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Found 18 results

  1. How hard is it to be a follower of Christ? It’s not simple but life is hard in general. Jesus says; Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. There is always a solution for every problem.
  2. Greetings, I took the liberty of putting a post on my status. I see that there appears the ability to post blogs, something I do frequently; however, I don't see how to do that here. What are the qualifications to post? Osmer
  3. This is my conclusion and Short statement at the end! Last major Bible that is in print !! Although there are many others I have not touched in and will give insight tomorrow, Holy Spirit willing – will do! New King James Version (1979,1982) The NKJV translators claim to have “preserved the authority and accuracy” and “improved the purity and beauty” of the original KJV. We disagree that the “purity and beauty” have been improved. Although the NKJV uses the underlying Textus Receptus Greek text, the translators repeatedly use marginal notations to reference the Modem Critical Text upon which all of the modem versions are based. The NKJV advocate opens a door that lends credibility to a perverted underlying text used by all the other versions. Furthermore, changes in the text are made which simply are not warranted. The NKJV primarily uses the 1967/ 1977 Stuttgart edition of Biblia Hebraica and draws from sources which result in a Hebrew text that is different from the Jacob ben Chayyim text underlying the KJV Old Testament. As a result the NKJV preface rightly stated, “significant variations are recorded in footnotes.” We believe the potential for most textual problems and variants between the KJV and NKJV will be found in the Old Testament. While recognizing the extreme difficulties involved in translations of any kind and especially of a book as important as the Bible, I’m convinced that the King James Bible has been blessed by God for hundreds of years and should be used by believers today. It will be far better for us to expand our vocabulary in order to understand its terminology than to continually rewrite the Bible to suit those who will not be able to understand it anyway apart from the New Birth or to suit those Christians who are too lazy to study. It is true that the meanings of some English words have changed and others are no longer commonly used. Yet such words are comparatively few and can easily be comprehended with the use of a good dictionary; but if the word is missing altogether, what then? The promotion and use of so many different Bible versions has resulted in great confusion among God’s people. Why don’t more pastors and Christian leaders see this? Congregational reading is becoming virtually impossible. Bible memorization is most difficult. Men and women lose confidence in the validity of God’s Word when some verses are included, some are bracketed, and some are missing completely. May you always search for Truth! If you have friends in Christ not using the KJV – then show them my series and this should convince any believer on “ What Bible you should be reading” Thank you so much dear God for allowing me to go on this adventure! May all of you be blessed by a Loving Large and in Charge Savior Jesus Christ!! Shalom. Source: http://www.christianityupdate.com/blog/series-on-what-the-bible-teaches-part-1-by-craig-wilson/
  4. Romans 15:20 “Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man's foundation:” Thoughts? Revelation? Modern day application? Thank you for your input in advance and may God bless you all, in Jesus' name!
  5. First i would like to say may the Lord God bless your family and your health. 'Jesus said let the little ones come to me for the kingdom in heaven is theirs ' matt 19:14 OR Mark 10:14 That means the little ones are a blessing and you need to teach and train your children about the ways of God and this will help them grow in the light and helps them archieve a solid relationship with God . Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.Proverbs 22:6 Read stories to them and teach them the book of life .stay blessed may God be with you
  6. A. DEVOTIONAL STUDY (To be used in teaching) Go directly to the Blble and read over a few times the portion to be taught. Then try answering the following questions: 1. What does this portion teach about God the Father...the Son...the Holy Spirit? 2. What does it teach about man? 3. Are there any warnings to heed? 4. Are there any commands to obey? 5. Are there any promises to claim by faith? When completing this exercise, draw some conclusions you can apply to your life or to the lives of those you are teaching. Then read over the teacher's manual or a Bible commentary to see if it agrees, clarifies, expands or qualifies what you have discovered. You will find this process will make the material more your own. You will be able to remember it better and share it with greater confidence. Be sure to give homework assignments -- to give the students introspection and reinforcement. eg. Questions to Ask Myself? Two or three questions that apply to WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST, limitations they may be putting on their spiritual advancement, and seeking their DESTINY in Christ. The work they do alone in answering these questions will benefit them more than many hours of Sunday School teaching. Also give them several verbal affirmations highlighting their inheritance in Christ which will be from points in the lesson. By verbally affirming their re-created status they will not be as likely to skim over the lesson and eventually forget it. B. TOPIC TECHNIQUE (To be Used Individually) 1. In this Bible study technique you CHOOSE A TOPIC--not a random topic but a topic that you feel the you need further revelation of. Examples of Topics: High Calling Boldness Fruitfullness Sanctification Love Compassion Spiritual Gifts Worship Praise Deliverance Healing Wisdom Humility Discipleship Growth Restoration 2. Pick out several books to study in the New Testament. 3. DEVELOP A CONSCIOUSNESS of the topic by meditation on it and by arousing some eager expectation of revelation to come. 4. As you focus on the topic begin reading the scripture. Write out the passages that have to do with the topic and ask the Holy Spirit for a deeper understanding. 5. At the end of the study session WRITE OUT A LIST OF AFFIRMATIONS that affirm the written out scriptures and carry them with you throughout the day to say out loud and meditate on. 6. Share any revelation you have received with others in the body of Christ. ALBERT FINCH MINISTRY
  7. Can some one please explain -Church Home Groups- a few friends from 3 different Churches invited me to thier "Home Group" I ask whats it about? and all my replies are come to find out. I want to check them out ut don't want to walk into something I am spiritually unprepared for, is that a true reason to stay away?
