfort-and-help-those-going-through-a-natural-disaster/ Pray, respond, give, serve, stay the course. Thoughts? God bless, GE
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