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Found 1 result

  1. True Prophecy / False Prophecy The receiving of a prophecy is by nature a supernatural experience. But a supernatural experience in itself does not mean it is of God. The Buddhists have their prophets who receive prophecies that encourage the path to the Buddhist enlightenment. The Hindus have their prophets that provide the encouragement for the development of ones Karma and soul. The Muslims have their prophets that encourage the Jehad and demolition of the infidels. The witches and wiccans have their prophets that provide access to their spirit guides. The pagans have their high priests and prophets that commune and pass on instructions from their respective god pantheons. Be it Zeus or Jupiter or Thor etc. Then you just have the spirit mediums and fortunetellers that do the same thing with familiar spirits that pose as departed loved ones or whatever. None of the above is inspired by the Holy Spirit , but is the demonic engaged in their normal business. However when it comes to Christianity or Judaism things get a little more complicated. The demonic entities are no longer acting in defence and encouragement of a particular worldly faith but are in an attack stance so as to corrupt and subvert a covenant faith in such a way as to produce an alternative to the true that can be used to deceive the saints and draw them into an alternative faith that looks like the biblically inspired covenant faith but is promoting a different God and a different Jesus. Yes it uses all the right terminology and is steeped in hyper religiosity but does not lead into a real salvation or a real reconciliation with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The writers of the New Testament had already come into contact with this deception and they gave a name to it, The Spirit of the Antichrist. Basically the same deceiving demons that had come against the Old Covenant and corrupted Judaism and had gained control over the pharisees, where now starting to do the same thing with the way or the early church comprising Christianity of the New Covenant. Just as the priest of the second temple had been so corrupted in their understanding and practices, to the point where Jesus referred to them as complete hypocrites, so the demons were trying to do the same thing with the early church and corrupt their doctrine as well. Well this of course raises the question of what is the difference between the true prophecy and the false prophecy if both are supernatural in origin. Well the answer lies in who it is that is giving the prophetic word. From the Christian perspective the True prophecy comes from the kingdom of God and the false comes from the kingdom of Satan. Demons are quite happy to be very religious and are in fact the deities behind all the worlds Pagan and other alternative religions. But there remains only one real God and that is the one that established the covenant faiths as found in the scriptures as in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He has sent his only Begotten Son Jesus to redeem us at Calvary and set him up as his King over all of the creation. So the next question is just how do we establish that the prophecies we are receiving are actually coming from the Kingdom of God and not an alternative source. The writers of the New Testament faced this question as well and left us instructions on how to do this. The first is to test the spirit that is giving the prophecy directly as in when the spirit starts to deliver the prophecy, ask the spirit what their confession of faith is. And the other is to judge the fruits produced or intended to be produced by that prophecy as compared to the scriptures themselves. Are they in line with the Great Commission given to the Saints to accomplish while awaiting our Lord Jesus return. Now lets look at the Mechanics behind that instruction. A lot of saints disregard this because they cannot see how asking a deceiving spirit to confess that Jesus has come in the flesh is going to force them to reveal themselves. But the process involved is far simpler than it would appear and this is not the only question available either. A false spirit of prophecy is here to deliver a deception. When you are asking these questions you are placing them in a position where they are being required to affirm and confirm already established biblical truths, the very ones they are required to draw us away from. By asking these questions we catch them between a rock and a hard place as they cannot confirm the truths associated with Christ with out compromising the deceptions they were sent to introduce to us. Has Jesus Come in the flesh Does Jesus now sit at the right hand of God on high. Is God the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Is Jesus king of Kings and Lord of Lords Is Jesus the lamb that takes away the sins of the world. Is salvation to be found only in the name of Jesus who shed his blood for us and is now seated at the right hand of God. Is Jesus the Christ The list can be added to yourselves. All you need is known biblical truths that has to be confirmed as true and that can only be affirmed by the spirit that comes from Gods throne of grace. The scriptures instruct us to do this, If the prophetic spirit is from God it will comply very readily. If it is not it will resist in some way or pull away. From experience I have found that quite often when a deceiving spirit is tested in this way it just swears at you or tries to intimidate you. The same principle can be applied to people as well You simply apply the same list of Biblical truths and compare what a false Apostle is teaching or enforcing to what the bible says. I know quite a few that will not affirm that simple list I put together and they will be the first to teach that the spirit of prophecy is not to be tested this way even though the instruction in the scriptures is perfectly clear. And when you go look at their fruit you can see it produces bitter results. A very obvious modern example is the oneness doctrine, How can Jesus be seated at the right hand of God if he is God. Right off the batt you see who has drifted off into the false. And as expected they will be the very ones that discourage the testing of the spirit of prophecy with excuses like it is disrespectful etc. Then it is the same group that will promptly start giving out prophecies of the different incarnations of God such as Melchisedec which is so obviously wrong but it shows which spirit of prophecy they are listening to. The false. And through religiosity they will bully whom they can into following them. Rotten fruit! If there is one thing the church really needs now it is the true prophecies from Gods thrown of Grace being delivered to the saints, not the false. We have been instructed how to test so why are we not doing it. Is it any wonder there is such a falling away and so much Cynicism on display in the body.
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