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The new chat room

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Since we have a new chat room, I thought it would be handy to have a thread to introduce it.

The TOS (the rules!)

You can read the TOS here. This document should answer most of your questions. This will be updated soon.

Chat too small?

If the chat room font is too small for you to read, hold down thecontrol key and press + repeatedly until it is the size you require.


Chat is set up to ring a door bell when people enter or exit. You canturn this sound off by clicking on the bell underneath the list ofnames. Entry and exit is announced with a yellow line in chat.

Me mode

If you type

/me message

it will appear as

Username ***message***

in a green box in chat. Have fun :).


PM's are not generally available between regular chatters. If youwant to PM with a ministry member, feel free to ask in the room. PM's tend to become a bit unstable if you close them and then open them again. My suggestion is - once you have received a PM from someone, leave that tab open until either of you leave. This seems to prevent the problem.


Well... there's only one! This means we have to be a little moreaware of what ministry is happening around us, and be cautious not tolet our conversations impede on any witnessing or prayer orcounselling.


Currently, prayer happens in chat at 7 pm EST every day. Please joinus to lift your prayer requests up to the Lord.


Your chat profile is drawn from the forum. So if you want to changewhich picture is displayed, you need to edit your forum profile. Youcan also view other chatters profiles by clicking on the very smallgreen square to the right of their name in the list of names.

Server restart

The chat server resets at 4 am EST every day. You will get a warningmessage 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute before it restarts. When it restarts,it will say 'you have been kicked from the chat room'. Don't worry,you aren't in trouble. Some people have had success logging out atthe 1 minute message and then logging in again 2 minutes later. Don'tbe alarmed if it takes up to 5 minutes to get back in, orif you seeerror messages that look like this [#CSTART-10]or this [#CSTART-6].

Software errors

If you are having trouble getting into chat, please send us an email worthychat@gmail.com and wewill (try) to see if we can help you. The new software no longer requires Java. If you have trouble, the first thing I suggest is trying a browser other than IE or FF.

Ignoring someone

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will find the need to ignore someone in chat. This can't be done from chat and has to be changed on the boards. Navigate to your profile, edit your settings, and click on the chat tab. You will see a box in which to type usernames you wish to ignore.

Chat playing up?

I recommend closing your browser and starting again. I also recommend using google chrome as your browser -- many chatters have had issues with IE and FF.

We look forward to seeing you in chat soon!

God bless

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Love the chat room...god bless..amen :emot-hug:

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I love the chat room but those curtains looks so drab after Laura and Candice took the trouble to paint it out and refurbish the seating.

Can we afford to change them :noidea:

The carpet is OK however, could we have a PG Tips machine, not all members like coffee. :rolleyes:

Also, with the risk of being pedantic; Marmite a very superior food should be available to all members 24/7 with hot toast :taped:


Please tell Jade to stop forgetting to leave the key under the mat when she locks up :whistling:

It's so annoying trying to find the key to the door under the flower pots :24: :24: :24: :24: :24:

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You can contact us at worthychat@gmail.com. As I explained to you in chat.

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We have yet another new chatroom, but good luck speaking in cohesive sentences in there in one line if you want to explain something deep.

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