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Deception and Dr Oz show

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I agree, but what if we unknowingly of this fact get involved lets say in Reiki thinking it can't be that bad, would the Holy Spirit prevent these demons to enter us?

How can a demon and the Holy Spirit occupy the same place? A demon 'entering' you would mean you are possessed. A believer who unknowingly or unwisely dabbles in occultic practices can most certainly be oppressed by seducing spirits, but they cannot be indwelt by them unless they willingly surrender the presence of the Holy Spirit. Being oppressed means that the demonic powers are working on one from the outside, not from within.

A demon cannot enter someone who has the Holy Spirit in them. They can however attack from the outside. The scripture says to resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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A born-again Christian cannot be possessed by a demon.

I had been a born again Christian for about 16 years or so when I had to have deliverance of a demon. I know another sweet believer who had known the Lord for 10 years and was delivered of four demons. We mustn't quibble over the words 'possession' or 'oppression'. It happens and it's a terrible situation, and a misery, and deliverance is going on in Christians' lives every day.

Now as for Dr. Oz---he is a definite fearmonger.

I too....when I became a born again christian ....I had to be delivered from a demonic spirit.

That thing liked to kill me.

That demonic spirit was a tranferance from a catholic priest that laid hands on me to put oil on my forehead.

He was in sin , evedently and that evil spirit entered me.

Years went by...and I attended a non-denominal church and decided to renew myself with God.

I was going through tough times and asked the Lord jesus to come into my heart , and life...that was in 1999.

When I began to stick with the Lord ... stayed with the non- denominatioal church. Kept in the word, go to bible study

classes, went to church again every Sunday.

Well , all I can explain is this about the Lord ...

Once the Holy Spirit of God enters your body ....HE gets out any demons that are inside of you.

As Cobolt said... there is no room for demons and the Holy Spirit to dwell inside of you.

God makes His dwelling place clean...for His holy Spirit to dwell...in you. It becomes His Temple.

In other words ...the Holy Spirit of God... kicks the demons out !

Jesus came to set the captives free...

and, in Gods word He says....not by power , not by might , but, by My Spirit says the Lord .

How I knew that demon came from that Priest? ...Because , once the Pastor and prayer group casted the demon out of me...

I kept seeing the priests' face but,it was mean looking ...and, he had horns that curled back just like a ram. It stayed there above me for 3 days after.

I was bed ridden with exaustion ...that demon almost killed me , I was so weak. ..for 3 days. My ex-husband, had to do for me to gain back my strength.

The Pastor came by and said, ...read this small pamplet with scripture verses in it... you need the word in you.

That was to keep the word of God in me... it is healing to my mind and body.

Laying on of hands ? I found out that , be careful who lays hands on you.

A christian person , needs to confess their sins to the Lord privately, before praying , and laying of their hands on people.

Wow! Thank you for sharing your story! I can't even imagine what you went through! I too had demonic activity around me. I had a demon that was causing all sorts of depression and suicidal thoughts, I was oppressed, but not possessed yet. I am sure I would have been eventually because of all the crazy stuff I was into. I was getting deep into the occult. But right when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour it left immediately! Like in an instant! No more meds ever again! It was wierd, I went from feeling weighed down and in a dark fog to feeling light and at peace in an instant! Praise be to God! And thank God there are so many wonderful people on here with such great testimonies of their own! I love reading them!



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I have to admit , I do like to watch the Dr Oz show, its sometimes a little much how much all the women seem to like him but the show is interesting, what I did realize is that so many Christians are watching Dr Oz and I wonder how easy it is to get sucked in by cults? I came across this website on the net and I think it should be a eyeopener how careful we as Christians should be ,we hear and see so much these days and everything is openly discussed but do we test the spirits?

Do we realize how easy it is for demons to eneter our bodies??

I think it is very easy to get sucked into anything that is very popular now.Satan lingers where the most people are.We need to examine everything we do,watch on television or read.

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