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Isaiah 6:8

The True Meaning of DTS

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The True Meaning Of DTS

DTS What does that really mean?

Does it mean Discipleship Training School? Maybe

But what does it really mean?

There has to be something deeper

Maybe it means Die To Self?

I think that is what the true meaning is

Die To Self what a simple statement

Simple yes, but full of revelation

Simple to understand? Yes

But to follow through with? NO!

Dying To Self

Good Idea But how?

I know what is right

I know what is wrong

I don't do what is right

But I do what is wrong.


I want to do right

I want to please my Heavenly Father

I want to do what he wants me to do

In the end I want to hear

"Well done, my good and faithful servant"

But I do not do what is right

I do what I know is wrong

I hear His voice warning me

I hear him pleading with me to stop

I hear him crying as I ignore the voice

I know I am hurting the one who Loves me

I feel little or no remorse or regret

Why? Because my spirit is weak, but my flesh is strong

I say I will go to the ends of the world for you

I say I will die for you

I say I will do what ever you want me to

No matter the cost

But it is easier to go to the ends of the earth

It is easy to be brave for God

To stand up in the face of persecution

Yes even to be a Martyr for Christ is easy

But to Die To Self, that is the hard thing

To Die To Self is a daily thing

To die every day is hard

To fast is hard to pray and read the Word is hard

To spend time with God is hard

This all goes against self

How do die to self?

Can you die to self?

Yes you can!


You need to starve self

Do not exercise self

Daily read the Word

Daily spend one on one with the Father

Fast and pray make your spirit strong

Then you will Die To Self

But do not stop feeding you spirit

Because if you do not you will not die to self

If you do keep your spirit strong,

You will Die To Self

-Isaiah O'Connor-This poem or series of thoughts, what ever you want to call it was inspired after I had stumbled after my Discipleship Training School in 1998.

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