  8. Many years back God also asked me on my preaching when i am not with practical walk PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WHAT IS YOUR BIG LIKE? I MEAN WHAT IS YOUR BIG DESIRE PREACHING? WRITING? TALKING? TEACHING? PRACTICALLY LIVING? Please share your views in this matter .. god bless you all Dear brethren as a servant of God i am facing different situations God raised a big question in my heart In these days many Christian ministers, preachers, teachers are giving preaching, teaching and talks I have found there is no practical walk in their lives
  9. 6:36 amBrethren i am running to other citywe have big ministry todayour Bible college is entering in to second year ministrypl pray
  10. Soon i want to conduct a seminar like workshop For our ministers, Evangelists, elders, deacons To make them strong.. to build them strong to go and do better work in future To spread the gospel, to make ministry to take few more new areas for planting work May be we can gather more than 200 important people in our ministry (from many areas) I am expecting to gather in September end or October.. pl pray Please pray for all possible methods,. possible preparations, and suitable work please pray
  11. Please pray Today i am going to travel to other city where i am doing some big work with some ministers to plant more churches there we need some equipment we need some more man power, money power too we need to print more gospel tracts in bulks please pray for all provision,, God bless you all
  12. Hello everyone. I had a wonderful time in church yesterday, and decided to share my note here... i hope you enjoy it and learn from it. Note: I will just outline points. Text: Prov. 22:6, Isa. 54:13 - Nothing is automatic or accidental when it comes training a child. We make things happen and things do happen for a reason. III John 4. - The greatness of a child determines the achievements of the parents. You can't call a parent successful if their children are not doing well. Your success always reflects in your fruit. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARENT 1 Lay a good foundation : Children are express image of our character (as parents). To train up my child in the right way, i must work on my character. and this means anything you don't want in the life of your children should not be in your life. 2. Teach them to be unique, that imitators are always limited 3. What you do speak louder than what you say. Lead by example, for example... you shouldn't ask them to always study their bible, or read their academic books when they see you never study. Every once in a while, leave whatever you are doing and join them in study... including their academic books. 4. Foolishness is part of the nature of a child. Prov. 66:6 5. Teach them how to deal with the Adamic nature. Teach them to overcome the Adamic nature, and this means you must have dealt with this nature in yourself too. 6. There should be no other human who can teach your children better than you. 7. Teach them to meditate and stand on the word of God 8. Teach them to know God, to know the nature of God. And let them understand that they are God's (belong to God) and are created in His image. That regardless of whatever anyone says about them, they should always learn to locate what God says about them in the scripture. 9. Teach them to be independent... to make money. 10. Teach them about perseverance, hope, faith, and patience 11. Teach them to be responsible and respectful 12. Teach them to cherish integrity and righteousness 13. Teach them to be skillful and smart so, that's the basic summary... i hope it is helpful to someone. Comments are welcome. Thank you.
  13. Cathy Ann


    Family has been on my heart in a big way lately. I have observed that there are many perspectives on family and I believe that each opinion is based on an individual experience and expectations. When I think about a family I think about a place where one is nurtured and taught, a safe a, a place filled with love, peace, patience, acceptance. A place where one is accepted as is and encouraged to be all that God has ordained them to be. This is some of the characteristics that should be manifested in the atmosphere of the family. This is the thing, we the people of God are responsible for developing and demonstrating this type of atmosphere regardless of our shortcomings. The good news is you don't have to do it alone. God will help you every step of the way. He is the family expert.
  14. This is the full sermon used in the video -Adventures with the Holy Ghost
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