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  1. Hi everyone, One of the things I struggle with is how to recognise Gods voice. An example of this would be if I am praying for direction and guidance on a particular issue, and a thought about what i should do pops into me head, how do I know it is from God? I have heard people speak of confirmation and describe it as being different sources confirming that you are on the right path. How does one differentiate between confirmation and coincidence? What confuses me about confirmation is how do I know it is from God... Example... When I watch the C christian channel... I notice that different programmes may have a similar message / theme eg. fasting goals etc.... That's multiple!e sources with a similar message. Does that mean the message is for me from God? I pray and I ask God to show me where he wants me to God, but how do I recognise His voice... What do I need to do to recognise His voice?