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Found 9 results

  1. Genesis 3:1 - "Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" When we succumb to guilt and shame, we give in to the single oldest temptation in the Bible - the temptation to question our identity and God's identity. The very first temptation in the Bible was not to partake of forbidden fruit, but to question what God had said. The serpent said, "Has God indeed said, ' You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?" Once he got them to doubt God's integrity and identity, it was easy to lure them into foolish actions. In the same way, before the devil tempted Jesus with anything else, he tried to pry Him away from His identity: "If You are the Son of God...." (Matthew 4:6). He wanted Jesus to doubt His identity. So what is the devil's strategy with us today? Affirmations: I AM A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST. I AM THE RIGHTEOUS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS. I HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST. I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION. I AM AN AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST. I AM IN CHRIST JESUS. Romans 5:3,4 - "And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope." Jesus did not come to deliver us from our problems, but from ourselves. He did not come to change our circumstances - He came to change us. "Others mocking said, 'these men are full of new wine.'" - Acts 2:13 "New wine" - a new order, new inspiration, new manifestation, a new creation. It is God's mind to fill us with that wine, to make us ready to burst forth with new rivers, fresh energy, no tired feeling. What shall we do? Believe -- stretch out -- press on -- let there be a new entering in -- a new passion to have it. We must drink deeply of the new wine, that multitudes may be satisfied and find satisfaction too. ALBERT FINCH MINISTRY
  2. We are humbling and honoring our GOD, no need personal gloryWe are called to have humility to honor fellow Christians tooWe are failed if we fail to love othersWe are zero if we hate and reject some person,. God is Judge.. We need to take good care to stay with holiness when our knowledge and wisdom boasting us to blind our conscience..We are called to serve with patience Even we die like Lazarus who died with poverty.. nothing to bother.. Dear brethren, God used me to build many prayer halls, to plant many churches,. to train and send many ministers to fields, to help many suffering people, to do many activities, still i am not with strong home, lot of times flesh is demanding to focus on self needs.. but spirit is keeping me to stay and focus on vision.. And mind is not satisfying for what God did through me.. but always mind is fearing to stay in cool and pure love with God and people.. THIS IS A GREAT UNCEASING FIRE IN HEART.. every 5 seconds 9 people going to die.. 6 of them are not hear the gospel... we need to more to spread the gospel.. who knows our little sleep can send some people to hell,, who knows our little more care can save some souls to kingdom of God...WHAT WE HAVE DONE IS NOT GREAT OBSERVATION ON HOW WE ARE FAILING IS IMPORTANT TO LIVE AS MENTOR FOR GOD.. THANK YOU JESUS....
  3. We are preparing for gospel camps We are on the work to prepare teams Team goes to village to village To meet people to give personal gospel To go to door to door to give gospel tracts To conduct evening gospel meeting on streets pl pray
  4. Our out reach team is with big needs our old projector is given up we want to have new set of projector and all other needed equipment for out reach team this out reach team is going to village to village, very remote villages to give the screen presentations, Jesus movie, gospel presentations and gospel please pray for this matter to prepare all stuff for out reach team
  5. Dear prayer partners.. We need more prayers for this special works Today i went to a very new villageWe went as 7 member team to that village,Village name is ''Annavaram''Total families lives in village 233Total population may be 1300 peopleAll villagers are in other faiths, most of them are not with education There is need with a church.. While our brethren went to few homes.. 8 more people came to sit with us.. I have given some word of God to themThey are accepted to come to gather to hear the word WE have planned to send our person to that village on Every Sunday and WednesdayWe have planned to take a rented home to do the ministryOne person is took the charge to seek the way for homeWe are planned to fix one minister hereWe are also planned to conduct 2 days special meets here15 member team may go there to do the door to door and person to person ministry and to conduct the evening gospel meeting too.. Please convey this to saints .. to have their prayersplease pray.............please pray................please pray
  6. Brethren ,,,, each 5 seconds 9 people are going to die,, 6 of them are not hear the gospel,, so each minute 72 people are going to die without hearing gospel,, That means a healthy person pulse rate is average 72,, it means while your heart is beating one time,, one person is going to die,, did you able to imagine this big matter? as our pulse rate is going,, i mean for each beat time in pulse,, one person is going to die,, So we can imaging how the world is going to perish,, So i request you all to pray for the unity in mission leaders and mission workers,, Pl pray please pray
  7. Dear prayer partners We are preparing some gospel out reach teams, Each team is with 4 to 8 members.. We are planning to make two teams in first step. Please pray... This team need to reach village by village, street by street and door to door. To meet people on roads, homes to give the personal gospel To give the gospel tracts, and to talk personally to give the personal gospel Team need gospel tracts, new testaments, bibles, other literature, Hand mics, mini generator, and lighting system. After reaching people, team need to conduct the open gospel meeting at streets or some available ground. Team need to stay in remote and unreached villages four to six days to meet all people in village.. Please pray for the Team preparation and to equip with material Please pray for better results .. please pray..
  8. 33) Wedding & Gift Registration: 33a) Target Registry is somewhat easy to use. Kiosks can be a bit of a pain at times as they are self-service. Keyboards often stick and logging in can be a pain. Guns are fun to use so don’t get carried away. Returns are relatively easy. They allow two returns for unlimited products without receipts. There is also a 10% discount on everything remaining on your registry mailed out 4-8 weeks before your Life Changing Happy Event. 33b) Bed Bath & Beyond ( & Buy Buy Baby) Registry is really easy to use. The list is printed off by associates. They have consultants readily available for questions and a tour. This was by far the best experience. Returns are really easy and are done at the registry. They allow unlimited returns without receipts in most instances with the assistance of a manager. There is also a 10% discount coupon on everything remaining on your registry mailed out 4-8 weeks before your Life Changing Happy Event. 33c) Dillard’s Registry is somewhat easy to use. The list is printed off by associates at a kiosk. They have consultants available for questions a majority of the time. While employees are cordial they weren’t always helpful. In fact many of them ignored us as we weren’t actually buying anything. This was somewhat of a disappointing experience. Returns were not always easy. You have to go a specific customer service department and there was often a wait. They allow returns with receipts. Refunds are in the same amount as the tender paid or as gift cards. There is also a 10% discount on everything remaining on your registry after your Life Changing Happy Event. 33d) My advice? Sign up for things you will use throughout the year not just what people would think of “traditional” wedding gifts (specifically at Target & BBB) and you can still get a 10% discount on items up to 1-2 years after your Life Changing Happy Event. Toilette Paper, Cleaning Supplies, Formula, Baby Food, Baby Wipes, or Diapers anyone? See store exclusions for details. 33e) I’d love to hear from people who have had experiences with registry’s with Sears, Macey’s, Walmart, JCPenney’s, etc. 34) OpenOffice Why pay for Microsoft Office when you can get a similar set of programs for free? Try Openoffice.org it includes programs that are compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Did I mention this was FREE? Forget spending $100+ on Microsoft Office. Try it out for a few weeks at the very least.
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